Time Management Tip 5: Daily To Do Lists


Why writing a daily to do list is importantIn order to use your small windows and large windows of time each day effectively you need a plan. You need a To Do list.

To write an effectively to do list  you must first know how long various tasks take.

I want to remind you to carry your timer every where this month and log how long it takes you to perform everything from dusting end tables, to emptying out your e-mail box.

Each morning, write a To Do List before life takes over. You might even want to write it the night before, so that you awaken with a plan.

You can keep your list simple like I do and just write down a list of things on a  yellow note pad or you might prefer something more detailed like Simple Mom’s Daily Docket.

Update: I recently gave my yellow pad up for a clip board filled with simple grid style lists that keep me on track both with my daily goals and my weekly goals

One thing I learned from Simple Mom is to star three things on my list. These things are my top priorities for the day. If I get nothing else done but my star items I am okay with that. If I get more than those three things I am thrilled.

I circle those things that have to happen at a certain time, like appointments and kids soccer games.

I included my daily cleaning tasks, my workout for the day, what lessons the kids need my help with and what to cook for lunch and dinner.

Then I see what windows of time I have left and fill them in with work tasks.

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This post is part of my series on Time Saving Tips For Work At Home Moms

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