31 Time Saving Tips For the Homeschooling WAHM


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31 time saving tips for the homeschooling work at home mom

I am jumping in with 100’s of other bloggers to join The Nester in her challenge to write the entire 31 days of October on one topic.

This post is my landing page with the links to all 31 posts listed in order as they are released at the bottom, making it simple for everyone to follow along.

Each day of October I will be sharing a time saving tip that I have found to work for me in my quest to be a successful homeschooling work at home mom.

Each post will be less than 250 words, because chances are if you are interested in a time saving series you don’t have a lot of time to spend reading.

I have been a work at home mom for over 16 years. I have been a  homeschooling work at home mom for 11 years.

In those years, I have held many jobs, including daycare, reselling on Ebay, renovating homes, landlording and now blogging.

I  engage in a lot of money saving yet time consuming tasks to stretch my families earnings, such as cooking from scratch, making homemade cleaners and shopping frugally.

Plus I enjoy spending time training for marathons.

My days are not perfectly managed. I still get stressed. Things still get left undone.Yet most days I feel like I live my life in balance thanks  in part to the time saving tips I have picked up through the years.

Won’t you join me as I share them?

Dig Into The Time Management  Series Using The Links Below


Introduction: 31 Days Of Time Saving Tips For The Work-At-Home Mom (you are here)

Day One: Perform a Time Audit

Day Two: Night Owl Or Morning Bird?

Day Three: Where are Your Largest Windows?

Day Four: Making the Most of Small Windows

Day Five: Daily To Do Lists

Day Six: Maximizing The To Do List

Day Seven: Say No

Day Eight: Eliminate Poor Yes Choices

Day Nine: Put Your Time Offenders On a Budget

Day Ten: Combine Joy

Day Eleven: Making Effective Use of Waiting Time

Day Twelve: Making Use of Travel Time

Day Thirteen: Making The Most of Mom Taxi in Waiting Time

Day Fourteen: Take Time to Rest a Few Moments Each Day

Day Fifteen: Tag-Team

Day Sixteen: Involve the Kids

Day Seventeen: Mechanical Slaves

Day Eighteen: Outside Help

Day Nineteen: Timer Magic

Day Twenty: Take a Rest Day

Day Twenty One: Less Stuff, Less Mess, More Time

Day Twenty Two: Hold A Family Work Bee

Day Twenty Three: Keep Gatherings Simple

Day Twenty Four: Saving Time in The Kitchen

Day Twenty Five: The Self Cleaning Home

Day Twenty Six: Streamlining Your Homeschooling day

Day Twenty Seven: Create an I Did It List


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  1. What a blessing it is to find blogs like this!
    My babes are still young but I can see myself where you are now in 10-15 years. Any guidance and advice is welcomed!

    I can’t wait for the series!
    God bless!

    31 Days to Living a More Intentional Life

  2. 31 days! That’s a monster of a task, but this topic is something I need to read. How long have been a WAHM? I’ve been homeschooling for 4 years. Well, we’re in our fourth year now. AS I continue to grow my blog and try to do more with it, I find myself struggling to juggle the tasks of HSing and everything else. Do tell! Stopping by from HHH! 😉

    • I have been a work at home mom since my first son was born over 16 years ago. I started out doing day care, until we decided to homeschool, after that I have done several different things. This year I jumped into blogging.

  3. Let’s do it together. Great to meet you and glad to read along.

  4. What an awesome post and resource! Thank you for linking it up to The Mommy Club this week. I’m going to be featuring you today on my Facebook page.

    If you have a chance, please check out the scoop on my Twitter party for next week. I’d LOVE for you to join the fun. http://www.crystalandcomp.com/2012/10/twitter-party-ellas-kitchen-is-helping-you-createsmiles-with-organic-baby-and-kid-food/

    Crystal & Co

  5. I would have been lost without #15. Math was unbearable for my son and I to get through with ease… so I tag teamed with my husband once he got home. Great tips!

    • My husband does that for me with science. Rarely can I ever get an experiment to work right so now they just do them with their dad when he is home.

  6. Wow! You sound like an awesome homeschooling mom. I’m pinning this and I’ll be back.

    • Nah, I am a pretty ordinary mom, just been one for 17 years now and learned a thing or two. I am glad you like the series.

  7. Great list of time saving tips, Victoria. I would say that one of the great ways to save time is having a daily to do list. It can help you stay focus on tasks and get things done. Another great way to do to save you time is to organize your to do list depends on priority level. Then, set an estimated amount of time when working on each tasks. Just like what I personally do as a freelancer. I use this tool Time Doctor that helps me manage time. The key that I can follow scheduled tasks and finish it on time is with self discipline.


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