3 Things I Am LOVING Lately: September 28th


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3 Things I Am Loving Lately What about you

Fall arrived to Indiana this week. As I write it is currently pouring rain outside. I am not sure if I am really excited about it. I love the beauty of the leaves changing color this time of year–but I don’t like the drop in temperature. It seems like the older I get the more and more by body desires 70 plus degrees.


First Thing I am LOVING Lately…

A new weight lifting routine.

I took a few strength classes mid summer but they really didn’t fit well with my schedule so last week I took the plunge and started this three day a week dumbbell routine in my living room.

I have had to adapt it a bit since I don’t have a weight bench but it wasn’t hard–I just use a chair or the floor instead. I picked a routine I could easily do without a video or extra equipment so that I can do it while we are on our big RV trip.

I was surprised to figure out that I needed to go up to 10 pound dumbbells already. A lifting routine is so different than a cardio/strength  combo routine –you can lift heavier weights.



Second Thing I am LOVING Lately…

My coloring bible from Tyndale Rewards.

A few weeks ago Tyndale Rewards offered the Inspire bible for 250 points. Considering retail cost of the bible is over $30 I was thrilled. I was even more thrilled when the following week Tyndale Rewards offered the Inspire:Psalms for just 100 points.

I don’t know if these will be offered again but you might want to sign up for Tyndale Rewards. It isn’t hard to earn up to 100 points when you first open your account and it is fairly simple to earn enough points per month for a book. One way to earn each month is to  write reviews on Amazon and submit the link to Tyndale Rewards to receive points (you can earn 50 points a month that way).

Another simple thing to do is share your referral link to your friends on Facebook or Twitter  and share the URL to your share with Tyndale Rewards (you can earn 50 points a month that way).  Those actions right there will have you earning 100 points a month which is enough for most of their book selections.


Third Thing I am LOVING Lately…

An errand turns into a date day.

After we got home from our test run week of camping this summer,  we made up a list of supplies that we figure would come in handy for our 5 month RV trip.

On that list was a truck canopy (topper) . We really hoped we could save money by purchasing a secondhand one. After 2 months of searching for either a red or black (matches truck trim at least) topper to fit my husband’s 2008 GMC Sierra with crew cab and short box we found one.

It was a good 2 1/2 hours drive to where the owner of the topper lived, but the low price made it more than worth the 5 hours of driving. We decided to make an errand date day out of it. We stopped at a locally owned breakfast diner on the way there and did a bit of shopping on the way home.

Most importantly we did a lot of talking.

What has been a highlight in your past week ? Share it with me in the comments below.






Who On Earth Is She And How Do I Get Rid Of Her?


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There is this woman that keeps showing up at my house. First it was every 28 days or so, but now she is showing up as often as every 21 days and sometimes even more often than that.

She rages! She cries! She has annoyingly high energy–or she needs daily naps. She shovels down chocolate and sweets at an alarming speed.

I don’t like her and I want to get rid of her.

Are you being visited by an unknown woman each month?

Who is she?

That woman is me. It all started around the time I hit 40.

I started noticing first that my periods were getting closer together.

Then my PMS related mood swings went from fairly controllable to lock-me-in-a-room-and-don’t-let-me-out-until-this-week-of-insanity-is-over.

I went from shedding the odd tear on “that day” in my cycle to bawling over the littlest things–like cartoon characters whose parents seem absent. Seriously, where are Max and Ruby’s parents? Don’t they see that they are stealing Ruby’s childhood by having her care for Max all the time?

I went from wanting a chocolate bar to eating a chocolate bar followed by 3–okay maybe 4–cookies and washing it down with a Polar pop–not kidding. (Oh and just in case you are not from Indiana, a Polar pop is a pop/soda/coke that you pour by yourself into a foam cup at the gas station–I know, classy!)

So far I have put on miraculously only 10 pounds since I hit 40, but those 10 pounds are not budging and yes, I know the above confession probably has a lot to do with it.

I try counting calories and I do well until “that week” hits and then bam! It is like an alien comes out of me, goes on a sugar rage, and then retreats inside again leaving me to deal with the mess.

I see the scale swing up and down like my moods. Up 3 pounds, down 2 pounds, up 1 pound, down ½ a pound, up 2 pounds, down 3 pounds.

I am staying a steady weight, although it is about 20 pounds higher than I feel my healthiest at. Who knows how long that will last, though. Surely my body can’t put up with a once every 3 weeks diet of sugar and carbs followed by 2 weeks of good eating forever.

This post might be a bit TMI for some readers and for that I am sorry–but what I am hoping is that I will find out I am not the only one.

Please tell me I am not the only one!

What I plan to do about it

As much as I hate to admit it, I know that my female hormones have a lot to  do with “the her” that is disrupting my life every 21 days or less now.

I have always been one of those woman who hates blaming PMS or hormones for their behavior, thinking that self control mixed with self discipline should be enough–but it isn’t anymore.

If I am going to rid myself of this alien woman I truly believe I need to become better armed and I fully intend to do that.

Which is why I intend to start researching what might help. When I find something I will share it here!

Can you help me? Have you found something that has helped? Help a girl out and spill it in the comments below!









15 Ways Thrifty People Save Money On Real Food


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Our thrifty family eats a mainly real food diet. I won’t lie–there is the occasional corn dog and chicken nugget found in my home. I would say we follow the 80/20 principle, as in 80% real food and 20% not so real food.

Great tips for saving money on real foods at the grocery store. Healthy food and a healthy wallet.

Real food isn’t as expensive as some may think it is. In fact, from casually observing the totals of those in front of me in the grocery store checkout line with carts mostly full of not so real food versus my grocery total for my cart of mostly real food, I often have a smaller total.

Yep–eating real can be thrifty!

15 Ways Thrifty People Save Money On Real Food

1. Plan A Menu, then Make Your Grocery List

It takes me less than 10 minutes each week to plan a menu and perhaps another 10 minutes to make a grocery list. Those 20 minutes save me a substantial amount. First, I don’t waste food that was bought and never used. Second, we have a plan for dinner so we eat out less. Third, we shop our cupboards first and the grocery store second.

2. Keep a Price Book

A price book is a real food bargain grocery shoppers best friend. I will admit that I rarely carry around my price book anymore–mostly because once I set it up I then knew what type of foods were cheapest where and therefore didn’t need to carry it. However, I do like to dig my price book out now than then and check if item prices have changed significantly at certain sources, requiring me to switch stores.

3. Use Coupon Apps

Yes, it is true that coupon apps offer a lot of rebates for processed foods, but they also offer a small selection of real food rebates and then there are apps that simply offer you a cash back on your entire receipt no matter what you purchased.

Here are my top 3 apps for real foods:

20 quick and simple dinner ideas that will help you save money by avoiding takeout!

4. Keep Simple To Prepare Emergency Meals On Hand

I am not one who does a lot of traditional freezer cooking. Instead I tend to stock our pantry, fridge and freezer with ingredients that can make quick and simple dinners. These are great for activity filled nights where takeout is tempting yet expensive–and rarely real food based.

These are dinners such as scrambled eggs and toast or tuna melts with tomato soup. Certainly not gourmet, but they fill tummies in a hurry.

5. Cook From Scratch

Now, you don’t have to make everything from scratch but making some will certainly save you some serious cash. In our family, for instance, we bake a lot of our own buns and dough for pizza using our bread machines. We also bake most of our own baked goods.

6. Look For Real Food Beyond Your Local Grocery Store Chain

Real foods are available at more places than just your grocery store chain. For instance, I have found a great selection of whole foods a Big Lots for cheaper than my local grocery store. If your town has one, I have heard people saving money on real foods at small ethnic grocery stores.

7. Start A Garden

You don’t need a huge yard to reap real food benefits from a vegetable garden. Our yard is small and yet ever year we grow more tomatoes, beans and cucumbers than our family of five can eat–and we are just using a very small area of our yard.

8. Look For Clearance Items

Real food often expires fairly quickly so it can frequently be found with markdown stickers on it all around your grocery store. Our family has benefited from these mark down stickers recently for grass feed beef, saving $1.50 per pound on 8 pounds, making our total savings $12. Since ground beef is easy to freeze, picking up this type of real food mark down is a no-brainer.

Other real food markdowns are not as simple to decide if they are worth it. Since the item is usually marked down because it is very close to its expiration date you need to be able to use it fast. Therefore don’t buy real food markdowns if you can’t think of a way to use it up right then and there (excluding items that can easily be frozen for later use).

9. Shop Less

It seems to be Murphy’s law that the more trips to the grocery store, the more impulse items you come home with. Few are able to completely avoid impulse items all together. Therefore the fewer times you visit the grocery store the fewer chances you have of purchasing something not on your list.

Another great way to combat this tendency is to make it a rule that you take a look in your cart as you are about to approach the checkout and take out at least one item. Making this a habit will save you from many an impulse buy. (psst…I learned this tip from my friend Cherie Lowe in her book Slaying The Debt Dragon).

10. Shop Wholesale Membership Stores

I worked it out one time and our family saves enough on yeast each year by buying it at Sam’s club instead of in the grocery store to pay for our Sam’s club membership for the year. That’s just one whole food item we buy at Sam’s. Over the course of a year we buy dozens of items and save way more than the membership price.

11. Shop The Frozen Section

Many real foods are available in the frozen section for a substantial discount over fresh, especially if it is out of season. Frozen foods are often flash frozen, which means they are frozen shortly after they are picked, locking in the nutrition of the vegetable or fruit.

12. Avoid Food Waste

Our family used to throw away a lot of spoiled fruits and veggies bought to snack on until I started cutting up our fruits and vegetables right after I returned from grocery shopping and placed them in see-through glass containers with lids and started storing them in one simple to access area.

13. Consider Dry Beans Instead Of Canned

Confession: lately I have fallen out of the habit of soaking beans overnight and then rinsing them and placing one to two cups full in a freezer safe container to use for meals later. Not only does this habit save money, it also is generally healthier for us as many canned versions of beans contain added sodium–plus there is the whole BPA issue with can foods.

So I understand that life gets busy and canned beans become easier than dealing with dried, but it really is pretty simple and quick to soak and freeze beans–honestly it is, google it. Now I need to just get back to doing it myself.

14. Shop Local

If your town has a farmer’s market, attend it regularly and you will find some great local fresh food for less than you might find at the grocery store. Joining a local CSA if your community has one is another great way to get fresh foods for less.

15. Never Stop Learning

This is my number one thrifty tip for all those wanting to become thrifty ninjas no matter what area of finances they are trying to save money in: become a life long learner.

Never stop reading and researching from those who know more.

One great  book that is full of way to save money on your groceries is Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half with America’s Cheapest Family: Includes So Many Innovative Strategies You Won’t Have to Cut Coupons. Most of the money saving  tips in the book can be applied to real food very easily.

Other posts about saving money on healthy food…

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