Don’t Reinvent The Wheel Tweak It


I was listening to a podcast this week when the podcaster made a statement that I think we have all heard a time or two “don’t reinvent the wheel”.

I understand that this is classic tip to get more done efficiently, but I  don’t think it is always 100% true.

Don't reinvent the wheel tweak it

Sometimes the wheel needs an update

I think that although the wheel doesn’t need reinventing it does need consistent tweaking.

For instance my clipboard planner  system wasn’t working for me as well as it once did, but instead of pitching the whole system I simply  made a few minor changes and now it is working great.

Is there some area of your life that feels like it just isn’t working right? Perhaps you are following a cleaning routine that worked great at first but now isn’t or a workout routine that was once excited but now is boring.

I want to encourage you this week to pick up a notebook and a pen and write down 1 to 2 routines in your daily life that you feel are not working as great for you as they once were. Also write down one passion you want to make time for in your day but your current day to day routines don’t seem to allow time for.

Just this week I attacked the same assignment I am giving you. I was trying to exercise (a passion of mine)  at the same time I had been all summer but my children’s schedules have changed and I found myself rushing my workouts or missing them all together. I sat down with my calendar and a pen and reworked my workout times to fit better around the times my family needs me most. I also changed my workout routines to fit the time I had available better. IT WORKED. I managed to workout 5 times last week instead of the 3 to 4 I was averaging that last few weeks.

If you are struggling to meet your goals, don’t give up on them, instead tweak your routine, and when that routine doesn’t work do it again. In my current season of life I feel like I change routines with the season and you might have to change yours more often that that.

Do NOT reinvent  your routine wheel , just tweak it, and watch those goals and To Do Lists get completed one inch at a time.

Looking for time management tips? Follow the Goal Setting & Time Management Community board on Pinterest.

time management tips

Need a bit of help “tweaking the wheel” check out  the series 31 Time Saving Tips For Homeschooling Work At Home Mom. If I could go back and rename this series I would call it Making Room For Your Passions In Your Every Day. It applies to all moms whether you want to make time for a work at home job or time to exercise, read, or whatever passion you want to pursue.

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