15 Ways Busy Moms Can Find The Time To Create A Successful Blog


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Blogging can be a great job for moms because it is so flexible. You can work whenever you want from pretty much wherever you want. However, the flexibility only stretches so far; you still need to carve out a certain amount of hours each week to work on your blog if you want it to be successful–and if you are like most moms you are probably already feeling like you are constantly busy.

I totally get that. I am a homeschooling mom of three and if it were not for the time management tricks I carry in my homemaking tool belt, I would never be able to fit in time to run a blog that now earns a full time income. Today I am going to share those tricks with you.

Struggling to find time to blog? This post can really help!

15 Ways Busy Moms Can Find The Time To Create A Successful Blog

 1. Perform a Time Audit

Before you can manage your time well, you need to know how you are currently spending it. In order to do that you need to perform a time audit

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2. Figure Out When You Do Your Best Work

Do you work better at night or in the morning? Save the blog work that requires the most concentration for the time of the day you work best and do the no-brainer tasks when you are at your lowest energy levels.

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15 Ways Busy Moms Can Find The Time To Create A Successful Blog

3. Plan In Advance For Bigger Windows Of Work Time

Working hours for moms are all over the place. One day you might be able to have 2 hours to yourself while one child is at band practice and the other is at gymnastics. Another day you husband might come home earlier than expected and tell you he can manage the kids if you want to go to the coffee shop and work on your blog for a few hours. When these type of “bigger windows” of work time come up you can use them more efficiently if you already have a plan for them in advance.

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4. Keep A List Of Small Blogging Tasks For Small Windows

The job of being mom comes with small breaks here and there throughout the day that you can use to advance your blog. Got five minutes? Repin a few pins. Got 10 minutes? Write and schedule a few Facebook statuses. Got 15 minutes? Get out a pad of paper and a pen and brainstorm ideas for future posts.

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15 Ways Busy Moms Can Find The Time To Create A Successful Blog

5. Always Write Out A Daily To-Do List

You have probably heard the saying “aim at nothing and you will hit it every time”. That is what happens to a day where you don’t take the five minutes to write a to-do list: you end up with little done.  To-do lists don’t have to be fancy. I create mine on a small yellow legal pad (like these ones), circling the top three things on my list so that I get the most important things done and if the rest doesn’t get done there is always tomorrow.

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6. Say NO Often

If you want to carve out enough time around motherhood responsibilities  to create a successful blog, you need to keep outside activities to a minimum and the only way to do that is to say no to the good so you can say yes to the best.

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Great book that covers this topic: The Best Yes: Making Wise Decisions in the Midst of Endless Demands

15 Ways Busy Moms Can Find The Time To Create A Successful Blog7. Eliminate Your Ill Fitting Yes Choices

Some “yes choices” might have been good choices at the time, but they are not now that your stage of life changed. Perhaps you said yes to helping out with an activity your child was in at one time, but now the child is not involved and you are still helping out. If so, it’s time to find someone to take your place so you can say yes to other things.

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8. Make Effective Use Of Short Waiting Times

In the day and age of smartphones we are basically walking around with mini computers in our pockets. Take it out while waiting in line at the grocery store and pin a few pins to Pinterest. While waiting for your coffee, create a new Facebook status. When stuck in the car waiting for the soccer coach to wrap it up and release your child, open your favorite notes app and brainstorm some new post ideas.

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15 Ways Busy Moms Can Find The Time To Create A Successful Blog

9. Make Effective Use Of Longer Waiting Times

This tip has been vital to me getting enough time to work each week. After I performed a time audit I realized I was spending a lot of time driving my children back and forth to their practices. I would drive 15 minutes to drop them off and then 15 minutes home then an hour or so later drive 15 minutes to pick them up and then 15 minutes back home again. That equals 30 minutes of time in the car each way. I started packing up all that I needed to work and then dropped them off and stayed in the car and worked. I gained 30 minutes of work time each time I had to drive a child somewhere.

This works for me since my children are all old enough to stay home by themselves while I drive their siblings somewhere–I realize it won’t be as helpful for moms with younger children.

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10. Involve The Kids

You can involve your children in your blog work in two ways. One way is to teach them to perform simple blog tasks . The second way is to get them to do age appropriate household chores that you are still doing for them. The first is only going to work if you have older children interested in your blog work, but the second will work for all ages. Even two-year-old’s can help you pick up their toys. At first it might take longer to get the chore done with them helping, but soon it will take less time than if you never taught them–trust me. As a mom of three children who are now 14, 16 and 21 I am reaping the rewards of those frustratingly slow chore teaching sessions when I so wanted to just say, ” Forget it let me do it.”

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15 Ways Busy Moms Can Find The Time To Create A Successful Blog

11. Get Help

What type of help you can get is going to depend on your finances and your stage of motherhood. If you have younger children and are able to afford it, you might consider hiring a sitter a few hours a week so you can be 100% focused on blog work. If your budget just won’t stretch that far you could consider a babysitting swap with a friend.

For those of you with older children you still might want to consider getting some outside help, but obviously not in the form of babysitting. Perhaps you can afford to hire a VA to take over a few blog tasks? Or do a talent trade with a blogging friend. You, the grammar queen, can edit her “free for subscriber eBook” and she, the image queen, can make you some image quotes for social media.

12. Own Less Stuff

Owning less stuff might seem like a weird time management tip, but hear me out. When you own less, you spend less time taking care of things. Less time dusting. Less time sorting. Less time repairing. And my personal favorite–less time searching through your piles of stuff to find what you need right now.

Need decluttering help and support? Join my decluttering Facebook group.

15 Ways Busy Moms Can Find The Time To Create A Successful Blog

13. Create A Simple Timer Based Cleaning Routine

If you are like me, you put cleaning tasks off because you figure they are going to take too long. Then when you do get around to doing them the job ends up taking a long time because things have gotten so bad. However, when you give a task a time, you will discover that you not only move faster, but the task somehow seems less daunting. Plus, when you consistently clean an area it stays cleaner and therefore starts to take even less time to clean.

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14.  Do What You Can To Keep Meal Preparation Simple

There are so many ways to reduce time spent in the kitchen. You can cook a double batch and freeze half for a quick meal another night. You can cook meat in large batches and then freeze it in such a way that you can easily toss it in a stir fry or casserole, significantly cutting your meal prep time. You can make a list of simple meals requiring simple ingredients and keep them on hand for nights that you want to work just a bit longer.

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The Make Over Your Mornings and Make Over Your Evenings courses by Crystal Paine of Money Saving Mom!

15. Take A Few Great Time Management Courses

Two times during the day are critical to being as productive as you can each and every day–morning and evening, which is why I recommend taking Make Over Your Mornings and/or Make Over Your Evenings. These are 15 day, video driven courses that come with a workbook for you to complete. Each day’s lesson consists of a five minute video, five minutes of reading and a five minute workbook activity.

The information I learned in the Make Over Your Evenings course gave me 30 minutes each and every morning without getting up earlier. The Makeover Your Morning course is just as full of great time saving advice that can help you carve out more hours each week to work on your blog.

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Got any great time management tips to add to my list? Add them in the comments.

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RV Trip Update Week 18: Glacier National Park, Flathead Lake


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On Monday we crossed the border, leaving Canada and entering back into the USA. But not before we did one last Canadian candy run–we stocked up on Canadian Smarties, Mars bars, Coffee Crisps, Scotch Mints, and my favorite candy bar.

We spent our first night back in the States in the small town of Shelby, Montana. The next morning we drove to a KOA just outside of Glacier National Park.

RV Trip Update Week 18 of 22: Glacier National Park, Lake McDonald.

Since we arrived at lunchtime we thought we would go into the park that day, get a map and talk to a park ranger so that we could make a decision as to what we wanted to explore during our two full days in the area.

Once we were done we decided to drive down the portion of the Going To The Sun Road that is currently open to vehicles. This portion goes the length of Lake McDonald.

Lake McDonald was so beautiful. The water was a deep shade of blue and was so clear that it acted like a mirror reflecting the images of the many snow-capped mountains that line its shores.

RV Trip Update Week 18 of 22: Glacier National Park, Lake McDonald.

When we reached the lodge we parked and walk down to the lake. There we found a dock where I couldn’t resist sitting down and letting my feet dangle in the water. It sure was cold, but it felt so good.

RV Trip Update Week 18 of 22: Glacier National Park, Lake McDonald.

Although the portion of the Going To The Sun Road after the lodge was currently closed to vehicles, you were allowed to either hike along it or bike it. We chose to bike it. We have been dragging along five bikes for this entire trip and have barely used them so it was great to finally put them to good use.

I bought a rear detachable wire basket for my bike back in Florida that is very similar to this one and it worked great for holding our lunch, extra water and our camera.

We ended up eating our lunch by the river’s edge about two thirds of the way into our bike ride.

RV Trip Update Week 18 of 22: Glacier National Park, Lake McDonald.

In total I think we biked about 20 miles that day. It was beautiful weather and the views were amazing. We made it all the way to where they had the road closed even to bikes. I asked another biker there if they would snap a picture of us. They were kind enough to oblige. Oh, how I wish my husband wasn’t wearing his hat! Even after lightening up the picture you can’t see his face. OH WELL. We do have other better family photos at other locations along the way.

RV Trip Update Week 18 of 22: Glacier National Park, Lake McDonald.

Thursday we decided to try a trail that was much longer than any other trail we have attempted on this trip.

We went to Lincoln Lake Trail in hopes of making it all 8 miles to the lake to have lunch and then come home.

RV Trip Update Week 18 of 22: Glacier National Park, Lake McDonald.

However the trail turned out to be a bit steeper than we thought and one family member in particular was not happy about going up hill for so long.

We made it in about four miles when the trail was about to take a very steep downhill for another mile or so. I looked at my husband and we both shared the same thought in our facial expressions. There was no way the child who complained so much about the first two miles of uphill was going to make it up these two miles of uphill on the way back.

So we sat down right there and ate our lunch while enjoying the mountain views between the trees. I must admit at the end of the day a part of me was glad we only went eight miles round trip as my thighs were hurting me, but part of me really wished we had seen Lincoln Lake with our own eyes.

I must admit though the child that had a rough start finished the hike with a good attitude and that made my mom heart gush.

RV Trip Update Week 18: Glacier National Park, Flathead Lake

Most nights this week have been warm and light. Many nights my husband and I have spent an hour or two outside reading side by side. I finished At Home In The World that I had started the week before.

I so agree with Tsh’s thoughts at the end of her nine month long travel with her family of five. She basically says that she knows the trip has changed her, but she feels like she won’t know how until she returns to everyday life in the States. I feel exactly the same now that we only have four weeks left of our 5 1/2 month trip. I know this trip has changed me but right now I can’t pinpoint it. I read the quote to my husband and he said, “Man, that is how I feel right now too.”

If you have a wanderlust growing within you to get out there and see the world I am pretty sure you will really like At Home In The World.

I have now started on The Nesting Place: It Doesn’t Have To Be Beautiful To Be Perfect and it is helping me think about exactly what I want to do to our home in Indiana when we get there. It once seemed quiet and cozy, but in the last few years I have felt like it has gotten cluttered and chaotic and I am ready for that to change.


RV Trip Update Week 18: Restaurants we tried in Polson, Montana.

Friday we left the West Glacier area for Polson, Montana on the shores of Flathead Lake.

We didn’t do much Friday except for grabbing lunch from Burgerville (very good) and groceries for the next few days from Walmart.

By the time we had all our groceries put away it started to rain and didn’t stop until sometime early Saturday.

We headed out to explore a few areas Saturday including the pictured Lake City Bakery where we all grabbed doughnuts and some rolls to use for lunch.

I really like trying out locally owned restaurants, bakeries and cafes as we travel. The prices are usually really good and so is the food. We have only had one or two places where the food was okay, not spectacular, but none where we truly disliked all that we were served. Trip Advisor and Yelp really help us choose ones we know we will like.

RV Trip Update Week 18: Flathead Lake, Kerr Dam.

After feasting on doughnuts we headed out to the Kerr Dam, about a five minute drive from downtown Polson. The icy blue waters were so beautiful against the rocky sides of the waterway.

RV Trip Update Week 18: Flathead Lake near Polson, Montana.

After lunch we went for a brief walk around the shores of Flathead Lake in the Polson area.

And now I am back in the RV typing this because Sunday is going to be a very long travel day. Yep, I am spending Mother’s Day driving 8 plus hours to our new campsite near Craters of the Moon. From there we will head to Yellowstone–so be sure to come back next week to see the photos.

Come back next Monday to see what we got up to this week.

Join me on Instagram for daily updates. I am doing my best to post one photo update a day on Facebook too.

First time hearing about our trip? You can catch up on our all our trip updates on the RV trip page.








The Room A Month Extreme Decluttering Challenge


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Are you ready to get serious about breaking up with your clutter piles for good? I know I am and I have hatched a plan that I think will help me and you both.

Now this is really going to help you toss that clutter!


The Room A Month Extreme Decluttering Challenge

If you are a regular reader here at Snail Pace Transformations you know that currently I am on a 22 week RV trip with my family. This RV trip has given me lots of time to think about what I really want my home to look like–and I want it to look a whole lot less cluttered than it does now.

The trip has also given me the opportunity to live with significantly fewer possessions for just over 5 months–and I don’t miss more than a handful of the items we left at home. I miss my couch, my bigger kitchen counters and oven, my toilet and shower and a real bedroom door (our RV just has curtains). Those are pretty basic things. Not one of them could be considered clutter.  There are a few other things I miss from time to time, like my bread machine, and during colder parts of the trip my warmer winter coat. Still my list of things I miss is significantly shorter than the list of things I left behind.

Yet I still can’t bring myself to just call a friend and say, “Hey, can you empty my house before I come home?” That seems just a bit too radical so here is what I plan to do instead.

I am going to box up one room each month and what items don’t come out of those boxes by the end of the month are either going to be sold or donated.

How The Room A Month Extreme Decluttering Challenge Works

Week One

Box up all items of the room for that month except for the basic needed furniture of the room. I am talking bare bones furniture. For example, if you are doing your living room then leave just the couch and TV and perhaps an end table or two.

Finding an area to store the items might be tough. I suggest thinking about where a week or so before you start this challenge and then use that time to make room in that area of your home to store things. Perhaps you have a guest bedroom? Room in the basement? A storage shed? A garage? Wherever you choose try your best to make sure it is some place out of sight so you don’t feel like you are living in chaos for months and so that you are not tempted to take things out of the boxes every time you pass them.

Week Two

Do nothing! Simply let the stuff sit in the box, bringing out only those things you truly need or miss. Example, perhaps you really do need that table lamp to read by at night, or perhaps you really miss seeing those cute pictures of your kids. Dig out those types of things, but nothing else.

Week Three

Repeat what you did week two.

Week Four

After two weeks of doing nothing now comes the bigger task. Go to the boxes you stashed and divide the piles up between those items you want to sell and those items you want to donate. You haven’t seen any of these items for almost a month now so your attachment to them should be significantly less than what it once was.

The hard part is going to be not getting reattached to those items. Here is what I plan to do to limit that and I suggest you do it too. Purchase a good sized tote like this one and make it your keep box–or you can use one you already own. You can keep only what fits in that box (you can decided if the lid has to shut or not) the rest has to be sold or donated.

Remember: you lived without those items for a full month now. How badly can you really need something you haven’t used in a month?

Repeat this one month challenge room by room until each and every room in your home is done.

Drastically reduce your household clutter with this extreme decluttering challenge!

 A Few More Rules To Keep You Honest & Successful

In order for this challenge to work you have to be truly honest with yourself and set rules that will keep yourself in check.

Reselling Rules

After the first month of the challenge is done you should find yourself with items to sell. What I want you to do with those items is place a date  on the outside of the box that is four weeks from the day that you decided you would sell them. So if April 1st was the day you did your sorting then write May 1st on the outside of the box.

Now sell, sell, sell and if items are left in that box after the date passes then it is time to donate, donate, donate.

Let’s face it, we all have good intentions about reselling our items, but often those items just become neglected, gather dust and clutter up our homes. We want a 100% decluttered home when we are done so the sell pile at the end of each month must go.

Need some help with reselling items? Check out my Reselling Tips page where I share everything I have learned about reselling items.

Can’t decide whether to resell an item or donate it? Check out this post that offers guidelines to follow that will help you answer that exact question.

Donation Rules

If you would rather donate items than sell them, that is 100% okay. However, you still need to give yourself a few rules so that you do have a clutter free home at the end of this challenge.

Here is the most important rule to follow when donating items: get the items for donation out of your home as fast as possible. I suggest putting the donation boxes into your car the day you pack them and then head straight to the thrift store when you are done. The longer donation boxes sit in the home the more temptation there is to grab something out of them. Plus, a stack of boxes in the corner becomes clutter really fast and again–the aim of this challenge is a clutter free home.

Drastically reduce your household clutter with this extreme decluttering challenge!

How To Stick To The Room A Month Extreme Decluttering Challenge

In order for this decluttering challenge to work you need to stick to it for as many months as you have rooms and if you have a garage, garden shed, or attic you need to add a few more months to the challenge.

Decide ahead of time what will help you stick to the challenge. Do you need accountability? Join my Snail Pace Decluttering Facebook group. Do you thrive on rewards? Then decide what you can give yourself each time you finish a room. It could be something simple like allowing yourself the time to just sit and enjoy the newly clutter free room for an afternoon without feeling guilty about sitting that long or it could be something bigger like a weekend away once every room in the house is completed.

Drastically reduce your household clutter with this extreme decluttering challenge!

When I Plan To Begin My Own Room A Month Decluttering Challenge

I plan on getting started with my own Room A Month Decluttering Challenge in July. I will blog about my progress on Mondays here on Snail Pace Transformations and would love to have you join me.

Who is in? Tell me your start date in the comments below. Together we can transform our homes!

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