How To Get Out Of A Date Night Rut Without Blowing The Budget

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If you have been reading here for any length of time you know that I believe in the importance of regularly dating your spouse.

How to get out of a date night rut without breaking the bank

I also believe that dating can fit in any budget no matter how tight. In fact I have written numerous articles full of ideas of how to date for less.

Lately though I have been feeling like my hubby and I are in a thrifty date night rut. Short dates have become a trip to the hardware store for supplies, and longer dates always seem to end with grocery shopping.

Which made me pick up and read a copy of  $10 Great Dates: Connecting Love, Marriage, and Fun On A Budget last week. I was hoping to find a few inexpensive ideas to blast us out of our same thrifty date over and over rut.

I honestly opened it up with low expectations think surly I would just find the same things you find in free blog posts about thrifty dating. However, I ended up highlighting several areas of the book and came away with at least half a dozen new thrifty date ideas for my husband and I to try.

Another thing I really loved about $10 Great Dates were the insightful advice from the authors on what it takes to build a good marriage.

Advice on why couples should intentionally stay out of date ruts

Advice on how to date from $10 great dates“..predictable dinner-and-a-movie dates have less impact than dates that stretch you and take you out of your normal routine. New experiences help bond together and often result in a big payoff for your marriage”.

Advice on why to intentionally set time aside for dating

why dating in marriage must be a priority from $10 great dates“With so many things competing for our time, dates rarely just happen naturally. A date communicates, “I choose you as a priority, and I want to be intentional about nurturing our relationship”

Advice on the elements for a great date

definition of a date by $10 great dates

“quality time together, giving each of you a break from your normal routine, a shared activity and conversation”

 A Few More Reasons I loved $10 Great Dates

Each and every date in $10 Great Dates can be taken for $10 or less. The book has ideas for all seasons. The authors lay out what to do to prepare for the date, what to do during the date, and gives insightful take-a-ways that will build your marriage.

If you and your hubby are in a date rut, or you are struggling for ideas of how to date on a tight budget.  I suggest reading $10 Great Dates.

(psst… read my post on Thrifty Bookworms to figure out how to fit book purchases into your budget, my top 2 favorite ways currently are Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks & InstaGC)

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  1. Thanks for sharing this book idea! I just downloaded it to my Kindle and I’m excited to see what some of the date ideas are. Perfect timing with Valentine’s Day fast approaching.

  2. Great post! On the rare occasion that we have a date night, it is usually dinner and a movie. These are some great tips!

  3. I need this. Our dates are the grocery store type. 🙂

    • Us too! Sometimes it is just because we happen to be having an out of town date where they have a Sam’s Club which we don’t have in our small town but lately it is happening more and more and even during our local dates.

  4. Mindy Barnes says:

    Thanks so much for the recommendation! I just put it on hold at the library, and am excited to read it. We are great at being consistent with having a weekly date, but it always ends up being dinner only or dinner and a movie. This should give us some ideas to get out of the rut – thanks!

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