Whose First?



Whose FirstWhose first? I heard it said on the radio just today “Whose first in your life, your kids, or your husband?”.

When I am asked the question I can clearly say “my husband” but perhaps a better question is  “what is first?”

What is first?  the never ending marking pile or  baking those cookies I know are his favorite but are pain to bake? What is first? the never ending to do list or joining him on a trip to the hardware store just because he wants me too?

A kiss on the cheek a hug and a hello. A  flirting text here and there, an errand done without complaint. A snack and a note left out for his late evening homecoming all these things  remind him that not only is he first, but he is worthy of my time and affection above all things.

Relationship is first.

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  1. Relationship. So true. And I think reality is that sometimes even though are spouses truly are “first”, it doesn’t look that way because the little, short people can be so demanding. Especially when they are really short. I see yours are getting quite tall! haha. Thanks for linking up with WIP!

    • Yes I agree. With both points. Mine are tall now. Tallest one is over 6 feet, and the second child is rapidly catching up!

  2. What a great reminder. It is the little choices every day that say who or what is first…I pray God is my number one and husband is my number two. Glad to find you at LWW.

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