Step by Step Grocery Shopping With A Thrifty Person

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Grocery shopping for a thrifty person begins before the grocery store and ends well beyond it. In fact the actually “in the store purchasing part” is the quickest part.

step by step grocery shopping with a thrifty person

 Step by Step Grocery Shopping With A Thrifty Person


1.Grab a piece of paper and write down the words lunch and dinner and the numbers 1 to 7 under each one: I go into how I write my simple menu in more detail in this post, but essentially that is all it is 7 meal ideas for lunch and 7 for dinner.

2. Look in the cupboards and see what you have left and try to think of what meals you could make with it: For instance if you have tuna, mac and cheese, and half bag of frozen peas, you have the makings of a tuna casserole. Write tuna casserole down as a meal idea for dinner. Repeat this process until you run out of meals you can make with what you have on hand. Then start listing what you need to buy to fill out the menu. Perhaps you have spaghetti noodles and hamburger but need the sauce so that you can have a spaghetti dinner.

3. Now that you have the starting of a list and a menu go through the cupboards again: This time mark down what staples you are running low on like milk, butter, eggs and flour. You might be able to do this during step 2 but my brain can’t seem to think about meals and staples at the same time so I do it separately.

4. Find out what is on sale and add it to your list: With the list of what you need on hand it is time to see what is on sale. I visit websites of the stores I frequent and note if any items I need are on sale, I also note items that are on sale that we don’t need now but use all the time. This allows me to pick the items up at rock bottom prices.

5.  Fill up store cards with coupons: I do a lot of my shopping at Meijer and use their Mperks program to save more money than just shopping sales. I load my card before I leave for grocery shopping. The card is digital and accessed by punching in my number at the check out.

6. Check the coupon data base at Money Saving Mom for printable coupons: With my list of needs and sale items I plan to stock up on in hand I then cruise on over to the Money Saving Mom coupon data base and punch in my items to see if I can find any printable coupons for them.

7. Check to see if ibotta has any offers I can do: I just started recently using ibotta, and am still getting the hang of it but ibotta is already turning out to be a great way to earn cash back or gift cards for purchasing items already on my grocery list anyways. Just this week I saved .50 cents on milk.  (sign up through my link to the ibotta website and then download the app. and you will earn a $2 credit to kick start your cash back fun! The credit will appear after you redeem you first rebate. Please note you must redeem an offer within 10 days to receive your $2 credit )

8. Check to see if I have any coupons for what I am buying in my coupon collection. I have a very small coupon collection  made up of coupons I find in stores, emails, magazines, and other sources.   I gather  the ones I will be using that day with the ones  these with what I printed off that day from the coupon data base (point 4) and put the all in the front of my coupon organizer.

9. Break  list into 3 to 4 stores: I keep a price book and by doing this I know where it is cheapest to get items on my list. Shopping at 3 to 4 stores in my area works well because they are all on the same road and all within minutes of each other. Your town may not be set up like mine and you may prefer hitting a different store each week that has the best sales.

10. Scan the store for clearance items and unadvertised sales as you shop: This is the tip I use to shop for most of the meat my family eats. I look for mark down stickers and stock up and freeze it in meal friendly portions and then plan our future meals with what I bought this week.

11. Watch the screen as my items ring up: I estimate I save us at least a few dollars a month by watching the screen for errors as it scans and checking my receipt over quickly before I leave the store.  A few dollars might no seem like much to some but when added up over time it makes a significant difference.

12. Cut up fresh foods intended for snacks and place in area they will be seen an eaten: Once I get home and get the food away, I take the  time to cut up cheese blocks into bite size pieces, so it doesn’t get pushed into the back of the fridge to mold. I cut up fruits like cantalope, watermelon, and pineapple into bite size pieces so that the kids can help themselves to it before it perishes. By preparing our perishables right away for eating, I save money by reducing our food waste.

13. File away catalinas: Miejer prints out catilina coupons with most orders and I like to go through them and file those I will use and toss those I won’t once I am home.

Once every other month or so

14. Stock up on lower price items in other towns: Every other month or so I find myself in a larger center for some type of errand, while I am there I take the time to visit other sources of groceries not available to me in my small town. One place I visit is a bread discount store that saves my family close to $100 a year just in bread.

15. Hold an eat from the pantry week: Depending on what we have going on I might put off grocery shopping just one day but only plan 7 days worth of meals meaning I have to get creative the 8th day. If however, I have something happening once a week that has me going right by the grocery stores anyways, like I do currently, then I will try to have a basic food only week ever two months or so. Where all I buy is milk, and vegetables. This clears out our stock making sure nothing goes bad.

14. Make an online order: There are a few items I find cheaper on line than in store, so I stock up on these every few months. For instance I find that my endurance products for my marathon training is cheaper at Lucky Vitamin.

Once a year

11. Carry around price book for a month: at the beginning of each year I like to dig out my price book and spend some time noting if prices have changed since the last time I updated it and if those places that had the lowest prices on certain stables are still the ones with the lowest prices. I might find that peanut butter is now cheaper at an out of town store, or that butter is cheaper at the second store I shop at instead of the first. These things don’t change often so updating my book just once a year seems to work.

Random happenings

12. Look out for discounted gift cards and daily deals: There are a few items I buy at Trader Joes and Whole Foods So I routinely go to the Cardpool website to check for discounted gift cards once a week. These can save me as much as 10% off my purchase. I also find that daily deal sites like Groupon or Plum District will run various promotions for both online and real brick and mortar stores that I shop at from time to time.

Looking for money saving tips? Follow My Saving Money Tips board on Pinterest.

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 On A  Super Tight Budget

swagbucks image (200wide)If you are on a super tight budget you could benefit from spending just a few minutes each day doing daily activities at Swagbucks and Bing. I know from working it out on paper that you can easily earn up to $900 a year in gift cards to help with your grocery bills using these two point programs together. Bing Rewards can be converted to Swag Bucks and then you can cash in your Swag Bucks for Walmart or Target e-cards that you can use at your superstore center to pay for your groceries.  You could also convert your points to Paypal cards and use the money where ever you find the best deals on groceries.

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5 Easter Basket Fillers For Women For $5 or Less

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My husband says I am hard to buy for. I don’t think it is true, so this post is as much for my readers as it is for my husband. Here are 5 things that I would love to see in my Easter basket that cost $5 or less that I am sure other women would love to see in their Easter basket too. You don’t have to purchase all 5 but even if you do the total will still be less than $25.

5 easter basket fillers for women for five dollars or less

 5 Easter Basket Fillers For Women For $5 or Less

1. Gift Cards For  Favorite Beverages

Starbucks specialty coffees. Sweet tea from Chick-fil-la or McCalisters. Or perhaps your woman is more of a fountain pop (or soda) type gal.  A $5 gift card to where ever sells her favorite sipping pleasure, is a much appreciated gift.

2. Chocolate

Most moms will  agree with me when I say don’t get me the cheap dollar store bunny. I am a mom, I put up with strange unusual  punishment, like being asked the same question 100s of times in a row.  I deserve good chocolate for my troubles.  I love Green and Black organics dark chocolate, or Dove milk chocolate, or Cadbury fruit and nut. I could go on but 3 choices seems like enough.

Don’t know what the favorite chocolate of the woman in your life is? chances are their is a bar of it hidden somewhere in the cupboards or the bedroom or both. Either that or wrapper evidence.

3.  Kindle Books

Sure you might not know what book I am waiting to read next but if you give me a $5 Amazon gift card, I am thrifty and will be able to snag 1 if not 2 kindle titles with it to keep me in an alternate world where housework does not exist for hours.

4. A framed picture of loved ones

I know I am not alone on this one, women love framed photographs of loved ones, and nothing is more of a gift than not having to pick out the print, send it to the printers and frame it all by ourselves. Dollar stores sell inexpensive great looking frames. If the woman in your life is a mom of little ones, you can have them embellish the frame with their own personal touch for an even more heart warming gift.

5.  Flowers

A bunch of fresh cut flowers from Aldi are under $5. Sure they won’t fit in a basket but they can be put beside it. A blooming potted plant is a close second (or first with green thumb women who can keep it alive unlike brown thumb women like me).

Bonus tip: Inside the basket place a handwritten note from yourself that lists a few reasons why you love the woman the basket is for, chances are years from now you will still be able to find it tucked inside that folder she keeps in her dresser of notes from loved ones.

Looking for Easter ideas? Follow my Spring Time Board on Pinterest

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swagbucks image (200wide)Psst….you can pay for a lot of the things above using gift cards earned through Swagbucks . Here are 10 ways to maximize your Swagbucks earnings so that you can not only pay for and Easter gift, but one for Mother’s day, Her Birthday, Wedding Anniversary  and Christmas too!

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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words But The Person Tells The Story

Friday morning I was cruising Facebook when I stumbled upon a post by Rachel Martin of Finding Joy entitled “Cancer or not. When did making fun of each other become okay”. Having a mom who died of cancer that horrible life taking “C” word always grabs my attention and so I read on, and found it had to do with running and tutus and a well known magazine poking fun at a picture that they had obviously taken horribly out of context…..(the words  “die tumor die”on the runner’s race bib within the photo should been a clue that there was a bigger story here)

a picture is worth a thousand words but the person tells the storyBeyond the mistake, beyond the fact that we should use our words to lift up instead of tear down, I was reminded by the situation that all runners have a story behind why we run, but not everyone knows it.

Sure we say to others it is because we want to lose weight, or because we want to take better care of our health, but for most of us who run the reason goes deeper than that.

I have ran many races from 5K’s to full marathons, and being the visual person that I am I take the time to read the sayings and bible verses on everyone’s shirts as I am behind them. I take the time to look around me and see the outfits of other runners and I wonder….what is their story? Why that saying? Why that verse? Why that outfit?

Sometimes if we hold the same pace long enough I might ask the runner beside me “so what does that verse, that saying, that outfit mean to you?” and….oh…the….stories I have heard. One man, who was at least 60 was running 3 marathons, in the span of 3 months so he could raise money for orphans and  the verse on his shirt reminded him his pain was far less than theirs.

Two women with the words “just beat Oprah” on their backs were mom’s of little ones and the training for the marathon they were running was their little bit of girl time they carved out of their days, and it clearly showed that their time spent running together was creating a strong bond no storm of life was easily going to tear apart. (if you don’t know Oprah ran a marathon once, and so these girls wanted to beat her time).

A dad and daughter pair age 70+ and 40 something running side by side, the look of daddy and daughter pride beaming. Dad had talked the daughter into it.  (oh and that pair beat me! in a 26.2 mile race).

A husband and wife team, filling their new empty nest time with training for and running of marathons; their goal 1 marathon in each state.

I am sure that if you are a runner,  you have a story too, and so does that person running beside you, and the one in front of you, and the one behind you. In fact all the runners you meet have a story, no runner I have asked yet says, that saying, that verse, this outfit, means nothing, I run just for the heck of it.

Are you taking time to hear peoples stories behind the pictures of them you are seeing. Or are you making assumptions that are horribly wrong like the magazine writer did?

Let the lesson from this horrible media fumble be this a picture may be worth 1000 words, but only the person in that picture can take those words and tell you the real story.

me and courtney santa runMy current running story? I am in my motherhood glory as each child is embracing their inner runner. Above I am all decked out as a Santa complete with jingle bell tutu in support of my 11 year old daughter. I jingled all the way by her side for 3.1 miles as she completed her first 5K race.

What is your running story?

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Do you love the stories of runners? Then chances are you will like Mile Markers. It contains 26.1 stories that celebrate the relationships between woman who run together.

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How To Organize A Tiny Coupon Collection

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I use to have a larger coupon collection, but over the last year or so I have been using both less coupons and more electronic based coupons like Target Cartwheel and Ibotta, and the Meijer Mperks program.

As a result my coupon collection has shrunk to the point that I don’t need the larger coupon organization system I once used.

how to organize a tiny coupon collection

Up until last week I was just throwing them in a small pouch in my purse, but it was frustrating, as I had to go through the whole pile just to find the one coupon I wanted.

When I was decluttering the other day I stumbled upon this Vera Bradley wristlet that I got at a yard sale and  a thought came to me. The wristlet is long enough to fit envelopes, and tall enough for most coupons. It was also wide enough to fit an organization system of some sort.

So a few days later I went to work in transforming my wristlet that I wasn’t using into a coupon organizer I would use.

small coupon organizer step oneI got out our supply of envelopes from the cupboard and then cut one down to size. I wanted it it fit comfortable within the wrislet so that I could still zip it up with ease.

fitting envelopes in small coupon organizerI used a pair of scissors to cut out the first one but once I had a template made I got out the …..

cutting envelopes for small coupon organizersmall paper cutter which made cutting the envelopes go quickly and accurately (I don’t cut straight without the aid of a  paper cutter :) )

completed tiny coupon organizerWhen I was done I had a dividers for my tiny coupon organizer.

wristlet to coupon organizerFinally I sorted my coupons into categories and then labeled my envelopes. I kept my labeling simple using pen directly on the top  corner of the envelope but you could get more fancy with sticky labels that could act like tabs.

My categories are, Great Clips, Family Christian, Jo-ann, non-food items, food items, kid food, date night, Bath & Body Works, Meijer , and Store coupons, but you of course can make whatever categories suit your couponing needs.

What I love about this particular Vera Bradley wristlet style is that is also has a pocket where I can stash store cards and discounted gift cards I snag off Cardpool.

You don’t have to use a wristlet  in fact  I would encourage you to use whatever you already own and are not using, like a cosmetic kit that came with a free sample, or ……. I am sure if you did a bit of searching you will find something in your house that will work.

Looking for money saving tips? Follow my Saving Money Tips board on Pinterest.

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No time to make your own? This purse size coupon organizer is under $15 on Amazon and comes with free shipping (prices and details could change at any time). Although I have not seen it in real life it comes with a 4.4 out of 5 star rating and comes in many different prints . It wouldn’t take long to earn it using Swagbucks.

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3 Snail Paced Goals For The Week: Mar 31 to April 6

(post contains affiliate links see disclosure) 3 snail paced goals for the weekLast weeks goals

You can check out last weeks goals in full here….

1. I made it out of bed by 6 (ish) every day except for one.

2. I wasn’t always in bed by 9 but I did get the lights out by 10.

3.  I did do a few small tasks each evening.

This weeks goals

1. Have a day this week where I see the bottom of the laundry pile. I think it has been well over a month since I went to bed with all dirty laundry baskets empty.

2. Mend a pair of pants of my daughter’s that ripped. If my husband reads this he may be asking where his real wife went, but I was inspired by this post by The Frugal Girl, she makes mending seem FUN!

3.  For my 3rd goal I am going to repeat all 3 of my goals for last week, up by 6, in bed by 9, lights out by 10 and a no-brainer task after dinner.

1 picture from our week

All week long I share photos on Instagram so be sure to follow me there.

tim bitsI LOVE Tim Bits from Tim Hortons, however currently the closest Tim Hortons to me is right around a one hour and thirty minute drive. I got a chance to get my fill this week though when I met up with Heather Greutman of Golden Reflections, Vicki Arnold of The Vicki Arnold Blog and Thaleia Maher of Something 2 Offer . We met at Ikea but Tim Hortons was on the way. I am loving all the bloggers I am meeting at various small meet ups this year. It is really helping me feel like part of a bigger community.

Oh and in 2015 I will no longer have to drive so far for a Tim Bit! A city 45 minutes away from me  is opening several in 2015 . Our family is very excited.

A post to check out

easter basket fillers for teenage boys and girls (small)It is easy to fill a little child’s Easter basket. It gets a bit more tricky when they are teenagers to give a basket that is both inexpensive and full of things they will use and like.  Here are 10 ideas for teenage girls and 10 ideas for teenage boys.

A book a week for 2014

I made it my goal to read 1 book a week this year.

I finished: A Promise To Remember

I am currently reading

1. In real paperback form

Beyond Ordinary (psst…. got this book free from Tyndale Rewards)

2. On My  Kindle Paperwhite

Reclaiming Lily

3. On my Kindle App

Inspiration To Pay Off Debt ( I am now 65% done this ebook and really like the encouragement within its pages for people trying to pay off debt.  I am also loving  getting to know the author Cherie Lowe of The Queen Of Free  through Facebook, she has an amazing positive spirit)

A Deal For The Week

I love Lucky Vitamin for their low prices on high quality vitamins, endurance running products, natural beauty products and various whole and organic food products. Right now Living Social is running a deal where you can buy a voucher for $12 worth $24 to spend sight wide on any of Lucky Vitamins amazing products. That is a 50% off value.

3 Things I tossed this week.

Inspired by The Clutter Busting Challenge I decided to toss, sell or give away three things each week and post a picture of it here for accountability.

Sorry no picture this week, but I did put aside 2 pairs of capris and a skirt that I plan to place in a bag to send to Thred Up to try out their clothes selling services, I am just waiting on the collection bag to arrive in the mail.

Need some goal setting inspiration and know how? Follow the Goal Setting & Time Management Tips Board on Pinterest.

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Disciplined Life (150)Want to become better at setting realistic goals and breaking them down into manageable pieces? I recommend Crystal Paine’s ebook 21 Days To A More Disciplined Life.



7 Ways To Raise A Thrifty Child

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I wondered when my children were little if my thrifty ways would rub off on them or not. Now that they are 11,13, and 18 I am already seeing signs that they are. My daughter often looks at prices of toys in stores and states “I could get that for a quarter at a rummage and save the difference”. My son makes sure to check out prices at several sites before ordering the video game he wants so that he gets the best price.

7 ways to raise a thrifty child

How did I do it? Well it could be there is just a thrifty gene, but here are the ways I intentionally set out to raise children who would be wise stewards with their money.

7 Ways To Raise Up A Child To Be Thrifty

1. Model It

From day one my kids have seen me yard sale shop, thrifty store shop and clearance rack shop. They have also seen me use coupons, discounted gift cards, and Swagbucks earned gift cards.

2. Talk About It

Not only have my kids seen me doing thrifty practices, but I also talk about why I do them. From very early on I would say things like “because I saved money  by…….we can afford to do……”. Keeping my script as simple as their level of understanding.

Now that they are much older I help them think through their own purchases. “Could you save money on that video game by waiting a few months?” “Could you get a second hand copy of that book?” “Do you want to rent the game over night from Redbox first just to make sure their is enough play value in it before buying it?” “We are going yard sale shopping this weekend, want to see if we find something similar then for less?”

3. Take Them Along

I will admit when my kids were little I left them home if I could when going to community yard sales, or thrift store 1 day bag sales, just because it was easier and frankly some days it was safer. It does not take long for a child to run off while you are busy going through a pile of second hand clothes.

Once they got older though and I could trust them to not to run off when I turned my back, I began bringing one or all of them to various thrifty events like yard sales or thrifty store one day sales, with their own spending money in hand, so they could get a personal taste of just how far money can go when you shop frugally.

4. Show Them Their Savings

The first time I brought my daughter along to a community wide rummage, I did something afterwards that she still talks about today. When we came home I looked up all that she had bought with her own money on Amazon and other websites and showed her how much it cost new, and then had her calculate her savings. She saved about $70 that day, and since she is a saving queen that was an eye opening experience that had her thinking of all the things she could buy used.

5. Make Them Set Goals And Work For Their Items

Right now my one son is saving up to build his own computer. My other son is saving up for a laptop and my daughter is saving up for a new iPod. We pay them a monthly wage, for doing certain daily tasks around the house. They can earn more by doing additional one shot tasks like, shoveling the driveway when it snows, or mowing the lawn, or weeding the garden.

I also encourage my kids to sell what they no longer use and put that money towards their saving goals.

6. Help Them To Understand How To Prioritize Money

My daughter recently came to use complaining that all her friends went and saw all the latest movies at the movie theater as a family and we NEVER do. My husband and I first pointed out her error, we do see 1 to 3 new release movies a year and not all her friends see new release movies all the time. Secondly we  pointed out to her how much seeing a new release movie costs a family our size and then had her calculate what that cost would be over the course of a year if we saw one twice a month (about the frequency her friends are going to them).

Finally we pointed out to her the things we do partake in as a family that her friends don’t, which lead to a talk about prioritizing money. We are all only given so much money to work with and we each must choose what is the wisest way to spend it for our family.

7. Teaching Our Kids What The Bible Has To Say About Money

As Christians my husband and I go one step further than the above 6 points and make sure that with every talk about money we also talk about what the bible has to say about it. There are over 3000 verses in the bible on the topic of money so we never run out of verses to share with the kids. The ones that come up in our conversations the most though are those on being a wise steward and on giving.

My children know that the bible says that we are to be wise stewards with what God intrusts to us, and that we firmly believe that being a wise steward lines up with being thrifty. They also know that being thrifty has allowed our family to give to others in ways we would not be able to if we weren’t living a thrifty life style.

Looking for money saving tips? Follow my Saving Money Tips board on pinterest

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Easter Basket Gift Ideas For Teenage Boys and Girls

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Filling an Easter basket for little kids is so much easier to do on a tight budget. You can get a coloring book and crayons, some jelly beans and a chocolate bunny and be set. Teenagers aren’t generally happy with coloring books and crayons but there still are ways to fill their Easter baskets inexpensively.

easter basket fillers for teenage boys and girls

 10 Ideas for Easter Basket Fillers For Boys

1. Use point reward programs like Swagbucks and Bing Rewards  to earn gift cards and put them in the basket. Teenager boys love iTunes, Amazon, and Gamestop and all three are available through Swagbucks.

2. Flip Flops: My boys love Old Navy Flip Flops for wearing to the beach and pool during summer time and many styles are under $5.

3. Portable Chargers:  Portable chargers start at $20 making them not the most inexpensive basket filler but it will probably be one of the most used ones. We have 3 of these Anker Astro chargers and love them.

4. Music CD’s : I recently got the Family Christian store flyer and noticed some older but still great CD’s of  all the bands my son is into are just $5 each in store. I know many teenagers don’t use CD’s anymore and I covered their music needs with point one, but my kids still love them and surly they are not the only ones.

5.  Body spray or hair gel: It is not just teenage girls that are into how they smell and how their hair looks.

6. Paracord bracelet: I see a lot of teenage boys wearing paracord bracelets   which start at around $5

7. iPod Case: My young teenage son messages his friends all the time on his iPod and therefore goes no where without it. His cases get beat up fast and since new ones start around $5 I just might surprise him with a new one in his Easter basket this year.

8.  Baseball cap: With a bit of clearance rack mastery you might be able to find a really cool new cap for the teenager in your life for less than you think.

9. T-shirt: Teenage boys are big on t-shirts with sayings. I know from experience that if you search the clearance racks these shirts are less than $10 and sometimes less than $5.

10. Comic Books: My one some loves Archie comics, and although $6 or more for a comic makes me gasp, they make a great Easter basket filler that I know will literally loved to death (he reads and rereads them until the pages fall out).

10 Easter Basket Gift Ideas For Girls

1. Gift cards: Cash in those Swagbucks and Bing Rewards for whatever the teenage girl in your life is into. For my daughter it would be Starbucks cards or iTunes cards.

2. Nail Polish and Nail Art: Nail polish is big in the teenage girl world. Many stores carry little pots of it for just $1 each. Amazon has lots of different nail tools for very little money.

3. Lip Balm: My daughter squealed when I gave her an EOS’s lip balm, so I am guessing these are sort of a big deal for girls.

4. Journals: This age group is all about the secrets shared only with their Diaries. You can purchase a nice looking journal for under $5.

5. Flip Flops: Old Navy has a huge selection of inexpensive yet fashionable flip flops.

6. Hair Elastics: I am pretty sure my daughter has magical talents in the art of making hair elastics disappear and I hear she is not the only one. Surprise her with some trendy wild colored and printed ones for a practical yet fun Easter basket gift.

7.  Headbands: Can a teenage girl ever have enough headbands.

8. Jewelery: Scan the clearance racks for necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.

9. Craft Supplies: I don’t think I have ever meet a girl in this age group that doesn’t like doing some type of craft. Whether it be beading, sewing, scrapbooking or knitting, you could add some supplies for their favorite craft to their Easter basket. (here are a few ways to save money purchasing craft supplies)

10: Body Sprays: Pretty smells are big with this crowd. Got an Eco-conscious gal? I recently purchased a bottle of EO Organic Deodorant spray and love it!

Looking for Easter Ideas? Follow My Spring Time board on Pinterest.

Put something in your teenager’s basket to remind them each and every day of the true reason we celebrate Easter. Jesus Calling comes in many bindings, including a pink one perfect for teenage girls and a brown one perfect for teenage boys. This book is a powerful daily reminder of how much Jesus loves us, and wants to be in relationship with us.

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Trade Your Fear For Faith

(post contains affiliate links see disclosure)Do You Suffer From African Impala Syndrome? Trade Fear For Faith

While reading Enough:Finding More By Living With Less I was deeply impacted by a quote of Vincent Muli Wa Kituku that the author shared.

 Over 80 percent of adults don’t live up to their greatness because they suffer from what I call “African Impala Syndrome”. Jumping high and forward is an inborn talent for the survival of the African impala. The impala is known to jump about ten feet high. This high jump propels the impala to land about thirty feet from the spot where it starts. With this ability of vertical and horizontal jumping, the impala survives and thrives in the carnivore-infested savannas of Africa.

However, the impala has a unique limitation. It jumps only when it can see where it will land. I once read from an issue of “Bits and Pieces” that when the African impala is confined in a three-foot high fence, it won’t jump. As I think of the African impala, I often wonder how we fail to live up to our potential because we suffer from “African Impala Syndrome.” We don’t “jump” unless we can see “where we will land.” (from the book Overcoming Buffaloes at Work and in Life)

This verse has been rolling around in my head since I finished Enough, and so I want to ask you the same questions this quote is asking of me

“What are you afraid of?”

“What is holding you back from making that leap?”

“Do you have the ability yet lack the faith?”

“Is it really a no time problem or is it a fear problem?”

“What could happen if you would just take that leap?’

“Can you dream that big? or are you too afraid?”

“If you really trust God as much as you say you do, then shouldn’t you be able to take that jump knowing He is going to help you leap over that fence and soften the impact of your landing on the other side?”

trade your fear for faithTrade your fear for faith, take that leap even though you don’t know where you will land, and watch amazing things unfold.

Looking for more inspiration to set and reach goals? Follow the Goal Setting and Time Management Tips Board onPinterest.

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Why You Don’t Need To Make Time For Friends

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Busy women often say it ” I wish I had more time for friends” . Truth, you do need friends, they are valuable to your mental sanity, but you don’t need to “make time” for them.

you don't need to make time for friends

I think our current generation gets caught up in the idea that “friendship time” has to be compartmentalized. People see friendship time on TV as time spent over restaurant meals, backyard BBQ and wild vacations.

Yes there is a need for that sort of friendship building time too, but not as much as we think. Truth be told, I think that if we all look at our friendships, the ones that run deepest do not exist because of a steady diet of dinner and movies together but from feasting on something much deeper;  time spent letting them see those parts of us only shown in the mundane.

In the mundane moments of life we let our guards down and our real selves shine through and that is when deep friendships take hold.  How do you let your friends into the mundane of your life?

Involve your friends in your every day life and watch your friendships deepen.

I think we could all learn a lesson from good old fashioned barn raising and quilting bees. These were times when men and women got together and worked while their hearts grew close to one another.

Sure you probably don’t need a barn in your postage stamp town yard, and true it is probably a wiser use of most women’s time to buy a quilt than to make one but there are some modern day chores we could involve our friends in that would not only help us both things crossed off our never ending to do list but also grow closer as friends.

1. Cook together

All families are pressed for time to prepare good home cooked meals for their family. Invite you friends over one Saturday afternoon to cook and bake up a storm and share the bounty. Working together you could easily make a weeks worth of meals for several families in just one afternoon. Give each family a list of food and supplies they will need to bring or better yet, shop for them together before hand and extend your time doing chores together.

2. Exercise together

I love exercising with my friends. It is like a extra strength medicine for my stress. Talking about what has been bugging me lately and getting my friends feed back as well as sweating it out, leaves me is such a great mood

3. Do yard work together

Clear out your garden beds together. Rake and bag all the leaves together in fall. Harvest your gardens together.

4. Do indoor renovations together

Paint a room together. Refurnish furniture together.  Smash down walls together.

5. Do seasonal projects together

Holiday baking. Signing and stamping Christmas cards. Visit the pumpkin fields together and then afterwards get together and one persons house and carve them all together.

6. Do errands

We all have to grocery shop, see if a friend can come and do her’s at the same time.

Do you shop community yard sales, or consignment sales to find deals to stretch your families budget? If your friends do too, consider shopping along side one of them.

Yes it will take a bit of time in the way of planning to perform these 6 things with friends, but it will be less time than the block of time needed to go out to dinner and movie with them, and the conversations will be so much more intimate. Your friend will see first hand what you feed your family when she shops with you. While running it is amazing how much more open I become about how I truly feel. While gardening perhaps your green thumb friend can spill all her tips that will help your brown thumb ways (mine have yet to fix mine but they try each year :) )

Next time you catch yourself saying “I wish I had more time for friendships” remember you don’t need more time, you just need to adjust your perspective of what friendship building time really looks like.

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3 Goals For This Week: Mar 24 to Mar 30

(post contains affiliate links see disclosure)3 snail paced goals for the weekLast weeks goals

View last weeks goals here….

1. I didn’t mail out that letter

2. I didn’t reorganize my coupon collection.

3.  I charted my calories and steps about half the week.

This weeks goals

I have to admit I am getting kind of discouraged with my weekly  goal setting. I set out to do three small goals each week beyond blogging, homeschooling, my daily routine of devotions, working out and cleaning house and all those other things that make up daily life and yet…….lately I haven’t been making much progress. So this weeks goals are more time management oriented in hopes that if my manage my time better, I will find time to complete a few simple tasks each week.

1. Set alarm for 5:45 each morning and be ready to start my day by 6.

2. Be in bed by 9 and lights out by 10 at latest. (It takes me forever to fall asleep so I have a long unwinding routine)

3.  Pick one low energy task to work on each night after dinner, instead of giving in to how tired I feel and just reading or surfing the web. (you would think with how tired I am all evening that I would fall asleep quick but no)

3 pictures from our week

All week long I share photos on Instagram so be sure to follow me there.

truck break in gadgetMy favorite knitting needles come in handy for more than just knitting. Earlier this week they helped a friend break into his truck after my daughter managed to lock him out of it with the engine running.

children's museum glass towerI got to meet some of the ladies of Indy Social Media Moms for a meeting at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. Afterwards I enjoyed wandering around the incredible multi-floor museum. My favorite exhibit is by far the Fireworks of Glass exhibit. This picture is taken from the rotating observation chair under the 43 foot tower, where you can look through a glass ceiling at all the unique pieces of hand blown glass placed around the base of the sculpture.

bare feet in springSo last week it was a picture of my bare feet in Birks, this week it is completely bare feet enjoying some rays. I can’t stress enough how hard this winter has been for me.  I am so loving the signs of spring that keep popping up more and more each day.

A post to check out

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A book a week for 2014

I made it my goal to read 1 book a week this year.

I finished:Enough:Finding More By Living With Less, It Takes An Egg Timer: A Guide To Creating Time For Your Life

I am currently reading

1. In real paperback form

Beyond Ordinary (psst…. got this book free from Tyndale Rewards)

2. On My  Kindle Paperwhite

A Promise To Remember

3. On my Kindle App

Inspiration To Pay Off Debt ( I started this book a while ago and really did find it to be inspiring and then it got put on the back burner but after getting to know the author Cherie Lowe of The Queen Of Free  through Facebook I want to finish it, she is an amazing lady of great faith)

3 Things I tossed this week.

Inspired by The Clutter Busting Challenge I decided to toss, sell or give away three things each week and post a picture of it here for accountability.

Sorry no picture this week, but I did toss an old pair of shoes my son had thrashed and out grown. I also put a pair of out grown soccer shoes in the give pile, and tossed a stack of magazines into the recycling bin.

Need some goal setting inspiration and know how? Follow the Goal Setting & Time Management Tips Board on Pinterest.

Disciplined Life (150)Want to become better at setting realistic goals and breaking them down into manageable pieces? I recommend Crystal Paine’s ebook 21 Days To A More Disciplined Life.