How To Get $25 Each Month To Spend On Cool Summer Treats


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This summer when things heat up, be ready with a plan that will keep you in gift cards for cool treats for little effort with Swagbucks.

How to get $25 each month to spend on cool treats this summer.


At Swagbucks it doesn’t take many SB point earning activities to earn a $25 gift card month after month, even less now that you only need 2200 SB points  for your first $25 gift card each month (any $25 gift cards after that during the same calendar month are 2500 SB points).

Plus, with the plan below you can simply get the app going and earn points while you get on with your day. No need to spend countless hours filling out surveys just to earn a gift card. Instead, spend the extra time you save relaxing and enjoy all the fun of summer.

How To Earn A $25 Gift Card Each Month From Swagbucks

1. Watch the Swagbucks TV App Daily.

  • Swagbucks TV App, 36 daily SB points = 1080 per month

2. Watch 3 other Apps Daily

  • EntertainNow App, 18 daily SB points = 540 per month
  • Sportly.TV App, 18 daily SB points = 540 per month
  • Lifestylz.TV App, 18 daily SB points = 540 per month

(please note: you do need to manually switch from one app to another app once you have reached your daily SB limit and you will also need to check on the app you have running from time to time to make sure it is functioning properly.)


Add these three activities together and you get 2700 SB points, which is more than enough for the 2200 point $25 gift card of your choice each and every month. You can either get another $5 gift card with the 500 extra SB points in the plan or you can simply do just enough app work to earn you $25 card and forget about the apps after that until next month.

How to get $25 each month to spend on cool treats this summer.

Over the summer months, cash these in for Cold Stone Creamery or Steak & Shake gift cards and enjoy a cool summer treat with the kids! Or make it a date night!

Of course, this is only one way to earn 2200 points. One thing I love about Swagbucks is all the different ways to earn including web searches, coupon printing, shopping online and many other activities that you probably already do online anyway…so why not get paid to do them? In fact, there are over 20 ways to earn SB points through Swagbucks.

One More Reason To Join Swagbucks Today

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How to get $25 each month to spend on cool treats this summer. (Giveaway ends May 27th)


And in case you needed just a bit more incentive to join– those that sign up for Swagbucks through this post from May 20th to May 27th will be entered in a drawing to win one $50 gift card of your choice!

To enter simply head over to Swagbucks through this link and create your Swagbucks account.

Swagbucks will pick and credit the amount needed for a $50 gift card to the account of the winner.

 Now that you are all signed up, here are two more of my Swagbucks earning plans you might want to check out so you know about all the ways to earn SB Points. (you are signed up, right? )

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3 Things I Am LOVING Lately: May 18


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3 Things I Am Loving Lately What about you

Only 2 more weeks until school comes to an end in our area. Well for the public school kids that is. Our two teenagers will be doing school over the summer so that they have more free time during our BIG trip to take in the sites. Thankfully Time4Learning takes a lot of the planning and marking work out of my hands, and my visual learners really like it. Up until now we have used it just for English but we are going to use it for History as well this upcoming school year.


First thing I am loving this week

Date night!

Despite the cold and rainy weather in Indiana, this past week, my husband and I did get to go for a long bike ride Friday afternoon. We biked just over an hour ,on a local trail, out to one of our favorite restaurants. After dinner we headed over  to the local ice cream parlor for ice cream before biking over an hour back to our home.

psst….long bike rides are much more comfortable since I bought padded shorts . I also saw a huge difference in comfort when I swapped out my bike seat to one with more support (okay cushioning but support make me sound like less of a wimp!)


Second thing I am loving lately

The encouragement I needed to hear

Right around  4 1/2 years ago I started this blog with the goal of making a full-time income by the 4 year mark and that hasn’t happened.

Now I do feel very blessed to make the steady part-time income I do make but I would be lying if I said that seeing others reach the same goal (full-time income) in less time has not been H.A.R.D.

There are days where I feel like I have the word FAILURE stamped across my forehead. One day last week when I was feeling just like that I got in an Epsom salt bath with the intention of digging into Karen Kingsbury’s book 15 Minutes.

I always read Kingsbury’s  book dedications to all her family members in every one of her books. In the dedication to one particular son I saw the sentence “Keep working, keep pushing, keep believing.” and it was like the words jumped  off the page and into my heart.

I needed those words so desperately in that moment. Perhaps you need them too. Slow growth is not no growth. Slow growth allows for the life balance we all crave. It allows for rest. It allows for relationships to grow and deepen. However sometimes slow growth means waiting even longer than we would like for a goal to be reached. Sometimes it means we hear the cheers for others crossing the finish line while we are still miles behind on the journey.

That is OKAY! Keep working, keep pushing, keep believing!

book i like

Third thing I am loving this week

A book that thrills my thrifty giving heart

Since receiving my Ultimate Homemaking Bundle I have been digging in to the amazing wealth of knowledge within it.

One of the first books I opened was Thinking Outside The Gift Box: 75 Simple & Meaningful Gift Ideas To Spark Your Creativity . I am LOVING all the great meaningful yet thrifty gift ideas within its pages.

These gifts will mean so much to your loved ones. I will be trying out several of Lauren’s ideas in the months to come.

And A Blogging Announcement

I am feeling lately like the blog has gotten a little too “thrifty people do” heavy. This blog is suppose to be about so much more than ways to save and earn money. This blog is suppose to inspire you to figure out how to live on less and get your work done in less time, so that you can have more money and time for the passions that spark joy in your life.

So I am moving my monthly goal update and cluttering project update from Monday to Wednesdays and making Mondays mostly about how to simplify life so you can have more time for all that brings you true joy.

That means the first Wednesday each month will be a goal update. All other Wednesdays will be  a 3 Things I am LOVING Lately post with  the fourth Wednesday sharing a picture at the bottom of the clutter I tossed during the month.

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3 Things That Helped Calm My Plantar Fasciitis The Most


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First off, I want to make it 100% clear before you read this post that I am not a medical professional of any kind. Today I am simply sharing what has worked to calm my plantar fasciitis down from pain so bad that even walking through the grocery store took effort to being able to run 3 miles again (almost) completely pain free.

3 things that helped calm my plantar fasciitis the most


What I share might work for you and it might not. I found out about all the things that I tried from searching “plantar fasciitis help” through google. I tried a lot of different things until I found a combination of things that seemed to work the best for me.

Regular readers, I know plantar Fasciitis doesn’t fit with my normal writing subjects, but people in real life and through the virtual world of blogging have been asking me how I managed to get my plantar fasciitis to heal enough for me to run again. I was sharing links to products that helped me all over the place when I finally decided to write a post with all the links in it so I can share the link to it over and over. Much easier! And I am all about keeping it simple.

3 Plantar Fasciitis Products I Found The Most Helpful

Night Splint/Boot

Purchasing this particular night splint/boot in my opinion did more to help calm my plantar fasciitis than anything else. I am saying calm in this article instead of heal because I am still experiencing pain, but it is very mild.

At first I was wearing a night sock (like this one) and it was helping. However, for some reason within a month of wearing it my big toe became infected beside the toe nail.  Now I have spoken to many people who have had great luck with the sock and it certainly is less cumbersome to wear than the boot. I am the only one I know of who ended up with an infected toe. Who knows why! My body is weird.

Once I replaced the sock with a boot I did something that I think made all the difference in the world. Since the boot is so simple to get off and on I started wearing it not only when I was sleeping, but also during the day whenever I was sitting.

This is not a walking boot. You cannot walk in it, but since it is so easy to snap on and off I just leave it where I sit and work during the day and snap it on and off as needed. The extra time in the boot seemed to make all the difference for me. Once I started doing this my pain significantly decreased within just a few days.

Compression foot sleeves

From the moment I get up in the morning until the time I go to bed, my affected foot is in a compression sleeve. I have tried two brands and so far I like this one best. However, I think it really depends on the shape and length of your foot. I have a narrow foot and wear a size 10 women’s shoe.

Foot compression sleeves simply provide added support, they do not heal, but for me they make a huge difference in my pain level if I have to walk or stand for any amount of time during the day–especially in the beginning stages of healing. Even with my foot giving me minimal pain now I still wear my compression sleeve most days and I wear it every time I run.

Shoe Insert

Shoe inserts for me dropped my pain level by at least 2 points on the pain scale the first time I put them in my shoes and went walking around the grocery store in them.

I have had great luck with the airplus plantar fascia orthotic (the link lets you see what they look like. Mine are pink for women and I get mine at Walmart for around $9). I chose this brand because I was told by someone that the main thing to look for in a plantar fascia insert is a solid arch support. In other words, if the arch part of the foot insert is flexible it isn’t going to work well for providing relief.

3 Things I Had To Do Physically To Help My Plantar Fasciitis Heal

Stop going barefoot

This one was hard for me. I am a huge barefoot lover. But the more I researched the more I saw over and over “stop going barefoot if you want to heal your plantar fasciitis.” I don’t like wearing outdoor shoes indoors so in the end I started wearing a pair of clogs similar to these that I can easily slip on and off whenever I  need to walk around the house. I put the inserts I told you about inside them. They work well.

Give up flip flops and unsupportive shoes

Again–hard! Lets face it, most shoes that are fashionable and cute are not supportive. And no flip flops! Torture in the summer time. I am still looking for a good supportive summer sandal. I have tried out a few brands and no luck yet. Some do seem to keep me fairly pain free but only if I am not walking much in them. If I want to walk a lot I have to switch to runners or my plantar fasciitis will flare up further.

Stop running and rest

I read a few articles that said you can run with plantar fasciitis, but the more I ran the more my foot would hurt post-run. It got to the point where I was hobbling all the time and I had to face facts and put my running shoes up for a while. I first took an entire 3 weeks off from exercise of any kind. Then added in yoga, followed by swimming, followed by stationary biking where I really watched my foot position on the pedal.

Once my pain was down to a 1 or 2 on the pain scale I started walking a mile. Once I realized it wasn’t hurting my foot further to walk a mile I slowly added in running. Currently I can make it to about 3 miles with only a slight increase in pain at the 3rd mile, but the pain subsides once I get home and put it in the boot for 30 minutes or so.

2 Other Things I Tried That Helped Give Relief

Foot roller

My yoga instructor was kind enough to give me this foot roller. I use it fairly faithfully every morning while eating breakfast and lunch. It feels really good, but I don’t feel like it heals much of anything; it seems simply to provide temporary relief.

Toe Separators

Yep, toe separators–as in what you put between your toes before you give yourself a pedicure. When I was in the worst pain at the beginning of the healing process I would stick these between my toes and almost immediately my pain would go down 2 points on the pain scale. It sounds odd, but it really did work for me.

Once again, I am not a medical professional. I offer this list of what helped me simply as just that a list of items that helped me. Everyone is unique. What helped me may not help another.

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