Step By Step Guide To BerryCart: A Coupon App For Organic, Gluten Free & Non GMO Foods


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I just recently discovered a coupon app that I am very excited about. BerryCart is a coupon app for all those who love natural and organic foods. It works in a similar way to the ibotta app I love so much.

Step by Step Guide to BerryCart A coupon app for organic, non-gmo, gluten free foodsIf you have read 10 Ways Thrifty People Save Money On Organics you know that my family doesn’t buy 100% organic foods but there are some products that we do prefer organic and we like saving as much money on those products as possible.

The BerryCart app will now be added to our list of  ways to save on our favorite organic products.

How To Use The BerryCart App

1.  Sign up for a BerryCart account online. (go here now  to sign up)

2. Download the BerryCart app to your Smartphone or tablet with rear facing camera

sign in to BerryCart app

3. Once the app is is downloaded go ahead and enter your email and password you chose.

BerryCart App Picking your deal4. Press the filter tab to see what stores are available in your area and what products they have to offer.

BerryCart Unlock the savings

5. Pick the product you want to earn cash back on and perform the short tasks to unlock the savings

This is when the BerryCart app begins to remind me of ibotta in that it asks you to preform short tasks to unlock rebates.

For this particular item, Beanitos chips, you had to answer why you wanted to buy Beanitos  to unlock .25 cents (they gave you a range of answers to choose from) and then you had to read one fact about why Beanitos were good for you for another .25 cents.

Please note that the products may have to be a certain size and flavor. For example to receive your rebate on this bag of Beanitos you had to pick the 6 0z bag.

6. Click Redeem

Once you buy the product click the green redeem button and you will be prompted by BerryCart to scan the bar code of the product you bought followed by the receipt.

BerryCart redeem your rebates through paypal7. Redeem your rebates through Paypal

BerryCart lets you have your rebates deposited into your PayPal account when your account  reaches  a minimum balance of $5 .


BerryCart Gift card options8. Or if you prefer cash out for a gift card code

I love the gift card area of the BerryCart app. It is full of a great variety of stores currently it includes, Starbucks, Amazon, Target, Gap, The Home Depot, Staples, Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Barnes & Nobles. The size of the gift cards range from $5 to $35. The BerryCart App gift card area also lets you decide if you want the gift card emailed to you or a friend. So if the budget is tight and you want to send your friend a gift card for her birthday, you could cash in your rebates and send her own with the BerryCart app, or send her one just because you know she/he could use a pick me up.

Sign up here for a BerryCart account today, and start earning rebates on your Organic, Gluten Free, and GMO free purchases.

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