10 Ways To Make Cash While Tossing Clutter

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A really good motivator for me to declutter the house is to set a goal for what I can do with the cash I earn from selling my no longer needed items. For example this summer my husband and I paid cash for a camping trip for just the two of us. These goals make me more willing to part with my items as I am going to build memories by selling them instead of focusing on the days gone by that the items represent.

10 ways to make cash while tossing clutter. Simplify your life & fill you wallet at the same time.

There are so many ways to make cash from tossing clutter here are 10 of my favorite ways and the posts in which I share tips in how to benefit the most from that cash making avenue.

10 ways to make cash from tossing clutter

10 tips for successfully selling in facebook buy and sell groups (small)1. Facebook Buy & Sell Groups

Currently Facebook Buy & Sell Groups are one of my absolute favorite ways to convert clutter to cash fast. Sometimes it does take days to find a buyer but other times I have sold my items in less than 30 minutes.


gamestop-trade-in-program (small)2. Gamestop’s Trade In Program

If you use Gamestop’s trade in program you won’t get cash in your hand but you will get store credit. With two teenage boys in the house this is the fastest way for them to convert their old games they don’t play anymore into new games they will.


amazon trade in (smaller)

3. Amazon’s Trade In Program

If you love books and purchase and read current titles a great way to receive cash for new books is to take part in Amazon’s trade in program. It is easy and quick and you will receive payment in the way of Amazon gift card cash that you can spend on new books.

10 tips for a great yard sale (smaller)4. Yard Sales

If you want a large sum of cash quick, often your best way to go is to throw a yard sale. I have earned as much as $600 in one day off our tossed clutter by following my 10 tips. The more you toss the more you can earn.

using paperbackswap.com to feed your book habit for less (small)5. PaperBackSwap

Here is another avenue for book lovers. is PaperBackSwap . PaperBackSwap is a great way to trade in good shape books old or new for titles on your want to read list. Homeschoolers this is an good program for finding books on your children’s recommended reading lists that come with many curriculums.

5 tips for consignment store sucess (small)6. Consignment Stores

You might have to wait a while to get money from consignment store selling but your return will be greater than if you sold the items at a yard sale and best part, they find the customers for you.

If you prefer an online consignment store ThredUp is a great one. It made my list of  7 places you can sell your clothing.

advantages to selling your items at consignment sales (small)7. Consignment Sales

Consignment sales usually take place over 2 to 3 days and although they take a bit of prep work and perhaps a few hours of volunteering, the amount of money earned makes it all worth it.

tips for Successfully selling on Craigslist8. Craigslist

Once or twice  a year my husband and I throw a Craigslist blitz weekend and sell off our big items that we are no longer using. It is always well worth the time we put into taking pictures, posting and then dealing with emails, texts and phone calls.

10 tips for ebay (small)9. eBay

Typically after I attend our areas secondhand curriculum sale I post all the school books that didn’t sell on eBay and am able to sell them off.

the simplest way to make money selling items you no longer use (small)10. The Simplest Way I Know To Sell Your Stuff

By far my favorite way to sell my stuff is also the easiest way. My friends use to tell me all the time AFTER I sold stuff “oh I wish I had known you were going to sell your………..I would have bought it for that price”. Now I let them know first. 

Do You Need Motivation To Get Started In Tossing Clutter? Read this book, I read it years ago and after I got several chapters in I was so motivated to start parting with my stuff that I had to put it down and proceeded to purge 2 truck loads of stuff out of my home!

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  1. After moving home from University I have some much stuff that needs to be sold so this is definitely a great list that I will refer back to.

  2. Facebook garage sale groups are gaining in popularity and for good reason. The ease of use and the fact that the items are being sold locally eliminates a lot of the hassle associated with Craigslist, eBay etc.

    Also, buying and selling on FB allows the buyer and seller to hold each other accountable if say, the item is broke or defective. It beats Craigslist anonymous format by a long shot in my opinion.

    • I totally agree. It is so simple to snap a picture, load it to FB and then type in info. Much easier than both Craigslist and Ebay.

  3. I’ve sold on eBay for 15+ years. For a long time, it’s how I made a full time income after my husband abandoned our family. It allowed me to stay home with my kids as a single mom. It’s definitely possible to make good money on eBay. 🙂

    • Yes it is, I think the trick is finding things that you are passionate about, just like blogging. The more you really like an item the better you are at selling it.

  4. None of the links in this post work =(. Can you please go through and correct the links so I can navigate easily around your blog?

    • Sorry about that. When I upgraded to a faster server a bunch of links broke. I fixed the ones in this article for you. Thanks for alerting me to it.


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