Daily Life Captured: Random photos of our week


My hubby got himself a new lawn mower this week. Apparently it has all sorts of features his other one didn’t have, but don’t ask me to list them for you. When he talks lawn mowers, my mind wanders, just as his does when I talk deal shopping.

On my way out the door one afternoon I found a tea party all set up on our back porch. I don’t know how many years I will have left to enjoy such sites (she is 9 now) so I grabbed an Instagram picture with my i-touch for memory sake.

I woke up Wednesday Morning to these freshly picked flowers from my hubby. Crazy guy went out in our yard with a flashlight and scissors at midnight, after he got off work, to surprise me in the morning with them. I love him! I returned the favor by making sure he went off to work with freshly homemade still warm from the oven banana bread this morning.

I am not sure if it was my husband or one of the kids who thought of this idea. But, the no longer needed stepping stool in the upstairs bathroom is now a book stand.

I have been working on this locker hooked table runner since January. After 6 years of locker hooking  dozens of pieces I am actually going to keep one. I am hoping wanting to show case my work in my home will help me keep the spare table in the dining room decluttered.

While locker hooking and coupon cutting I caught up on my favorite show; Biggest Loser. I laughed so hard this week at Conda’s brothers attempt at cooking for the judges.This happens so rarely in our house. I managed to get rid of all the clutter piles in our upstairs hallway.

How about you? What have you been up to this week?

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