Selling Saturdays: Creating a Craft Sale on Facebook


the simplest way to sell your crafts

Last week I shared with you how a simple photo album on Facebook is a great way to sell your unwanted yet still usable stuff.

I have also discovered one other way  to use facebook albums to sell items.

I create what I call a “craft sale” album, in which I place all my hand made items for viewing.

This idea was born, after I had a friend message me on Facebook that she wanted to purchase some of my dish cloths in a particular color. I thought I  already had dish cloths in that color made up but wanted to check if it was what she was thinking. So I snapped a picture and posted on my wall and tagged her in it.

Then a light bulb went off.  Why not show pictures of my current handmade items on Facebook so that I no longer had to endure telephone calls of, I would like this shade of…., and me trying desperately to decide if I was envisioning the same shade in my head.

So I threw a dark table cloth over my dining room table and got my crafts out and placed them in piles according to their kind, dish cloths in one pile, flat scrubbies in another, round scrubbies in a third and so on till I had pictures of them all.

Then I uploaded all the photos to Facebook under an album entitled “Crafts For Sale” and under each item wrote a description of what it was, how it was used, why I liked it, and price.

I shared it just once, and it get’s shared again as I add new pieces. I will admit it has been a while since I updated it last.

However, over the Christmas season, when my crafts tend to sell more, I tend keep it updated more often, so my friends have an accurate idea of what colors and items I have available.

Since I don’t produce a lot of crafts for sale, this method works perfectly for me, allowing me to sell the crafts that I don’t give as gifts so that I can replenish my yarn supplies to feed my knitting addiction.

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  1. The Bargain Diva says:

    Very good ideas. Any way to help us with our fundraisers

  2. great idea

  3. Great info and really an encouragement for me. I’ve been considering selling my crochet items but I am a slow crocheter. I like making blanketsbut iI’m not sure a good price that will make me money but still be affordable for someone to buy.. any suggestions?

    • Victoria says:

      I have never sold blankets my suggestion would be to take a look at what similar items on Esty are selling for.

  4. Patsy Mendez says:

    How do you set up an Album on FB to sell items? I not very computer savy and I could not figure out how to do it. Your help,instructions would be such a help. Thanks

    • Click on your photos tab and then you will see a box on the left hand upper corner of the screen that says “create album” click on it and upload you photos.

  5. I was wondering how do you receive payment for what you sell? And do you only sell locally? I

  6. Christal Orange says:

    I am a stained glass artist and i am having a problem with the way my table set up looks. It is not at all inviting and i just do not have that thing i need to make my table pop. I can cut and make beautiful stained glass, but when it comes to displaying it to sell at a market of craft show…I fall short…can you help??? and remember glass is heavy that is also an issue..look forward to some fresh ideas….thanks in advance………..

    • Besides saying perhaps googling “stain glass craft show displays” I can’t really think of anything.

    • If you are making suncatchers or small framed pieces, try taking a clothing rack — you can use lengths of chain and S hooks to hang several in a small space. A folding screen would also work (the metal kind that has curtain insets–just remove the fabric to use the chain method, or safety pin hooks or rings to the (solid color) fabric. If you are doing little stained glass boxes, then you need some tiered shelving–one thing that would work is a small stepladder with boards or trays used to bridge from one side to another. A quick makeshift table top stand for small suncatchers can be made from pants hanger–the kind with multiple straight bars that swivel. Turn the hanger on its side and use the bars as back legs

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