What True Prosperity Looks Like


One morning with my bible open and the house quiet I came upon the verse that I have read numerous times before but never seen from the angle that I did that morning.

True prosperity isn't money in the bank

PROVERBS 21:5 (NLT): “Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty”

As I read that verse while all snuggled up in a blanket sipping on my morning cup of coffee my heart was suddenly filled with all that I have in my life that I cherish.

When I read that verse before I always thought of working hard to achieve financial prosperity, but on that morning, I had my eyes opened to the fact that prosperity in life is so much more than money.

Prosperity is those friends you hold so dear. The ones that will drop everything to be by your side when a loved one passes away. Nothing will keep them from celebrating the good times with you either.

Prosperity is a tight knit family, who laughs together and cries together.  A family that still loves you even when  you neglect them, or you don’t act the way you should.

Prosperity is a strong marriage. A spouse that is willing to come home and make dinner after his 10 hour shift so you can get more work done. A spouse that brings you chocolate or flowers or whatever just because. A spouse who will hold you when you sob so hard your whole body shakes with grief of losing a parent. A spouse that will laugh with you and not at you.

Prosperity is a caring church. A church that sends you notes in the mail that let you know they are praying for you. A church the arranges to have meals sent to your house when you have a baby, or surgery, or a loved one dies.

Prosperity is great neighbors. Neighbors who will come over and take your kids at a drop of a hat because you have to take care of a family emergency the children don’t need to see. Neighbors that will decorate your house for Christmas, clean your house, mow your yard, or shovel snow because you simply are not up for it  either emotionally or physically.

proverbs 215 Good Planning & Hardwork lead to prosperityRich relationships like these require HARD WORK from all those involved. Prosperity in relationships is not a one way street. It means we have to give our 100%  when the other half just isn’t able too. It means we have to pick up the phone and say we are sorry even when we too are hurt and feel like it isn’t all our fault.

It means we plan our days to include those we love. We plan dates with our spouse. Coffee time with our friends. We choose an activity in our church to be a part of. We plan to make a double batch of cookies so we can take the neighbor some.

To achieve prosperity in relationships means even when we are tired, we need to go that extra mile for those we love.

THAT IS TRUE PROSPERITY. That is love. That takes hard work and planning from all involved.

Let’s do it, let’s avoid emotional shortcuts, let’s push through tired. Let’s love even when we don’t feel it is returned in the same measure it is poured out.

Go out there today, and do the hard work. Prosperity will follow. Your heart will become full.

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  1. Amen! We spend so much time chasing prosperity when the best it has to offer is with us all along. Praying to invest in relationships! Thanks and blessings!

  2. Love it – such a great reminder what true family relationships and friendship is! And it does take hard work – that is true prosperity! I enjoyed this – was a great read!

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