How To Earn Gift Cards Using MyPoints

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I have been a member of MyPoints for at least 10 years. It was the first online point program that I ever joined and my experience with it was (and continues to be) so positive that it caused me to go on and join many more similar programs.

You can use MyPoints to earn giftcards from things like shopping online, reading emails, filling out surveys and more.

My favorite way to earn with MyPoints are through the click through emails that they send to your inbox on an almost daily basis, each one is worth 5 points and it takes just a few seconds to click on the box, look at the site listed and then click out again. I opened a separate email box just for my point programs so I don’t have to worry about MyPoints emails and emails from all my other point programs burying my time sensitive emails from work, friends or other sources.

There are however a lot more ways to earn MyPoints  and I plan to cover them in just a moment but first here are a few more facts about MyPoints.

 MyPoints Pays in 3 different ways

1. Gift cards

Starting at 1600 points for $10 gift certificates to clothing stores, restaurants and more.

2. Pay Pal Deposit

There is a $25 PayPal gift card for 4550 points and a $50 PayPal gift card for 8950 points, making the larger card a slightly better per point value. Money is automatically put in your PayPal account when you pick these cards.

3. Visa Prepaid Cards

Spend your money anywhere you wish on whatever you want by cashing in your points for a visa prepaid card. MyPoints offers a $25 for 4600 points and a $50 card for 9000 points making the larger card a slightly better deal.

A few other things to know about MyPoints. Points do sometimes take a while to register, so even though it might say you have say 1650 points your account might only have say 1400 available to cash out. This is a bit frustrating but not uncommon with point programs.

Something that MyPoints currently offers that other point programs don’t , real physical gift cards. MyPoints has yet to switch over to gift card codes, which I like because then I can give the gift card  as a gift if I want.

How To Earn Points With MyPoints

1. Click through emails

MyPoints sends you emails to your inbox each week that can earn you 5 points for each one you click through. This is my favorite way to earn MyPoints because it is so simple and quick, but if you don’t like getting emails you can switch this option off, simply go to your account and scroll down the side to email subscriptions and remove the check mark from those types of emails you don’t want from MyPoints.

2. Website Search

This is another simple way to earn points with MyPoints. Go the the Mypoints home page and click on easy points and then click on Search and Earn and you will find 5 different ways to earn your monthly 100 point maximum  for web searches through MyPoints.  You get your 100 maximum by doing 41 or more searches through any of these 5 avenues. That is 10 searches per week.

3. Shop & Earn

I have earned a lot of MyPoints through their shop and earn area because after comparing cash back offers around the web MyPoints often has the highest ones for the stores I want to shop at. MyPoints also have 1,339 different places to shop currently in their cash back area.  To use the shop & earn function you can either head over to MyPoints and enter the store you want to shop at into the search bar at the top of their site and click “search MyPoints” or you can download the MyPoints tool bar found in the “search and earn” tab and MyPoints will instruct you how to shop through it.

This feature also includes many of my favorite daily deal sites like Groupon and Zulily, making  it a great way to double dip savings by getting a great daily deal and points for purchasing it through MyPoints.

4.  Grocery Coupons

MyPoints has a printable coupon area. When you print and use a coupon from it you get 10 points. If you use more 10 or more coupons per month you get a 25 point bonus.

5.  Registrations

You will find registrations under the Easy Points tab. From time to time MyPoints offers points when you register for certain programs.

6.  Surveys

Surveys are of course time consuming but they are another way of making more points. I generally don’t do them on a regular basis currently unless I notice I am really close to having enough points to redeem a card, then on an evening when I am too tired to do much else than watch TV, I will grab my laptop and snuggle up beside my hubby and do a few surveys while watching TV together.

7. Refer A Friend

MyPoints referral system is not as user friendly as other point programs. MyPoints doesn’t give you a referral link that you can share, instead it only offers you the ability to share only through email or through your personal Facebook page. However, if you do spread the word and a friend signs up you get 10% of their earnings for as long as they hold their account. You also get 1750 points if they use the shop and earn function to place a $20 order (not including shipping taxes or video games bought on Amazon)  in the first 30 days and they get a 750 point bonus too.

Using these 7 ways to earn points it is possible to earn a few gift cards from MyPoints per year. No MyPoints won’t make you rich but when you do point earning chores at several point programs you will start to see a nice combined monthly return.

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