Let’s Jump Right in Shall We


See that girl up there. The older one. Yeah that’s me. The younger one. That’s my daughter. Can you tell which one is a bit more anxious about the whole situation? Can you tell who chose the low diving board? Who jumps with her body closed tight? While her daughter chooses the high dive board, and jumps with her body in full relaxation mode.

Yep that’s me. Life has been hard and over the years I have become more cautious, less open to trying new things. I have become that lady, who when they show up at the bank on a Monday instead of a Friday, the teller inquires ” I missed you on your regular day. Have you been ill?”. I am that lady, who can, go into a fast food restaurant and before I hit the counter the cashier will start punching in my order.

But lately, I have been hearing God speaking. He is asking, me to stop being FEARFUL. Which at first surprised me. “God, I am not fearful” I would reply ” I am just a routine type of gal”. And then, in those quiet moments of the day, I started thinking deeper on God’s request of me. Perhaps those routines are not just to keep my day organized, perhaps they are a safety net of sorts. Who am I kidding, its not perhaps, they are.

I have been bumped and bruised a lot in life (haven’t we all in one way or another). Routines are my shell they are what keeps me from letting those bruises penetrate my heart.

So I have started taking steps to break out of my “routine” shell. To live life according to the circumstances of the day and not my routine. Sure sometimes I am just inching forward; but progress is progress.

Which caused me to realize that I can apply that inch by inch principle to all areas of my life, and so can you readers.

Wanna join me? Together we can transform at a snails pace, inch by inch getting closer to our goals in all areas of our daily lives.





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  1. Yeah! am I the only one that can see this box now! Loving it! after 3 hours of punching buttons reading unhelpful “help” blogs! Praise the LORD! cause I don’t know what I did to get this to work but HE does

  2. Jack Huizinga says:

    Awesome blot,looking forward to reading it every day.

  3. Hello – I beginning a new blog myself (it is not live yet but I hope to be getting there!), and I wanted to say I love your layout! Very simple and easy to read. I couldn’t find an email address to write you directly and so I am hoping you can write me back to let me know – how/where did you create your header? Looks great! Also, what theme did you use in WordPress? Great job and I hope to hear back from you!

    • Hi Julie, Thanks so much for the compliment. I haven’t made a contact page yet (got to work on that). I have a fabulous friend who did my header for me. She is a photographer who also loves to photo shop and do digital scrap booking. I just gave her the dimensions the theme suggested, and a few ideas of what I saw in my head and she ran with it. I LOVE THE RESULT. I am using the current default theme in word press I believe its called twenty-eleven. I am still learning day by day.

  4. Am I ever behind! I just read your blog backwards from Jan 25th to this one, your first blog post. Love it! I especially look forward to your home schooling posts and frugality posts. I will be a better commenter! Love Mel.


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