3 Survey Companies That Really Pay


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If you have tried out various survey companies, you may have been frustrated by those that promise “big returns,” yet seem to have “big cash out thresholds” that can take you forever to reach–not to mention the time you spend filling out endless screening questions that often lead to you being tossed out of the system with no payouts for your time.

Tired of working forever to earn a cash out through a survey company? You need to try these 3 survey companies with low cash out thresholds and more ways to earn points.

I have tested out numerous survey companies; first as a mom of little ones wanting to earn something from home in the little cracks of time between the children’s needs and now as a blogger wanting to help my readers earn money from home.

What I have found out is that in the sea off unfruitful survey companies there are a handful of  fruitful survey companies. Sure these companies are not going to make you rich, but you will at least be able to hit their low cash out thresholds in a timely manner and earn at least a free fancy Starbucks coffee or perhaps even a dinner out for two each and every month depending on how often and how much time you spend filling out surveys at these companies.

First I want to share what I look for in a good survey company:

  • good recent reviews over at Survey Police
  • a good review from a reader or friend
  • low cash out thresholds
  • more ways to earn points than filling out surveys
  • quick ways to earn a few points on a regular basis
  • payments delivered within a reasonable time frame and several choices for cash outs

These three companies below have most if not all of these qualities.

3 Survey Companies That Really Pay

9 ways to earn gift cards with PrizeRebel.


PrizeRebel offers 8 other ways to earn gift cards beyond filling out surveys. It has cash outs available at as low as 200 points for a $2 Amazon gift card. The speed of delivery of your reward depends on what level on their member chart you currently are at, but once you reach silver level they are delivered almost instantly.

Use my referral link to sign up for PrizeRebel | Snail Pace Transformations

How to Earn Gift Cards with MintVineMintVine

MintVine offers several other ways to earn points besides surveys, but surveys are where the biggest point payoffs are. Each day you can earn 5 points simply by taking a few seconds to participate in their daily poll. Cash outs begin at $10 and there are a variety of different gift card options. You can also request a deposit into your Paypal account.

In MintVine’s survey area you will find a box beside each survey that tells you how long each survey should take. I have tested this feature out and found it to be accurate. You are also often given a few points for filling out the qualifying questions for a survey you didn’t get into.

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PaidViewpoint Survey Taking Simplified


If you really don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to surveys but you don’t mind answering a few questions in exchange for a gift card now and again, PaidViewpoint is for you. In general their surveys take less than 5 minutes to fill out and you get paid for each and every one. The longest survey I have been a part of was probably right around the 15 minute mark and I did earn more for it than the short ones.

The cash out threshold for PaidViewpoint is $15 and you can currently get it in the form of a Paypal deposit, Amazon gift card code or a Walmart gift card.

Use my referral link to sign up for PaidViewpoint | Snail Pace Transformations

If you want to dive deeper into the world of online surveys, a few other programs you might want to try out include:

  • Mypoints–the simple click thru emails at 5 points apiece are a great way to earn points beyond survey taking.
  • InstaGC–You can cash out as soon as you get 100 points for a $1 Amazon gift card code and receive it instantly.
  • Swagbucks–Swagbucks is so much more than a survey company with over 2o ways to earn points. I have some readers earning as much as $100 a month just by maximizing their Swagbucks account.

For even more companies check out my list of 18+ point reward programs.

How to earn $100 in gift cards every month--Without Spending all day on the ComputerHow To Earn $100 in Gift Cards Each Month










3 Things I am LOVING Lately: July 13


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3 Things I Am Loving Lately What about you

Summer is flying right now! Could someone please hit the slow mode button on life so I could sit on my front porch swing just a little bit longer and squeeze in a few more summer reads. Speaking of summer reads I read this book in just two sittings and OH my did it captivate me. This is not my usual genre of choice but once I got into it I couldn’t put it down.

my outdoor office

First Thing I am LOVING Lately…

my outdoor office

In summer time I spend most mornings and early evenings working on my front porch ( I hide inside in the heat of the day). Two simple accessories help make this happen, my laptop desk and a simple folding table.

I love enjoying the fresh air, and the sounds of the birds singing while I work.

thrifty and thriving eBook

Second Thing I am LOVING Lately….

my eBook is one step closer to completion

In case you thought I had given up on my eBook–I want to let you know I haven’t. Summer just hit and that is a busy mom season for me. Friday I printed out a paper copy of Thrifty & Thriving and plan to read through it very soon to do the last round of suggested edits before resubmitting it to my content editor.

latest color

Third Thing I am LOVING Lately

A relaxing combination or coloring and listening.

Lately about once or twice a week I spend an hour or so listening to an audio book for free through hoopla (works with your local library card) while coloring.

This just might be the most relaxing time in my entire week. Right now I am enjoying Daring Greatly.

Oh and if you are wondering how I get my colors so vibrant here are the felts I use.

You can also checkout ways to save money on the adult coloring craze here.

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3 Adults + 2 Teens in 300 Square Feet For 6 Months


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So it has been a while now since I shared our crazy change of goals for the year. You know, the one where we put off saving up to purchase another rental home so that we can take a 6 month RV trip with our 14, 16, and 20 year old?

3 adults plus 2 teens in 300 square feet--for 6 months.

I thought you might like an update on how the planning for the RV trip is going.

Our Savings

All though we are using the last of my inheritance from my father for the trip as well as the income from the rentals and this blog, we still need to pad our savings account just a bit more to be on the safe side for all the “what if’s”–and trust me, a trip this long has a lot of what ifs.

Right we are making headway on this goal by reselling items

In June we sold $4,256.40 worth of stuff out of our home. Granted, $3,500 of that was our jet skis, but over $700 of it was simply stuff!

We did this by following our own advice for holding a great yard sale, and selling at a secondhand homeschooler’s curriculum sale.

This month we plan to resell more items. Our goal is to hit another $1000 sold by the end of July.

Our Upcoming Test Drive

About a month before we came up with this crazy idea to take a 6 month RV trip as a family we booked a camping spot for a week  of camping up in Michigan.

We thought about cancelling the Michigan trip once we came up with the cross country plan, but then we decided it would be a good test drive of sorts.

We might find that we need to add more shelving in the cupboards of the RV, for instance, or that the mattresses are not going to cut it for 6 months of sleeping on them every night. I would rather find those things out now and then be able to come home and fix it before we leave instead of finding out during the long trip when we might not have tools and such available to easily take care of the problem.

Summer schooling

Our two high school aged kids had grand plans of finishing all their schooling for the year before we leave for the trip. Then all the fun of summer started rolling in. Youth camp with the church, pool parties, afternoon bike rides to the ice cream shop with friends, etc.

Now we are just hoping they finish their Time4learning subjects since they use wifi, which might not be as readily available on the road.

We will bring  their Teaching Textbook math and Apologia Science and the books they need for an elective with us.

Current Biggest Fears

I am a huge homebody and although I am looking forward to seeing more of the beauty of God’s creation, I am also a tad bit fearful of the whole trip from time to time.

What if…

What if…I have a major panic attack that just won’t stop and my husband (an RN) has to knock me out and ship me home–and they get to continue on having fun without me.

What if…my sensitive digestion issues (trying not to get too TMI on ya) get way out of control and I spend most of the trip in the bathroom or trying to go to the bathroom.

What if…we run low on money months before our intended end date, forcing us to camp in Walmart parking lots for free and eat a steady diet of hotdogs and beans–which would only make my said digestion problems worse.

What if…someone gets seriously ill or injured. We have this one child. Oh, we love him so–but he is kind of accident prone…and he is long overdue for one.

 Current Curiosities

I have always been curious in nature and this trip has me wondering about all sorts of possible outcomes.

Will living with less and in less cause me to crave my current stuff more or will I come home wanting to rid my home of even more than I already have?

What is going to happen to my husband? No–seriously! I am a bit worried; the man is used to working 40 to 60 hours a week or more. How will this much time off from work affect him?

Will we grow closer as a family? Or are we going to come home sick of each other?

How do 5 introverts find the space to refuel when they live in 300 square feet?

As the trip draws closer I plan to share more of our plans with you–but for now know we haven’t given up on our crazy plan and I am looking forward to sharing the adventure with you.

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