Simple To Knit Fingerless Gloves


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People surprise me all the time when they call me a talented knitter. I know only 2 stitches knit and purl. I also cannot read a pattern.  Yes you read that right, I cannot read a knitting pattern to save my life! All the knitting I can do I have either been shown or I have made up my own pattern simply by looking at something I have liked and creating it by trial and error.

Simple to knit fingerless gloves Great project for a beginner knitter

Which is exactly how these fingerless gloves were created. I knew someone with a pair and she let me stare at them and tug and pull at them until I was fairly certain I could create something close to them.
Simple Fingerless Gloves

These gloves take one ball of heavy weight thick yarn. I took pictures of 2 different types of yarn I thought would do while out shopping one day .


wool-ease-thick and quick If you like a touch of wool for warmth  Wool-Ease Thick and Quick is a great option. It is $7.99 a ball at Jo-Ann’s but you can reduce that price by 40 to 50 percent using coupons or watching sales. Making each pair of gloves $3.99  to $4.79  a pair.


If having wool in your gloves is not important this Hometown USA yarn also by Lion Brand is just slightly less thick, and a lot less money at $3.27 a ball at Walmart. I picked up this color for my daughter.

fingerless glove yarn

I have made two pairs with this yarn which I got on clearance at after Christmas sales. It is very thick and knits up fast.

I am a pretty fast knitter and managed to make the gloves in one evening and stitch them up in a second evening. I feel safe saying a confident knitter could make these fingerless gloves in less than 4 hours.

casting on fingerless gloves

I first cast on 18 stitches on my size 8 bamboo needles. I left a good size 3 inch tail at the beginning.

(Every knitter must try bamboo needles, trust me once you try them you will never go back to metal or plastic)

measuring width of fingerless gloves

Once I had knitted about one inch up I measured the glove across the bottom so that you could gauge your tension with mine. Your piece should be roughly 8 inches wide, if it is not you can do a few things to correct it. First you will have to take out all your stitches and start over (sorry). If your piece was too narrow try going up a needle size or casting on a few more stitches. If it was too wide try smaller needles or cast on less stitches. Play around with this as many times as necessary and when you get it to the right thickness make a note of how many stitches you cast on and what needles you used for next time.  I keep a blank journal in my knitting bag just for this purpose.

time to cast off

Keep knitting until you reach 8 inches in length which for me was 40 rows (make sure to make a note of how many rows it took you). At this point go ahead and cast off.  Again leave a good size 3 inch tail before cutting the yarn when you are done. You should end up with a perfect 8 inch by 8 inch square.

knitting ends together

To stitch up the side seams you are going to need a large yarn darning needle ( the official name is a Yarn Large Eye Blunt Needle)

knitting up under thumb

The wrist to thumb seam should be 4 inches in length.

knitting up over thumb

The top to thumb seam should be two inches in length

how to knit a seam

I don’t know if I do this correctly but it works. I stitch hump to hump to make my seams.

tying of the ends of fingerless gloves

Make sure to leave 3 to 4 inches of yarn after you knot off each seam.

weaving in ends fingerless gloves

I weave these ends into the insides of the gloves before I cut them off so that they remain invisible. If the ends should come out when you wash them you can either re-weave them in or if you don’t mind the look of a lumpy knot you could just the yarn about 1/4 of an inch from the knot giving it room for unraveling (weaving is neater though).

simple to knit fingerless Gloves

Here is what the finished product will look like.

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Simple To Knit Fingerless Gloves
  • One ball of thick weight yarn
  • size 8 or 9 needles
  • yarn darning needle
  1. cast on 18 stitches (leave 3 inch tail)
  2. when you are 4 or 6 rows in check and make sure it measures 8 inches in width if not adjust pattern to suit your tension (see notes in post)
  3. knit until you have 8 inches in length ( approx. 40 rows)
  4. cast off (leave 3 inch tail)
  5. fold square in half (width wise so rows are going across hand)
  6. sew up 4 inches from the bottom and then stop
  7. sew down 2 inches from top and stop
  8. weave in ends and trim
  9. (see pictures in post to help guide you along the way)



  1. As a fellow knitter, I Love that you showed this pattern picture by picture!

    • Victoria says:

      Thanks. I am a very visual learner, so as far as learning a new patter goes the more pictures the better.

  2. Thank you for this very easy explanation, and for all the pictures! I will have to make some of these myself. I love fingerless gloves. We live in Vermont and it is still very cold here for at least another month or two.

  3. Oh I like these, I love that you can make things without a pattern 🙂 pretty much if you can knit and pearl you can doi anything 🙂

  4. oh, wow! i’m so so excited to try these- my hands get SUPER cold this time of year and it’s almost impossible to do much when i have gloves on. Thanks so much for sharing- you are my kind of knitter and i think i can do this!! 🙂


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