Christmas Swagbucks Earning Plans


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Swagbucks is one of the most flexible point earning programs I know of. You can put in several hours a week and earn up to $75 or more a month in gift cards or you can put in just a few minutes a day and still earn $10 in gift cards a month.

I also love all the choices of gift cards. There are so many different stores to choose from in the rewards store that you are bound to find one for a store you normally shop or a restaurant you normally eat at.

To show you the flexibility of Swagbucks earnings, today I am going to give you 3 point earning plans that will earn you $10, $25 or $50 to help with your Christmas shopping, using entirely different point earning options in 30 days of continual work. You could also mix and match the programs to suit you better, picking just what you like, or do them all and walk away with $85 in gift cards 30 days from the day you start. (please note you can only cash in for 2 gift cards of one type per day, and it takes sometimes up to 2 weeks or more for gift card codes to arrive so plan accordingly  if you want to use your earnings to purchase gifts) 

How to fill a Christmas stocking using SwagBucks

The $10 Stocking Stuffer Plan: Using Mainly Simple Daily Task Point Options

In our thrifty home we set a budget of $10 per Christmas stocking and get very creative to make it work. To earn your $10 to fill a stocking here is what you need to do daily for 30 days. (psst…I would cash my $10 in for Target  gift cards so I could use their dollar spot to help fill my thrifty stocking)

1. Daily Poll: Found on your Swagbucks homepage at side of screen

1 Swag Buck per day = 30

2. NOSO: Found on your Swagbucks homepage at side of screen

2 Swag Bucks per day = 60

3. Daily Crave: Found on your Swagbucks homepage at side of screen

1 Swag Buck per day =30

4. Use the Swagbucks toolbar at least once per day: Download the toolbar found under Discover tab/ extensions

1 Swag Buck per day = 30

*5. Read & Discover: found on Swagbucks homepage  under Discover tab/Read

30 Swag Bucks in a month

*6. Do  all your daily web searches through Swagbucks homepage or toolbar and win random Swagbucks:

150 Swag Bucks on average per week =600

7. Radio Royalty: Found on Swagbucks homepage under Discover tab/ Special offers/ Radio Loyality

Listen to 1 hr and a half daily = 6 Swag Bucks = 180

*9. Special Offers: Found on Swagbucks homepage under Discover tab/ Special offers

Do 40 points worth in 30 days = 40 points

Total Points in 30 Days: 1000 or $10 in gift cards

Those activities with a * in front of them are averages based on what I myself have earned in past months. If you earn less you may have to listen to Radio Loyality more or complete more special offers to make the points equal to the 1000 you need for a $10 gift card.

How to use Swagbucks to pay for $25 worth of Christmas gifts

$25 Small Gift Plan: For App Lovers (no need to jump on the laptop to earn)

Did you know that Swagbucks now has 5 apps for earning points and 2 more are coming soon. I made this plan using just the video driven apps that play continuously, although you do need to check on them every now and again as they do pause from time to time.

If you have an older tablet or iPod that you don’t use as often, the apps may still work on them (they do on my 4th generation iPod) that way you will still have your smart phone available for other tasks.

Remember these plans are suggestions. I know some people won’t want to play this many videos in one day, and that is okay, add in some activities from the other plans and you will still make $25 in gift card earnings a month that is the beauty of Swagbucks it is  flexible.

1. Swagbucks TV App

36 Swag Bucks daily =1080

2. EntertainNow App

18 Swag Bucks daily = 540

3. Sportly.TV App

18 Swag Bucks daily = 540

4. Lifestylz App

18 Swag Bucks daily = 540

Total points in 30 days = 2700 (you need 2500 Swag Bucks for $25 in gift cards so this gives you 200 point wiggle room in case apps are buggy one day)

How to use Swagbucks to pay for $50 worth of Christmas presents

$50 Big Gift Plan: The Laptop Video Lovers Plan + Bing Rewards

Yes this plan is video crazy but once again these plans show you how there are as many ways to earn Swagbucks as there are personality types. The beauty is you can make a Swagbucks earning goal and pick what point earning actions you want to meet your goal every month.

1. Watch Swagbucks TV on your laptop: Found on Swagbucks homepage under watch

150 Swagbucks each day = 4500

2. Sign up for Bing rewards and everytime you reach 475 points get a Swagbucks  Swagcode card

500 Swagcode once a month = 500

Total points in 30 days = 5000 Swag Bucks enough for $50 in gift cards

How to use Swagbucks to pay for $85 worth of Christmas presents

Work all three plans together and earn $85 for Christmas shopping

$10 Stocking plan: Daily tasks driven plan

$25 Small gift app lovers plan

$50 Big gift video lovers + Bing Rewards plan

Total: 8700 Swag Bucks enough for $85 in gift cards with a bit of wiggle room

24 ways to earn swag bucks to help pay for Christmas


 9 More Ways To Earn Gift Cards With Swagbucks

I didn’t include the ways to earn Swagbucks below in any of my plans just because they are hard to estimate earnings from them over a 30 day time frame, however they are still great ways to earn, and will help you to either earn more than the plans per month or you can swap out some actions above and add others in and still meet your monthly goal. These 9 ways below plus all the ways above give you 24 different ways to earn Swag Bucks. I can’t think of another point reward programs that gives you that amount of flexibility to earn.

1. Shop & Earn: Found on Swagbucks homepage under Shop tab

Points vary from store to store (takes up to 30 days for points to be added to account)

2. Print and Use Coupons: Found on Swagbucks homepage under Discover tab/ coupons

Get 10 points for every coupon you print and redeem (take a while for points to appear in account )

3. Buy your daily deals through Swagbucks: Found on Swagbucks homepage under Shop tab

Points vary and again it takes a while for the points to be added to your account

4. Fill out Surveys: Found on Swagbucks homepage under Answer tab/ Paid Surveys

These can be time consuming but can easily be filled out while watching TV and winding down for the day.

5. Complete Tasks: Found on Swagbucks homepage under Answer tab/ Tasks

Points vary as does the amount of time each tasks take.

6. Swagcodes: Enter them on the Swagbucks homepage by hovering over the Swag Code symbol

Find Swagcodes by following Swagbucks on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also find them on the Swag Blog. I find at least a few each month. Very simple way to add a few points to your account here and there.

7. Encrave: Found on the Swagbucks homepage under the Discover tab/ Encrave

Another video section of Swagbucks found on homepage of Swagbucks. Here is a tip from a reader do the ones with green circles as they keep running on their own until the cycle is done.

8. Play Games: Found on the Swagbucks homepage by clicking the Play tab

I haven’t used this area of Swagbucks but from what I understand you win Swagbucks randomly as you play, and you can also win more by winning tournaments.

9. Refer Friends

Once you have tried Swagbucks for a while and decided you love it, share it with your friends and earn 10% of their Swagbuck earnings for life.

As you can see the ways to combine point earning options to meet your Swagbucks gift card goals are endless.

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  1. Thanks for the tip on the and I have been using the mobile swag and the entertain now app and was wondering why the had dropped in points. Now I know why. 🙂

  2. I need to get back into the habit of doing Swagbucks! I just do the search function, but every little bit adds up.

    • That is again what I love about Swagbucks, even if all you do is use the search function, you will still earn a $5 gift card every few weeks if you are an avid searcher. I win all the time because I let Swagbucks be my dictionary I enter define ……. into search bar and find out why I can’t see make the red line disappear on a word in the editing section of my blog. I then click on the dictionary site listed and the word is magically spelt right at the top of the tab so I can view it and correct it in the other tab.

  3. This is a really awesome breakdown. I used to have the swagbucks toolbar installed and used it all the time, but I didn’t love the search results as much as like google or bing. And I had signed up bing rewards, claimed my first one, and never actually received it. But, you make it seem really doable, especially for those who really need those extra $$ for the holidays!

    • The Bing rewards help center is great at answering questions and depending on how long ago your problem was could get you a new gift card code. Once on accident I deleted a code I had yet to use, and Bing sent another one to me within 48 hours of my request. Yes, I have heard many people like Bing or Google search bars better, which is why I love the variety of ways to earn at Swagbucks. You can still rake in a good amount of Swag Bucks each and every month without using the tool bar.

  4. I’ve been using Swagbucks for a couple years now. I used to spend a lot of time doing surveys, games, etc., but came to realize that I was wasting a lot of time online, so I pretty much stopped doing anything more than the Tool Bar, Daily Poll, NOSO, and Searches everyday. I compare the Shop & Earn offers to Ebates when doing online shopping, and of course always try to catch the swagbucks codes when they are active, but I wasn’t aware of a couple of the passive earning opportunities you mentioned (like the radio!) – Thanks for sharing!

  5. I buy gifts with my swagbucks on amazon.

  6. You can get 10 points a day playing games. You get 2 points for every other game you play for free (I’ve never done the tournaments). Swag Jump and Swagasaurus Run can be played in a matter of seconds. My kids like to play them, so a lot of days I have them do the games for me. 🙂

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