20 Pinterest Boards That Will Help You Keep Your Home Cleaned And Organized


20 Pinterest boards that will help you keep your home cleaned and organized

I follow a lot of people on Pinterest who have various organization and cleaning tips boards but for this article I wanted to pick the ones  who have motivated me  the most in  becoming more organized and inspired me the most  to keep trudging forward in keeping a clean home.

Blog: Organizing Made Fun

I love that the tips on my favorite boards of Organizing Made Fun often encourage you to use what you have to organize instead of running out  to the stores to purchase things.

My top 4 favorite boards of Organizing Made Fun

Everything Organized (community board)

Organized Christmas

Organized on the Cheap

Organized Kids

Blog: I Dream Of Clean

You will see a lot of I Dream Of Clean pins on my boards. These boards offer ways to clean everything from your cooler to your shower head.

My top 4 favorite boards of I Dream Of Clean

Spring Cleaning 365

Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning Kids

The Best Cleaning Tips (community board)

Blog: Living Well Spending Less

The first cleaning post I read by Ruth of Living Well Spending Less mentioned that she sets a timer for cleaning. I quickly got the attention of my hubby and said hey look I am not the only one who sets a timer to clean by, then I read further and found out Ruth sets the timer to make sure she stops cleaning when it goes off, whereas I set it to make myself stick to cleaning until it goes off. Since then I have read and pinned many of Ruth’s cleaning articles because she has great cleaning tips and great cleaning tips lead to less time cleaning.

My top 4 favorite boards of Living Well Spending Less

Motivate Me

Squeaky Clean

Oh So Organized

Keep Clean & Organized

Blog: A Slob Comes Clean

I love Nony from A Slob Comes Clean, she makes me and my clutter piles feel normal yet at the same time makes me feel inspired that I could one day kick my clutter days to the curb or at least curb them to the point that they don’t spill out onto the floor.

My top 4 favorite boards of A Slob Comes Clean

Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Organizing Tips

Decluttering Tips

A Slob Comes Clean Videos

Blog: Snail Pace Transformations

I pin from many other sources than the 4 mentioned above with a focus of cleaning things without harsh chemicals and organizing things without great expense.

Here are Snail Pace Transformations 4 cleaning and organizing boards


How To Clean Tips

Homemade Cleaning Products

Organizing Home For Christmas (this board contains all my “All I Want For Christmas Is An Organized Home” posts and updates)

These 20 boards should keep your Pinterest feed full of cleaning and organizing tips to not only inspire and motivate you in your journey towards a cleaner and more organized home but will also give you all the skills you need to actually DO IT.

all I want for christmas is an organized home (small)This post is part of my All I want for Christmas Is An Organized Home Series

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my Pinterest boards. I know the other ladies you mentioned as well and they all have fantastic tips! And so do you 🙂

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