Step by Step Guide To Shopkick

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(post contains affiliate links see disclosure)

I was researching for a project when I stumbled upon someone talking about the shopkick app. The writer mentioned that to earn points you didn’t need to buy anything, you simply had to check in at the store and scan products as you shopped.

step by step guide to shopkick the app that pays you to browse

As a person who loves point earning programs that actually pay, I immediately knew I wanted to check shopkick out  and then report my findings to my readers so that you too could start earning gift cards through shopkick.

Step by Step Guide To Shopkick

Although I now own a smartphone (Tracfone started offering them at a rate that was just slightly higher than what we were paying pre-smartphone) I wanted to try shopkick out using my 4th generation iPod so that those of you who don’t yet own a smartphone could see that the shopkick app still works even when you don’t have a data plan smartphone.

I found out that as long as the store you wanting to use for shopkick has free wi-fi, you can indeed sign in and collect kicks. I used my iPod at my local Meijer that offers free wi-fi and was able to claim clicks with no issues, proving that as long as you have a device with a rear facing camera for scanning you can use the shopkick app in free wi fi hot spots.

1. Sign up for shopkick

Follow this link and enter you cell number to receive a link to download the shopkick app.

Yes you could download app directly through your app store but if you use the link   you will be supporting me and my family through a small referral bonus at no cost to you. My family and I want to thank you in advance for using the referral link as it helps me be able to add to our families income, through providing you with ideas of how to add to your own families income here on the blog.

shopkick choose the area

2. Pick Your Area

After you have signed up and downloaded the App you want to pick the area in which you are planning to shop. It is very easy to change the area at any given time should you be shopping in a different town from time to time.

shopkick pick your store3. Pick the store

I was going shopping at Meijer so I picked Meijer for this tutorial. I first signed in to Meijers free wi fi through my iPod settings and made sure my location services for the shopkick app was on (also found in iPod settings). Then I went into the shopkick app and picked Meijer in my hometown.

shopkick scan area4. Click on scans to view what is available to scan

I clicked on the “Scans” area. In some stores there will be another box above the “Scans” area that will say ……kicks when you walk into….. Which means you earn points just for walking in the door and having that store picked and your locator on.

In the “Scans” area you will find a visual list of all the products that you can get kicks for scanning. For maximum rewards you could scan everything available but what I did was make a mental list of what was available to scan for kicks and then as I saw them while shopping for items on my list I took the time to scan them. I saw several items available to scan as I shopped, so this plan gave me rewards for very little extra time spent shopping.

shopkick pick the item you want to scan

5. Click on the item you want to scan

I saw the Similac formula across  the aisle from the cottage cheese I was buying so I decided it make it my first scan. Simply click on the picture of the item in the list of items to scan that you are ready to scan.

shopkick scan the barcode6. Click the scan icon and scan item

Once you have the item in your hand go ahead and click the scan icon found on the lower corner of the picture of the item you are scanning (it will show the amount of kicks you earn and have a barcode symbol on it). This will load up your camera and enable you to use the scan function of the app to scan the items barcode. To scan simply  line up the items barcode inside the square space of the scanner and hold still. In a few short seconds it should say “verifying scan” on the screen and a second or two later it will flash with a picture of your kicks earned inside a blue circle.

shopkick view balance choose reward

7. To view balance and choose a reward click on the person symbol

Your profile area will help you find out what your current balance is as well as all the current rewards there are available and how many kicks each one is. It is also the area where you will find your own referral link for sharing the app with your friends so that you can earn your own referral kicks (under invite & get kicks).

shopkick picking out a reward8. Choose the  reward you want

To view the rewards and figure out which one you want to aim for click on the  browse rewards tab found in your profile section. Scroll down and look at all the different options.

The apps has three reward options, electronic gift cards, physical items, and donations.

If you pick out a gift card, you may have several options for rewards. For instance the Target Gift card at the time I write this is available in the sums of $2 for 500 kicks, $5 for 1250 kicks, $10 for 2500 kicks, and $25 for 6250 kicks.

Shopkick is forever offering special deals for certain stores like the one that showed up on the app as I was writing this article where you got 200 kicks for walking in the doors of Macy’s or American Eagle.  Those type of deals would make it fairly simple to get to the 500 kick minimum Target gift card cash quickly.

So far I am very impressed with the selection of things available to scan as well as stores in which you can scan.  I will definitely be using the shopkick app in stores with free wi fi and I will be doing it in the same way I did the other day, I plan on taking just a few seconds to look up what is available to scan and then as I spot them shopping for items on my grocery list scan them, making shopkick a simple way to add a bit of earning to my weekly grocery shopping trip.

Sign up for your own Shopkick App. today.

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  1. What other electronic gift cards are available thru shopkick? I don’t have a close Target near by and was just curious on what other gift cards were available. Thanks, and I love following you on here. 🙂

    • Victoria says:

      There is a good selection of various stores including Starbucks, Macys’, JCPenny, Old Navy, Game Stop, Sports Authority, Nike, Papa Johns, and Aeropostle,

  2. Shopkick is great. However, be aware that the company that runs it likes to permanently BAN folks with little or no notice. They often site their TOS as the reason for doing so while stating that the user has violated it. I was unaware of this in the two years I began using it until happened to a friend. The friend did nothing to wrong. Shopkick would not discuss the mater and shut down the coversation after the second e-mail. After doing research on the net, we discovered that this is all too common. Shopkick is based in California and holds an F rating with the BBA. Feel free to look that up. While there are a number of people that freely admit to getting banned for breaking the terms, there appears to be just as many that are dropped for nothing. A common thread with the group that claims they were unfairly kicked out is a high number of Kicks redeemed or about to be redeemed. The individual that I know had accumulated a lifetime total of nearly $300 cashed out a few days before getting a notice about being banned. As I say, it’s great. You can earn lots of gift card just as they encourage you to do. Just be aware that they can ban you at any time for no violation with no recourse.

  3. I just barely started using this app. I checked at $2 the first time to see if it was legit, and it was. Until I saw them advertising 2,000 kicks for every 3 friends that download the app. I have a lot of friends and family members so after working hard for 2-3 days I got 34 people to create an account and check out the app. I was up to 22,000 kicks and went to go check out for a $50 walmart gift card and now it just keeps giving me an error to try again later. I have emailed them twice with no response…..

    • Victoria says:

      I am sorry you are having trouble Ashley. Please know I have checked out for numerous gift cards and had no trouble (I cash out for Starbucks usually). May I suggest trying to reach out to Shopkick on either Facebook or Twitter. I have heard from people that sometimes companies are more responsive when you make your complaint on their social media pages.

  4. I noticed that there’s an option to link a credit card and get kicks that way. Have you tried that?

  5. suz fuentes says:

    Hi, I just started using shopkicks today. Im having trouble finding my profile. When I click on the shopkicks icon on my phone, it brings me right to the page that lists the stores nothing about profile.

    • Victoria says:

      Click on the three lines at the left hand corner of the home screen when you open the app. That should bring you to it. Hope that helps.


  1. […] It’s fast become one of my favorite phone apps because it is fun to use!  We go on mini scavenger hunts looking for items to scan, get our steps in walking to the next store that offers kicks, and my kids help out by scanning items. Several of my favorite frugal bloggers use it regularly too, like my friend Victoria at Snail Pace Transformation. […]

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