Time Management Tip 1: Perform a Time Audit


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Want to know where your time goes Perform a time auditIn order to manage anything you have to first know where it is. Where is your time being spent? Where is it getting away from you? What could you cut out to make more time? What things do you do that are not necessary? What things are okay things but are pushing out time for fabulous things?

Somethings you may have little control over. Such as if you  are teaching little ones to read, then your homeschooling day is going to be a lot longer than a homeschooling mom like me whose children are all ten and up and not only can learn independently but prefer to.

Other areas you have complete control over. These things are usually the most convicting, at least for me. For instance when I sat down to write out a list to photograph and realized that I spend roughly 1 hour of my day on Facebook, I was convicted. That totals 7 hours a week of time I could use more productively for my family.

We have 24 hours in a day 7 days a week, that is 168 hours a week. We need 8 hours a night rest that leaves us 112 hours to manage.

I challenge you  to carry around a small notebook ,a pen, and a timer (or use a notebooking app., and a timer app. on your cell) and time yourself for every task all week long then tally up your 112 hours.

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  1. I am always amazed at how long certain things take me to do. What I think I can get done in a few minutes can end up taking a hour. I will be following along with you.

  2. Great idea! I know that I’m a time-waster, and I don’t have time to waste. Thanks for the tip!

  3. I guess this is a good place to start. I’m scared to know…LOL!

  4. I gave up Facebook on October 1st. The difference has been amazing! I can’t even begin to guess how many hours per DAY I was spending on it, but I just cannot do that anymore. God and my family all deserve more of me than they were getting.

  5. I love how you divide the time and see where you are spending your time. I need to re-evaluate. I just started homeschooling and blogging at the same time. 🙂 So much to learn.

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