20 Apps & Websites For Saving Money on Organic Food


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As I have stated before, our family doesn’t buy 100% organic foods. However, we do buy some organic products, especially fresh fruits and veggies that we find taste better when grown organically.

20 Apps & Websites For Saving Money On Organic Food

That said, it doesn’t mean that I am not always on the look out for ways to save even more money on organic foods we do purchase so that I can stretch our grocery money further. More recently I have found that apps and websites are popping up all over the place that can lower the cost of organic food purchases.

20 Apps & Websites For Saving Money On Organic Food


1. BerryCart

BerryCart is an App that specializes in cashback deals for Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, and natural foods. Cash out starts at $5 for a Starbucks eGift card or $6 for a Paypal deposit, so it doesn’t take too long to earn a reward.

*here is a tutorial I wrote about how to use BerryCart

2. Checkout 51

The veggie and fruit offers within Checkout 51 can apply to organic produce purchased at any store of your choosing. You just need to scan the receipt.

*here is a tutorial I wrote about how to use Checkout 51

3. Ibotta

Ibotta offers cash back deals at natural food markets like Whole Foods and Fresh Market, as well as grocery stores like Meijer and Kroger that sell organic food products. The Ibotta app also offers non brand specific deals on dairy, meat, fruit, and veggie items that could be applied to organic brands.

*here is a tutorial I wrote on how to use Ibotta

4. Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is such a simple app to use. You don’t need to apply for cash backs–just upload your receipts from grocery stores like Costco, Aldi, and Meijer that sell the organic foods you like and watch your points add up. Exchange points in Receipt Hog for Amazon gift cards or Paypal gift cards.

*here is a tutorial I wrote on how to use Receipt Hog

Websites Where You Can Purchase Organic Foods

5. Boxed

Boxed.com is a website that sells wholesale sized items at membership store prices without the need of a membership. You also don’t have to place a certain amount of orders per year, and they offer free shipping on orders over $50. They don’t have a lot of organic items but they do have some including those from Annie’s, Bob’s Red Mill, Honest Kids and more.

6. Amazon

Amazon offers a wide selection of organic grocery items at competitive prices. To save even more you can use the subscribe and save feature if it is offered.

7. Thrive Market

Thrive Market is an online, warehouse style, natural foods market. I tried it out and really thought they had great prices, but the current selection just wasn’t large enough for a family of my size to truly benefit enough to recoup their $59.95 annual fee. However if your family is larger than mine, or orders more organic foods than we do (we eat some but mostly stick to the dirty dozen in organic)  then Thrive Market might make sense for your family.

Thrive market is also adding hundreds of new products each month so it soon might make more financial sense for smaller families like mine.

You order when you want to at Thrive Market and they offer free shipping on orders of $49 or more.

Please note: I tried Thrive Market’s free trial and although I was able to cancel the trail membership it did take me 2 phone calls and several emails to do so. The workers were friendly but persuasive.

8. Azure Standard

Azure standard is not your typical online website. Orders are in large quantities and you place your order online, but it doesn’t get shipped to your door; instead it is shipped to the drop off center nearest you and you have to drive to pick it up there at a set time. This isn’t convenient for everyone but if you can swing it their prices are very good.

9. Tropical Traditions

TropicalTraditions.com, HealthyBuyersclub.com, GrassfedTraditions.com, and HouseholdTraditions.com are 4 sites that exists under the Tropical Traditions umbrella offering organic food, organic cleaners, and organic skin care products. They offer good sales and a referral program. (I personally have not ordered from them so I am not a part of  their referral program, but have heard great stuff from other bloggers about these sites)

10. Vita Cost

Vita Cost  sells much more than just vitamins, they sell organic food at competitive prices. They also have a ‘deals tab’ at the top of their home page that you can click and then clip coupons to save you more money on your purchases from the site. Standard shipping is free with orders over $49.  Vita Cost also has a referral program offering you $10 for every friend who you refer to Vita Cost through your referral link (this is mine) who then places an order.

11. Lucky Vitamin

Lucky Vitamin is where I  buy great quality vitamins at a discount price, but they also sell a selection of organic foods at great prices too. Free shipping on orders over $49. Lucky Vitamin also has bulk prices, meaning the more your buy of one item at one time the lower the price.

Websites For Organic Food Coupons  & Organic Deal Sites

12. Cardpool

Cardpool isn’t a coupon site, it is actually a discounted gift card site. Cardpool often has gift cards at a reduced rate for natural food stores like Whole Foods.

13.  Mambo Sprouts

When you sign up for the Mambo Sprouts newsletter, you will receive heads up when new printable coupons for organic products are available through Mambo Sprouts.

14. The Greenbacks Gal

The Greenbacks Gal does a weekly listing of coupons for organic & whole food products on her blog as well as one for the blog Money Saving Mom. The blog is full of ideas of how to save money on organic products.

15. Organic Deals

Organic deals is another website offering you the latest information of coupons out there that will help you save money on organic products.

16. Your Favorite Natural Food Store Website

Whole Foods & Earth Fare both have coupon sections that you can visit before you hit the store and print off coupons for items on your list. I am sure there are more natural food stores that do this so make sure to check out your favorites.

17. Your Favorite Organic Food Company Website

I love Stoneyfield yogurt, and their site often contains great coupons for their products. This isn’t the only organic food company website that offers coupons, visit your favorite organic brand website to see if they offer coupons.

Point Programs Where You Can Earn Coupons & Gift Cards For Organic Foods

 18. RecycleBank

Recyclebank is a point program that rewards you for environmentally friendly actions as well as for answering questions after viewing videos or reading short articles about environmental topics. Recyclebank often, although not always, offers high value coupons for organic food products in exchange for points.

19. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is such a simple way to earn gift cards for things you are already doing online. You can cash out your Swag Bucks you earn for gift cards to Whole Foods,  Amazon gift cards, or Paypal deposits so that you can use to purchase organic foods.

20. InstaGC

InstaGC offers instant gift cards as payment for online actions, like filling out surveys, watching videos and more. InstaGC offers eGift cards for Whole Foods and Amazon where you can purchase the organic foods you love.

Want More Information On Saving Money On Organic Foods?

Check out my post 10 Ways Thrifty People Save Money On Organics

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