7 Places To Sell Used Clothing


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It seems like our house continually has a box of clothing that either no longer fits someone in the home or the individual just got tired of wearing them.

Whenever I bring up this situation with other moms they say their home contains a similar box. If you are tight on cash this box can be a great source of income.

7 places to sell your family's clothes great tips to help you get the most for your clothes at all 7 options.

I highly recommend that before you try and sell any clothing you first place them under bright light and look over each and every piece of clothing you want to sell for small tears, snags, or stains. If an item of clothing has any of the issues I mentioned I would suggest making them into rags or using them for other projects instead of selling them.

Consignments shops won’t accept items with such blemishes. Online buyers who discover such signs of wear in clothing after purchase will be mad and leave negative reviews that will harm your selling reputation on websites like eBay.

The only exception I would make to this rule is if you are selling clothing at a yard sale. In that case I would place those items with tiny holes, snags or stains in a .25 cent an item box and allow buyers to decided if they are okay with the minimal damage or not.

7 Places To Sell Used Clothing

1. Yard Sales

The key to selling as much clothing as possible at yard sales is to present the clothing well. Hang up as much clothing as possible. Sort the clothing by size and type (all the jeans together, tops together etc…). If you don’t have room to hang all your clothing fold them into neat stacks on a table, once again sorting them by size and type.

Be realistic about what your clothing is worth. That shirt you bought on clearance for $5 and wore twice is worth perhaps a $1 at most no matter how new it looks.

Up sale whenever you can. If a customer walks up to you with a pair of pants you know look amazing with a shirt they didn’t buy point it out to them.

Spend your day tidying up the racks and piles whenever you can–a neat display of clothing sells faster.

One last tip: put the best items on top of the piles and at the end of the racks to draw people into the clothing.

2. Facebook Buy & Sell Groups

Often Facebook Buy & Sell Groups will have a ‘no clothing policy’ so make sure you know the policies of your Facebook Buy & Sell Group before you start posting pictures of your clothing.

I can’t stress enough the importance of taking great pictures of your items. Good photos are taken in good light with no background distractions. If you are selling clothing in the same size as a set, it is okay not to take a picture of each and every item. But do make sure to list them all in the description.

Keep in mind that Facebook Buy & Sell Groups require you spending time and gas money to meet with buyers. I wouldn’t list a single pair of  girls size 14 jeans for $1, but instead I would list 6 pairs of  girls size 14 jeans at $12 buys all.

3. Consignment Stores

When my children were little I loved dropping off their clothing at a consignment store in a neighboring town. It wasn’t the type that paid up front, but instead a true consignment store that gave you a percentage of the sale when items sold.

Whenever I drove through that town I checked to see if we had clothing we could drop off, and even if we didn’t I still dropped in to see if I had made any money on the clothing I dropped off last time. Sometimes I didn’t have any money in my account and other times I had as much as $50.

My biggest tip for consignment stores is to find out if the ones near you have a website that lists all their rules before you take your items in. Many only take certain brands, or winter clothing only from July to December and summer clothing only from January to June. Knowing the rules up front will save you a lot of time and effort.

4. Consignment Sales

Consignment sales differ from consignment stores in that they are not a store but a sale that generally lasts for just a few days and is held in a community center of some sort.

What I like about consignment sales is that in general you get to keep a larger percentage of the sale of your items than you do at consignment stores. You also get to decided the selling price.

What I don’t like about consignment sales is that they can be a lot of work. You have to price and hang each individual item yourself and quite often the sale will require that you help out for a few hours either setting up the sale, selling at the sale or taking down the sale.

5. eBay

I know  several moms who sell their children’s clothing as a lot each and every time they out grow one size and grow into another. They tell me the key is to buy good quality name brand clothing like Gap and Gymboree on deep clearance new for your own kids. They state that when they sell it they often make 50% to 100% of their investment back. If you are into name brands, this might be a great option to earn some cash back on your investment.

6. ThredUp

ThredUp is an online consignment store that will take infant’s, toddler’s , youth, teen’s, maternity and women’s clothing. They also take shoes, purses and some accessories like hats and belts. They don’t take men’s clothing.

To sell clothes through ThredUp simply create an account and fill out the form to have them send you a clean out kit. You can send in your clothing free of charge with this clean out kit.

Items under $60 are bought up front. Items with a value higher than $60 are sold on consignment. You can take your payment as a payment to your Paypal  account or as store credit. You can also donate it to a cause if you so desire.

There is a list of brands they take available on their site found under the “sell” tab as well as a earnings estimator which can help you decide if your items are worth sending in.

psst… order your clear out bag though my referral link and get a $10 store credit  to ThredUp ( new accounts only).

7. Twice

Twice is another online consignment store, but they sell women’s and men’s clothing, as well as women’s purses and shoes.

Twice tends to sell higher quality brands than ThredUp, at least in my opinion. It is a great place to unload semi casual or more formal clothing.

To sell through Twice you need to create an account and request a selling kit. Make sure to check out what brands Twice takes before you do as they are pretty particular. Once you receive your selling kit, fill it up with your items and place the free return shipping label on the top of the box. When your box arrives at Twice they will review the items and make you an offer.

If you accept the offer you can get the money either deposited into your PayPal account, sent to you as a Target Gift card, or get a 25% bonus if you choose store credit. If you refuse the offer, you owe them $4.95 to send the clothes back to you.

psst… order your clear out bag through my referral link and get a $10 store credit to twice (new accounts only)

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  1. I’ve found that I have success selling in local Facebook For Sale Groups. I had a garage sale a few weeks ago and sold a few pieces of kids clothing and 3 nursing tanks 🙁 I put the vast majority of the clothes for sale in the FB group and sold about $125 in clothing!

  2. These are great resources! I’ve never heard of ThreadUp, but find it fascinating. Have you had good luck with them?

  3. Thanks for sharing the knowledge! I have lots of clothes that need to go, but we don’t have a place to give them. We are trying to buy a house, so this would be a great way to save some extra cash. Tahnks!

  4. ThreadUp is great!! Thank you for sharing this, Victoria!! I am defintely going to have to check out some of the other places you mentioned.

  5. This is great! I’m moving soon and have been cleaning out my closet to get rid of things I don’t wear anymore – I’ve been donating most of them but would really like to make money from some of the nicer stuff! These are some great ideas.

  6. Awesome! I’ve got a box of things ready to go for our next local resale. I love being able to declutter and make some cash at the same time.

  7. These are all great ideas. I typically use FB based garage sales so I’m glad to have come across other options.

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