Say Goodbye To Survival Mode: $2.99 in Kindle Format


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Say Goodbye To Survival Mode: 9 Simple Strategies To Stress Less, Sleep More and Restore Your Passion For Life is just $2.99 in Kindle format over at Amazon (price could change at any time)

This book encouraged me to start dreaming and set WOW goals that have had such a positive impact on my  life!

Here is a snippet of the book description…

In Say Goodbye to Survival Mode, you’ll find both practical ideas and big-picture perspective that will inspire you to live life on purpose. As a wife, mother of three, and founder of the wildly successful blog, Crystal Paine has walked the road from barely surviving to living with intention. With the warmth and candor of a dear friend, she shares what she’s learned along the way, helping you:

  • feel healthier and more energetic by setting priorities and boundaries
  • eliminate stress with savvy management of your time, money, and home
  • get more done by setting realistic goals and embracing discipline
  • rediscover your passions—and the confidence to pursue them

Packed with straightforward solutions you’ll use today and inspirational stories you’ll remember for years, Say Goodbye to Survival Mode is a must for any woman who’s ever longed for the freedom to enjoy life, not just survive it.

Grab your copy here!

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The Hope Beach Collection: $3.99 in Kindle Format


If you are looking to curl up with a good fiction series this coming weekend you are going to want to grab The Hope Beach Collection by Colleen Coble. It is currently just $3.99 for the entire 3 book series in Kindle edition.

Price could change at any time. Grab your copy here.

I read the first two books in this series and fell in love with Colleen Coble’s contemporary fiction writings.

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Bookworm Wednesday: The Fringe Hours


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As I announced earlier this year, Wednesdays here on the blog this year are going to be short and sweet, yet personal. I want to get to know you better and help you get to know me better. I want to build relationships.

I am still working on figuring out exactly what that is going to look like, but for now I am sharing mostly things from my week that made me go…”Hmm, wonder what my audience would say about this.”

The Fringe Hours: Making Time For You

As you might know from reading my monthly goals or from following me on Instagram, one of my passions is reading and when I find a book that lines up with what I believe so perfectly as The Fringe Hours: Making Time For You does, I can’t help but share it with everyone.

So I decided I would create Bookworm Wednesdays and when I find one of those ‘Oh so good I have to share’ books, I will share it with you on Wednesday.

Two Quotes From The Fringe Hours That Made Me Go, “Oh, Girl. You Get Me!”


I love the quote from The Fringe Hours: Making Time For You in the picture above. It is my life philosophy on so many levels.

I have talked about my family’s good enough attitude and how it effects our finances in a positive way before and I have also talked about how this same attitude is one reason I can find as much time as I do to blog without taking too much time from building the important relationships in my life.

I think women especially needed to be reminded almost daily that trying to create a perfect home, a perfect physical image, a perfect job report, and on and on is going to leave you ragged. You need time to refill you, and in our busy lives as homemakers the only way to make that time is to let certain things slide.

Talk with family members about what is enough when it comes to keeping the home tidy, to preparing meals each night, etc–it might not be as much as you think.

Quote from The Fringe Hours

Jessica was preaching to the choir when my eyes fell on this quote above in her book.

I think some people mistake my blog as only a thrifty lifestyle blog, but if you read my blog mission it is to…

Help moms find the time and money they need to pursue their passions while maintaining balance in their lives.

I want you, as a homemaker, to manage your money well so that you can have money to invest in you. Money to put into the passions that refuel you and help you go on to fuel those you love within your household.

Yes, I write money saving tips, but I also write time saving tips as well. Money and time were the two things that use to hold me back from pursuing passions, but then I found both a way to carve out more fringe hours in my day as well as ways to earn money or save money in some of those fringe hours that I could then use to spend on activities that refueled me in other fringe hours.

If you are struggling with trying to find time for you or you know what time you could be using but you won’t because you feel guilty taking time out for yourself, read The Fringe Hours: Making Time For You. The book addresses both issues, You will come away realizing that you are worth investing time in and you will also discover where exactly to fit that time into your day, your week, your month, and your year.

What book have you read lately that has caused you to go, “Oh yeah, girl. You get me!”

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