Time Management Tip 30: Making Minimum Standards For Housekeeping


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creating a list of minimum standards for housekeeping during those overwhelming periods of lifeSometimes life can get overwhelming and you end up feeling like you are drowning in a sea of mess and “To Do’s” wondering where to begin.

During a ladies bible study, I took when my kids were little, I learned the value setting minimums for housekeeping . Minimums are the least amount you can get done and feel happy with. It’s not about being lazy, its about contentment.

For instance, one exercise in this bible study was to ask our husbands, what were the 3 things we do around the home that make them feel loved.

Mine said, a couch free of toys, kitchen counter space to make my snack, and clean laundry to wear.

I was so shocked at the simplicity of his list. When I talked with him further I found out he truly just wanted a space free of clutter to destress from a hard days work.

So I set my minimum cleaning list around his needs. I make sure the couch and kitchen counters are clean, and I make sure he always has clean clothes (bonus is he does not care if they are folded and put away)

During hard seasons of your life, concentrate on doing the minimum to keep you family feeling loved. Make your “To Do list” but don’t get discouraged if all you get done is the minimum.

I challenge you this week to ask your loved ones, what do they need done around the home to feel loved, then make up a minimum list.

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