Inexpensive Ways To Package Homemade Treats as Gifts

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All week long I have been sharing easy to make no bake treats that are gift worthy but how exactly do you package them all up and not spend a fortune?

4 inexpensive ways to wrap up homemade treats as Christmas gifts

4 Inexpensive Ways To Package Homemade Treats As Gifts

Red Dixie cups make inexpensive festive containers for homemade treat. Draw or write on them with sharpie to add that personal touch.

1. Use what you have

You don’t need to go out and buy a bunch of tins, gift bags and ribbons. Go digging in your kitchen cupboards, craft areas, storage areas and recycle bins and with a little imagination I bet you can come up with something without spending cash.

Pins I love for this are…

A. Paper plate make over: using simple plain paper plates a single hole punch and ribbon to create a gift worthy platter.

B. Beautified Ziploc bag: using ziplock bags, scrapbook paper and ribbon.

Pinterest is great for ideas,but don’t think you have to follow the pin to the letter instead use it as a launching pad for your imagination.

Perhaps you don’t have a stack of dixie cups or ziploc bags,  but you do have a large amount of glass jars with lids heading for recycling that you could clean and reuse for gifts, or too many plates or glasses given to you as wedding gifts that you could place treats on and wrap with cellophane to give.

Everyone’s stash is going to be different but with imagination I think most homes could come up with something they already have to wrap their treats in.

2. Use Coupons

I find coupons for glad and ziploc brand containers in almost all my free sources of coupons. You can use them for the festive colors and prints containers that come out this time of year to save money wrapping your giftable goodies.

I like adding a bit of flare to my containers with yard sale, or clearance found ribbon, but if you don’t have a stash of bargain found ribbon use a craft store coupon to save money on ribbon.

3. Shop Sales

Last year I saw several stores drop all their Christmas decor to as much as 50% off the week before Christmas. If you are not giving out your treats until then you might want to keep your money in your wallet and your eyes pealed for sales until the last minute.

I actually got these 3 baskets at a yard sale, but I see them in thrift stores all the time to for very little money.

4. Thrift Stores

If you don’t mind your containers not all being the same, check out thrift stores. Baskets sell for as little as .50 cents at one of my favorite thrift stores.

Don’t stop at the baskets though, make sure you cruise through the china and glassware lane as well.

Wine goblets can be filled with chocolate truffles, and their stems wrapped with a festive bow. China plates can hold an assortment of gift worthy foods. Mugs can be filled clear plastic bags of Christmas Crunch. Tea cups can hold peppermint cookie bark and a few tea bags for the dainty lady next door.

psst… for ideas of  inexpensive and simple to make treats to give as gifts check out my No-bake Christmas Series.

Do you have any others ideas for wrapping up homemade treats creatively? Share them in the comment section of this post.

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  1. What lovely (and easy! love easy!) wrapping ideas. I especially like the idea of creatively using whatever I have. Wrapping paper is something I’m trying to eliminate for environmental reasons, but I still want pretty, festive gifts…you’ve given me some good ideas!

  2. Found you at the Thrifty hop today … I am really into repurposing wrapping this holiday season. A friend of mine uses old fabric to wrap this gifts & ties it up with raffia. I can’t wait to do this. I’m going to our fabric store to get some scraps from their leftovers pile and use them for gift wrapping. I love the creative ideas you shared above for wrapping treats too.

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