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You may have seen the banners for the Make Over Your Mornings course at the bottom of some of my posts or read about it in last week’s newsletter {don’t get my weekly newsletter? sign up here}.

I have also sprinkled my Facebook feed this weekend with reminders of this great course and the great deal that is happening today and what you can do right now to make sure that the course is 100% for you.

However just in case you didn’t know… currently you can grab the first day of Make Over Your Mornings for free.

One day of the course for free might not seem like that big of a deal, but what makes it a big deal is what is happening today  Tuesday August 25th …. Make Over Your Mornings is  on sale for $10. That is a $7 savings!

For just $10 you will get the 14 day video driven course Make Over Your Mornings that also comes with a downloadable workbook for your to fill out each day.

I know, I know….”but I don’t have time for one more thing! Even if it is just 15 minutes”. If that is you I want you to know this course will pay you back for those 15 minutes a day spent (210 minutes in all or 3.5 hours for the duration of entire course} in tenfold.

In it you will learn how to organize your day so that you can finally get beyond surviving and on to thriving.

If you still are not sure if the course is for you well then you are exactly the person who wants to click over and try out Day One for FREE. (click through scroll to bottom of sale page to find the free day sign up)

When you sign up you will be able to watch the Day One Video and read the Day One Workbook pages.

That will allow you to decide if you want to take advantage of today’s sale or not.

I always say a key component to a truly thrifty purchase is research. This free day provides you with great research.

 Go grab your free first day preview!

Doing this for 14 days will boost your productivity and leave you with margine in your day

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4 Fun Family Friendly Card Games To Bring On Your Next Vacation


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My daughter loves playing both board and card games and I do try my best to make time to have a game night with her at least once a month, if not more.

Now that I am 13+ years into parenting a child with a love of such games I have discovered something, I have way more time to speak love to her in this way when we are on vacation than when we are living our daily life at home.

4 fun family friendly portable card games to bring on your next vacation

Vacations {especially camping vacations} work well for endless hours of game playing, yet in the day to day those hours get swallowed up and game night is a quick 3 rounds of Sorry played once a month.

But, have you ever tried to put a Sorry board in your carry-on? Or tried to make room for just a few board games in the already stuffed cargo space of your vehicle? Yeah…it doesn’t work well.

However, card games are small and compact and slipping one or two–or perhaps even 3–in your luggage isn’t such a big ordeal.

4 Fun Family Friendly Portable Card Games To Bring On Your Next Vacation

1. Blink

This game should really be named Don’t Blink because if you blink in Blink you are going to lose. This is a fast paced yet simple game for ages 7 and up. It is a 2 player only game. It is extremely quick, my daughter and I can play several rounds in just 30 minutes. It is a matching game where you have to match either shape, color or number.

2. Slam

If you are a scrabble fan, then you are going to love Slam. In Slam you start a round by creating a 4 letter word with cards (um…obviously not THAT kind of 4 letter word–this is a family game!) then you divided the remaining cards between those playing and the fun begins. You can change one letter of the word to make it into another word but act fast because someone else might change it before you do. This is a fast paced game until the end when people begin to run out of cards. The first to get rid of their cards wins.

My favorite part about this game is that the kids are practicing spelling and don’t even realize it. Since you do need to use simple words for this game I would recommend it for children who can manage simple words  and older children.

3. UNO

UNO can be finished quick or it can take forever depending on whose rules you play it by. Whichever rules you go by, UNO is always fun.

UNO is for children ages 7 and up and can be played with many players. Our family loves playing with a double deck. It takes longer that way but is so much fun.

4. Spot It

This game is recommended for ages 3 and up, so if you have preschoolers this is the game for you. The Spot it tin includes a list of instructions for 5 different ways to play the game so it never gets boring. It is essentially a fun game of matching that can be played in multiple ways. We have the original Spot it, but there are many different versions.

And a honorable mention…

This last game I am going to mention is not a card game but a dice game, yet it is oh-so-fun and still very portable and extremely family friendly, so I have to mention Tenzi.  My family bought the party pack that allows 7 people to play at once, but there is a smaller more travel friendly 4 player pack.

There are multiple ways to play Tenzi included in the package but if you get bored with those, you can buy the ’77 ways to play Tenzi’ card pack which is small and very portable.

What fun, family friendly card games would you add to my list?

Psst…these games are all available on Amazon. Did you know you can earn e-gift cards to Amazon from Swagbucks for doing things you already do online? I have some readers earning as much as $100 in gift cards each month from Swagbucks.

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10 Ways Thrifty Families Eat Out For Less


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In an average week my family eats out once and it usually costs around $20 to $25 for all five of us.

10 Ways Thrifty Families Eat Out For LessMost places we eat have a drive thru window attached. Perhaps once a season we splurge on a dinner out where the servers come to us and the food is served on real plates.

Whether the establishment be fast food or sit down, we have discovered a few tips to keep our cost of eating out as low as possible.

10 Ways Thrifty People Eat Out For Less

1. Dollar menus

A regular eat out dinner night for us is five $1 menu burgers with 3 large fries to share; we bring it home to eat together around the dinner table.

2. Waters in or pop at home

Pop isn’t a daily occurrence at our house, but I do pick up 2 liter bottles when they go on sale for $1 each for our takeout night. If  we are eating at the restaurant then generally we get pops with our meal if its fast food. If it is a sit down place where soda is $2 or more each, our family gets water.

3.  Restaurant Email Lists

Most restaurants have websites and on them you will find an area to sign up for their email list. I have found that signing up for our favorite restaurants’ email lists has always been worth it as they tend to send out great coupons on a regular basis.

Don’t forget about the free birthday food clubs too! Those make celebrating the birthday person on their big day a lot easier on the wallet.

4. Share entrees

My husband and I share the fajita platter at our favorite Mexican restaurant almost every time we go there for a date. It is the single platter but even with the two of us eating it together we still bring leftovers home {this might have something to do with the amazing chips and salsa we chow down on when we first arrive}.

Many restaurants serve huge entrees that can easily be shared and the servers never seem to mind bringing out an extra plate {reminder: don’t be cheap, be thrifty; if you shared an entree you still tip like you both ate an entree}.

5. Discount gift cards

If your family eats regularly at a larger chain restaurant you should consider checking Cardpool for a discounted gift card.

For instance, when I wrote this piece Cardpool had Applebee’s gift cards for 21% off–meaning a $25 gift cost just $19.75, saving you $4.25 on your meal before you even step inside the door.

They also carry cards for Chili’s, Cracker Barrel, Olive Garden, Domino’s, and Panera Bread. What gift cards they have and how big the discount is varies, so check often to get the best money saving benefit from Cardpool.

6. Point earned gift cards

Even better for the wallet than a discounted gift card is a gift card earned by doing things you already do online anyways. Various point programs will give you points for searching online, shopping, or doing other online activities through their platforms.

Some of my favorites are…

7. Become an expert at knowing where the best specials of the day are

My family knows that the least expensive night to order pizza from our favorite pizza joint is Monday or Tuesday when they run a great one topping deal. We also know if we are in the mood for shakes we should do it during 2pm to 4 pm when we can get them half price. If we are craving burritos the craving has to wait for Mondays when they are $5 at our favorite burrito bar.

When my children were little we paid more attention to when the “kid’s eat free” days were, but those days are over for us. However, if you still have little ones you might want to check out this listing of where and when your kids can eat for free.

8. Become a junk mail lover

Every month our mailman delivers a giant wad of advertisements to our mailbox. Most of it is just junk, but usually there are 2 or 3 sheets of coupons for our favorite fast food restaurants, making it worth my time to sift through the pile before it hits the recycle bin.

We have also found coupons for locally owned restaurants in a small, free magazine delivered to our door that also looks like junk, but its pages contain great deals if you search them.

9. Follow websites that share restaurant deals

Money Saving Mom shares great restaurant deals that our family has taken advantage of from time to time. Another site I found recently that has a huge restaurant coupon area is Fat Wallet. Fat Wallet is more than just a coupon site, you can also earn cash back through shopping at your favorite stores through them.

10. Use daily deal site deals

Groupon for months ran a deal for half price meals on our favorite locally owned BBQ joint. My husband and I bought as many of the deal as we could…who can say no to half price date night?

Our family has also used Living Social to grab great restaurant deals a few times.

How does your thrifty family eat out for less?

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