4 Of The Best Websites For Earning Cash In Your Spare Time


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I have tried out dozens of survey sites and what I like to call point reward programs. I enjoy spending time figuring out how to best earn cash or gift cards from each program so my readers can get straight to earning.

4 of the best websites for earning cash in your spare time! There are people earning $100 a month or more with these sites--all from the comfort of their own home.

The geeky side of me loves doing it. I love messing around on each site figuring out which point earning actions earn the most points in the quickest amount of time.

Now that I am more than 4 years into this blogging thing, I have had time to see which sites are consistently offering their members new ways to earn money. I can tell within a short while of using the program if it is what I would consider a high income earner or a low income earner.

Below is my list of the top 4 programs I have found to date.

These programs offer everything I look for in a good point rewards program.

  • A variety of ways to earn points.
  • At least one fast way to earn points.
  • Low cash out values so you are not waiting forever to earn a reward.
  • A PayPal cash out option so that you can apply your earnings to whatever you want to.
  • A reasonable wait period from when you order your reward to when you receive it.

4 Of The Best Websites For Earning Cash In Your Spare Time


The other programs on this list are not in any particular order, but there is a reason why I put Swagbucks first.

In my opinion if you only want to mess with one point rewards/survey program, Swagbucks is the one you want to join.

Swagbucks offers over 20 different ways to earn points–called SB–and they offer new ways to earn points on a fairly constant basis. A lot of those ways to earn are probably for things you already do online like web searches, shopping, purchasing daily deals and printing coupons.

Back before I was a blogger I earned a $5 gift card from Swagbucks each month just for using them as my homepage for web searches and nothing more. I was essentially being paid to do something I was doing for free.

Of course, it is possible to earn much more than $5 a month with Swagbucks. I have readers who report earnings of $100 a month from Swagbucks.

However, I think it is more than worth your while to join more than one point rewards/survey program. Variety opens up your ability to make even more money. Joining several programs allows you to do the quick earning point tasks at each company, which leads to earning more money per month in the long run.

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PrizeRebel currently offers 9 different ways to earn. There are a mix of quick and simple ways to earn points such as following them on you favorite social media platform and keeping your eye out for codes you can enter into the site for points or watching videos. They also offer many different survey options.

My first cash out from PrizeRebel took just over 24 hours to receive, but since I became a Silver member my Paypal deposits have come within minutes of ordering them.

That is another thing I really like about PrizeRebel, they have a member level system. The more points you earn the higher you go up the system. As you go up the levels you start earning bigger discounts on cash outs–meaning your points go further and you get faster cash outs.

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See the “insta” in the name? That is my favorite part about InstaGC: their rewards are instant. The only exception is the Paypal, Direct deposit, or e-check option which can take up to 7 business days.

However, they do offer Starbucks gift cards starting at $5 and Amazon gift cards starting at just $1. Those are usually what I cash out for. InstaGC is currently my mom treat account. I use it to pay for the coffees I drink while blogging away from home and the discounted e-books I fill my kindle with.

InstaGC offers many different ways to earn, but my favorites are listening to music through Radio Loyalty, clicking through to sites, and watching videos.

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MintVine doesn’t offer a long list of ways to earn, but it does offer a great survey selection and I really like how quickly their system either allowed me in a survey or kicked me out and offered me another. With some survey sites you can spend way too many precious minutes just waiting to get into a survey, I didn’t find that at MintVine when I tried it out.

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These 4 programs will help you turn those little moments in your day into money making moments.

 If you are wondering just what little moments of my day I am referring to for using these programs, here are some ideas.

  • Download the apps for Swagbucks and set the videos to roll while you are getting ready for your day.
  • Listen to Radio Loyalty while you are working on the laptop and set your phone timer to remind you to look for the point earning code to enter into InstaGC every 30 minutes.
  • Snuggle up to your sports loving hubby and do a few surveys for MintVine while you watch the game.
  • Put your laptop beside that big pile of laundry you need to fold and enter into the video area of PrizeRebel and earn a few points as you fold.

Psst…want to try out even more programs? Check out my list of all the point programs I have tried and read what I have to say about them.

How to earn $100 in gift cards every month--without spending all day on the computer.

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