How To Earn $30 A Month With Swagbucks In 5 Minutes A Day


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I have talked about how to make Swagbucks pay for Christmas, how to have Swagbucks pay for your Starbucks, how to have Swagbucks pay for your books, how to have Swagbucks pay for your date night, and how to have Swagbucks pay for your music collection, but I have never really given you a basic plan that always you to decide what you want to spend your Swagbucks on.

How to earn 30 dollars a month with Swagbucks

Yes I know you could use those plans mentioned above and apply them to whatever awards you want, but I know that some individuals prefer a more plain and simple approach, one they don’t have to change at all to suit their needs.

I have also included a downloadable daily check list, so that they can make sure they complete their Swagbucks tasks every day to earn their $30 in gift cards they want, on whatever they want, including  restaurants,  paypal, home improvement, airline flights, gasoline, office supplies, clothes, coffee, music, movies, and more (just check out the Swagbucks reward store page for all the rewards offered)

How to make $30 a month with Swagbucks in 5 minutes a day.

By 5 minutes I am referring to the time it takes to do the NOSO and the Daily poll, as well as start the video playing apps but am not including the time it takes to watch the videos because once they are on you can place your device anywhere and they will play with little need for you to actually spend time watching them (although they do get paused now and again so make sure to check on them from time to time) .

1. Download the toolbar

Once downloaded use the toolbar one time a day for one point.

1×3o=3o Swag Bucks

2. Join Bing Rewards

If you join Bing Rewards right now they are offering a 500 Swagbuck code for 475 points. On average you can earn 16 Bing Rewards per day.

16x 30= 480 which converts to 500 Swag Bucks


3. Do the daily poll

1×30=30 Swag Bucks

4. Do the NOSO daily

2×30=60 Swag Bucks

5. Searching through the homepage or toolbar

You need to download the Swagbucks toolbar or make the Swagbucks homepage your homepage or do both (I do both). Then  use these for entering all your online searches and  you can randomly win Swag Bucks. I earn anywhere from 100 to 200+ points a week this way.


100X4= 400 Swag Bucks (on average)

6. Get the Swagbucks TV App going on your smart phone or tablet each day

These short films run continuously and allow you to earn 40 points per day (my previous Swagbucks earning plans say 50 but it dropped recently to 40) . Warning they do sometimes pause so you will have to check on your device from time to time to make sure they are still streaming.

40x 30 = 1200 Swag Bucks

7. Get the EntertaiNow App

This app also runs continuously  and allows you to earn 30 points per day. I personally have not used it but have had readers who have and  like it. I am not a lover of celebrity news, TV show shorts or movie reviews but as with the Swagbucks TV app this can be run with the volume off and you don’t have to sit and watch it play. So it certainly is a simple way rack up points for little effort.

30×30 = 900 points

Total points = 3120 = $30 in gift cards

Daily Swagbucks Checklist (color2)On the  chart I included you may note the addition of buying Daily deals and shopping through Swagbucks, I have not included them in this plan as the amount of points people earn from them would vary widely. However  they are certainly easy no-brainer ways of earning more Swagbucks  and they would give you a bit more wiggle room in my $30 a month plan in case you don’t get as many search rewards as I do, or you forget to run your video Apps one day.

Here is your free downloadable $30 a month Swagbucks plan

There are other ways of earning Swagbucks that you can find out about by viewing their home page, but for this post I wanted to show you  simple plan that can be done in just a few minutes a day and yet still make an impact on a tight budget.

And that is what I love about Swagbucks , you decided how much time you want to spend on it, but either way you can still earn a reasonable amount of rewards each month for little time spent.

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  1. How many videos do u have to watch/play on tv app to get the daily
    Limit of 150 points or whatever it? How long do u end up running the app for? 2 hours? 3+?

    • Victoria says:

      On the TV app itself it is currently 2 Swag Bucks for every 5 videos watched The laptop or PC version is I believe, 3 points for every 10 watched up to 150 points a day.

  2. I’m really confused about the Bing Rewards thing. How exactly does it work with Swagbucks? What is the process. I just signed up and I don’t see anything Swagbucks related 🙁

    • If you go to the reward section in Bing Rewards (there is a tab labeled Rewards at top of home page) you will see what looks like a 500 Swag Bucks gift card for Swagbucks. When you order it Bing Rewards sends you a code that you enter into the Swagbucks Swag Code box and instantly 500 Swag Bucks will be added to your account.

  3. Thanks for the tips! I have found them very helpful and have not got my mom started on Swagbucks too!

  4. What an awesome idea!!! I had no clue there were things like this available for a working mom. Love it!!! Thanks Swagbucks; every little bit counts.

  5. Wow, thanks for the tips! I just started using my Swagbucks account again. I remember quiting because I didn’t know how to use it. I’m on my way to get the toolbar. 🙂

  6. Hi! Sorry could you tell me what NOSO is?

    • You will find it down the side of the home page as Daily Offers (NOSO) Not sure what NOSO stands for. Any ways it is a very simple and quick way to earn two SB points a day. You simply click through all the offers pressing No on the ones you don’t want to fill out and Yes for those you do. Takes under a minute.

  7. is it also available for Nigerians

  8. How do you convert bing points into swaybacks


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