What Really Works On Mustard Stains

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Famous last words spoken between mother and child, “now remember honey be careful in your dress, it’s delicate”, “I will mommy” as she runs off to find her friends at a local church’s trunk or treat.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANormally Halloween costumes around our house are 75% off or more clearance finds, or yard sale finds, but this year we had been to Disney and I had surprised my daughter with a princess makeover complete with a Cinderella dress that soon had become my daughters favorite, and she found any excuse to wear it.  I hated for the magic to end with a huge stain.

Several hours later, we arrive home from the trunk or treat and my daughter was  wearing her coat and looking guilty, “mom I spilled mustard on my dress”. Me “how long ago” . Courtney “over an hour ago”.

I fly into action, dress off and immediately soaked in cold water.

Then I spent the next 2 hours reading and trying tips on mustard stain removal, here is what I tried and what I learned.

(Something you should know: I rinsed the dressed thoroughly between each and every step)

1. Original Dawn Dish Soap

Before doing anything I immediately got out my  Dawn Original Dish Soap and applied it to the stain. It did reduce the stain in color but it was still very visibly yellow.

2. Tide Vivid

I then placed the dress on a towel on the counter and poured Tide Vivid over the stain, and allowed it to soak for 10 minutes. When I rinsed it off, I did not see any visible difference in the stain.

3. White Vinegar

I found an article online that mentioned soaking the fabric in white vinegar for 10 minutes is suppose to help. I tried it and nothing happened.

By now child is crying, since she got this dress in Disney World, and loves it.  I am not being a super mommy, by soothing her, nope instead I am asking her over and over “why did you not tell me about this right when it happened?”

4. Rubbing Alcohol mixed with Dawn

I then try yet another online tip of mixing 1 tablespoon rubbing alcohol with 3 tablespoons dawn and allow it to sit on stain for 10 minutes.

Stain fades some but is still extremely visible.

5. Hydrogen Peroxide mixed with Dawn

I  begin searching my Pinterest boards for help, I stumble  on this pin and  give it a try. After letting the mixture of 2 tablespoons hydrogen peroxide mixed with 1 tablespoon Dawn sit on the dress 10 minutes, I finally see a fairly faded stain.

7. Soaking overnight in Super Washing Soda.

I take a moment off stain removal duty to hug my daughter and reassure her I still love her.  I tell her I am not angry about the stain but am disappointed by her deceitfulness of hiding it for an hour instead of confronting me right away.  She agrees that hiding it was not worth it, and hugs me back.

Make up time done, I  grab the box of Super washing soda and see clearly on the back, “gets out stubborn mustard stains”.

I followed the directions on the back of the box and soaked the dress overnight and by morning the stain is but a shadow of its former self. I then let it soak all day. I rinsed it out, and let it drip dry. When the dress dried, the stain was gone!

What I learned from this,

The best way to get out 1 hour old mustard stains out of delicate fabric is to first soak stain in cold water, then prepare a mix of hydrogen peroxide and Dawn and let it sit on the stain for 10 minutes, rinse clothing and place in a bath of super washing soda and allow to soak for up to 24 hours if needed.

Looking for more stain removal tips? Follow my How To Clean Tips board on Pinterest.

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  1. Isabelle says:

    Thank you so much for this post! My boyfriend got a large blot of mustard on his gray and white cotton tanktop (he washed out as much as he could immediately). About six hours after I also tried the dry detergent and spot remover method with not much visible difference. I used your hydrogen peroxide method and then I used an Oxi Clean mixture. I soaked for six hours and it totally got all remnants out! I was so happy about – thanks again 🙂

  2. A mustard dispenser in a hospital cafeteria malfunctioned and splattered mustard on my favorite white jacket. I tried applying Dawn when I got home, and as you stated, it did absolutely nothing. I found your post on Pinterest and decided to jump right to the end solution and soaked the jacket in Super Washing Soda and hot water overnight. I noticed when I put the jacket in the solution that the stains immediately turned red. When I took the jacket out of the solution, there was still one small red spot. After washing the jacket with my regular laundry detergent, even that one red spot is gone. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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