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This year I am aiming to read one book a week for a total of 52 books this year. To help me keep track I am listing them all here.

If you are curious as to how I read as much as you do here are few articles I wrote about how I squeeze reading into my days and how I afford them check out my bookworm page.

Books I have Read in 2014

1. Epic Grace by Kurt Bubn : I laughed, I cried and I learned all about how good and great God’s grace is.

2.Feathers From My Nest :I now feel like I know Beth Moore on a way more personal level. What an amazing family.

3. Drenched In Light :The ending  required tissues. Always a sign of a great book in my eyes.

4, 5 &6 What The Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast

The paperback version of What The Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast includes 3 ebooks in one including What Most Successful People Do On The Weekends and What Most Successful People Do At Work, as well as 50 time management tips.

7. 24/6 address the topic of a weekly sabbath. We all could benefit from taking a day each week off more than we know.

8. A Woman’s Call To Prayer : Why you need to pray, how to pray, how to fit it into your day. Practical advice and encouragement.

9. Take A Chance On Me :So good I couldn’t put it down and read pretty much all of it in one sitting.

10. If You Have A Craving I Have A Cure: More of a cookbook than a reading book, but I still found myself highlighting some of the great wisdom in this book.
11. Tending Roses: I am so hooked on the family in this series (drenched in light above was book 4 in it). Is it bad that I can become so close to a book character?

12. Things Pondered: One of those books you put down and go…I want more!!!!

13. More or Less: One of  those books that will change the way you see the world.

14. Further Still: I love these more personal writings by Beth Moore (third one like this of hers I have read this year).
15. The Sea Glass Sisters: This book is a prelude to The Prayer Box. Having read The Prayer Box last year and still thinking about the characters for months after, I had to read the prelude. Loved it! Short read but a good one.

16. Tidewater Inn: A thrilling read with a touch of romance within its pages.

17. How to Make Money Blogging ebook by Crystal Paine: Available for free on Crystal’s site Money Saving Mom this is a great read for those wanting to get started with blogging.

18. Enough: Finding More While Living On Less: great reminder that if I have food, clothing and a roof over my head I have enough and I need to start sharing.

19. A Promise To Remember : Amazing testimony of the power of forgiveness. Had me weeping.

20. It Takes An Egg Timer: A Guide To Creating The Time For Your Life: How a traditional egg timer can help you focus.

21. How She Does It: Get a peak into how other families juggle childcare, work, and household responsibilities so that they can have their own version of “having it all”.

22. Inspiration to Pay off Debt: 30 Days Of Encouragement From The Queen Of Free: Need a confidence booster on your journey to becoming debt free? The Queen of Free delivers it for you in this book.

23. The Listener: What If You Could Hear What God Hears: Amazing short book that will have you questioning why you don’t try to talk more about Christ with others.

24. Longing (Bailey Flanigan series): I love all of Karen Kingsbury’s books based on the characters who reside in Bloomington Indiana.

25. Loving (Bailey Flanigan series: This one kept me up well past my bed time so I could make sure that it all ended well.

26. Rhinestone Jesus: Saying Yes To God, When Sparkly, Safe Faith Is No Longer Enough. An inspiring read of how one families actions can have a huge impact on the world.

27. Born To Win : by  Zig Ziglar . If you want to be motivated. If you want to believe you can. You need to read this book and when you feel once again like you feel you can’t read it again.

28. Plan To Be Flexible: Designing A Homeschooling Rhythm & Curriculum Plan That Works For Your Family . This book has some great ideas on how to homeschool by the rhythm or your days instead of the strict plans often found in boxed curriculum.

29. Run Like A Girl: Notes On Learning How To Run Funny and inspiring (warning does contain odd swear word)

30. Love Idol: Letting Go of Your Need for Approval and Seeing Yourself through God’s Eyes. Whose approval really matters most to you? It should be God’s.

31. Unstuff: Making Room In Your Life For What Really Matters.    A couple and their daughter move into a motor home for 90 days to free themselves from their belongings and figure out what they really need to survive in this world.

32. Good Hope Road A story of forgiveness, a story of moving beyond your past and embracing the future God has for you.

33. Becoming Myself: Embracing God’s Dream Of  You God’s forgiven you and it is time to move on, and live life anew.

34. Language of The Sycamores I stayed up way too late and cried and held my heart as it ended. In other words great book.

35. It Had To Be You   A love story involving a NHL hockey player and a small town gal. Can’t wait for the next one in the series.

36. The Choice I  thought I had this book figured out by the time I was just a few chapters in then the author turned it all upside down and that drew me further into the book.

37. Life With Lily Yes this is a kids book but I love the Adventures of Lily Lapp. Such wholesome childhood stories of growing up Amish.

38. A Life Of Miracles WOW God’s provisions are awesome.

39. Wish Warning carry tissues at all times if you read this book, and you should read this book.

40. The Search: The last of the Lancaster series novels by Suzanne Wood Fisher. I grew so close to the characters in this book I was sad to see it come to an end.

41. The Wholeheated Wife: Great reminder of the biblical principles behind a strong marriage.

42. When I Fall In Love: The book that inspired this post: Reach Out And Try

43. All Right Here: Wow, what an awesome title about what family truly is.

44. Happy Ever After: Forgiving yourself is sometimes the hardest thing.

45. How To Profit Without Selling Your Soul: Read this September of 2013 and it changed how I blogged and resulted in great blog growth. My plan is to reread it every year for motivation. This year it has updates that made it even more awesome than the first edition.

46. Tying the Knot (Deep Haven Series book 2):  I related the first book in this series better ” Happy Ever After”. Very light read.

47. The Brave: Conquering The Fears That Hold You Back Since I am studying the word “Fear” in the bible I jumped at the chance to read The Brave when I saw it free. It was okay, but not really note worthy. Sad because I really loved the authors other book “unstuffed”.

48. To Love, Honor, and Vacuum: I really enjoyed this book at first I was afraid it would be one of those books that talked all about making sure the house was spotless and dinner on the table before the hubby got home BUT IT WAS NOT THAT. It was full of great practical advice for modern Christian family life. How to work together to make sure the kids are cared for, the house is relatively clean, and there is food in the cupboards. Great book.

49. The Choice Is Yours. Life Happens. Walking With God Is A  Decision. Lots of wisdom in this book. Not one to read fast, more one to read a chapter of and then go for a run and think about what the book had to say. A really heart cleaner.

50. Keep The Happy In Your Holidays: 21 Ways To Save Time, Money And Your Sanity This Christmas Season.  This ebook took just one afternoon to read and was like going to coffee with a friend and coming away refreshed and full of great ideas. Cherie the ebooks author did an amazing job of taking what can be a dry topic, budgeting and saving money and making it fun and humorous.

51. Why Your Weirdness Is Wonderful: Embrace Your Quirks & Live Your Strengths I probably highlighted 1/4 of this book. So much good stuff, that really makes one think. If you have a quirk that you just can’t figure out why God would give it to you, this book might just be what you need to see it in a entirely different light.

52. On Becoming A Writer: What Every Blogger Needs to KnowI loved the personality the author added to what can sometimes be a dry subject. Great for a beginner writer.

53. Living Well, Spending Less: 12 Secrets Of The Good Life: My last read of 2014 and a good one too. If you are trying to figure out how to add passion to life, this is a good read to find direction and wisdom.

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