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I recently read the book “When I Fall In Love” by Susan May Warren  and within its pages the author used the words “reach out and try” several times,  and has the main character, Grace, do just that. Grace reaches out beyond her fears and truly puts her best effort into trying to reach for her dreams, and in the end she succeeds.

reach out and try

I pondered the book during one of my walks, asking myself “am I really reaching out and trying for my WOW goal that I set in the beginning of this year or am I allowing fear to keep me from giving it all I have.”

Honestly, I would say that I am about 70/30. Most days I reach for it, but then other days voices in my head attack me “what am I thinking I can’t do that”, “I am not talented enough”, and the classic, “I don’t have enough time”.

I was verbalizing similar feelings to my running partner a few weeks back and I cherish the words she told me “you won’t unless you believe you will”.

you won't unless you believe you will

Are You Believing You Will?

Are you giving your goals, your dreams, your passions, all you have to give? Or are you letting fear keep you living a life of watching others achieve them?

Take a few minutes this week to evaluate yourself?

Are you making time to work on your goals, dreams and passions a priority?

Are you being bold and stepping out of your comfort zone and mingling with people who could uplift you in your journey?

Are you saying yes to each and every step forward, or are you hesitant at new steps thinking, ” I can’t do this?” “I am not capable”.

Truth is, right now in this moment you aren’t capable but you never will be if you don’t step out of your comfort zone and start to grow. From failure comes the wisdom that breeds success.

From failure comes the wisdom that breeds success

May I encourage you (and me) to take one step out of your comfort zone this week and remember “you won’t unless you believe you will”.

Still believing those voices in your head that say you can’t? Read this encouraging story by Crystal Paine on how she finally worked up the courage to try something she figured she just couldn’t do and how when she stopped saying I can’t she did!
When I Fall In Love by Susan May Warren is a love story that not only warms the heart but leaves the reader pondering, are they really reaching out and trying as hard as they can to reach their potential. ( it with Swagbucks  earned gift cards using my bookworm plan)


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