7 Christmas Themed Swap-It Parties That Will Save You Money


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Most people love attending a Christmas party or two over the Christmas season. Most people also feel financial strain during the holidays more than any other time of year. So this year why not host a Christmas party that will save you and your friends money? This list of Christmas themed swap-it parties will help you do just that.

Host these Christmas themed swap-it parties and save money this Christmas.

7 Christmas Themed Swap-It Parties That Will Save You Money

1. Christmas Attire Swap

Your son needs a white dress shirt and a red tie for the school holiday performance. You know he won’t wear either again so shelling out cash for them is hard on your thrifty nature.

Your office is holding yet another ugly Christmas sweater party and you have already worn yours to the party three years in a row. You tried Goodwill already, but it seems like everyone in town must have had the same idea because there was not a single ugly Christmas sweater on their racks.

You are not the only one with one-time only Christmas attire needs–your friends have them too. Invite them all to your home and tell them to bring their last year’s barely worn Christmas attire as well as a snack or drink to share.

Spend the evening swapping Christmas stories and clothes.

2. Christmas Puzzle, Book & Movie

Christmas traditions can include completing a family Christmas puzzle, reading Christmas books aloud as a family or holding a special family Christmas movie night.

Instead of buying new ones each year form a puzzle, book and movie swap with friends who share these same traditions.

3. Christmas Cookie Swap

Confession, I am not a fan of Christmas cookie swaps. My family knows what Christmas cookies they like and they won’t stray from those few.

However, if you don’t have a cookie snob family then Christmas cookie swaps can be amazing time and money savers. We all know baking more than one batch of something saves time. It also saves money as special ingredients only have to be bought for one type of cookie.

4. Christmas Decor Swap

You just can’t stand looking at that Christmas town scene one more time. It is still in great shape but you are so bored with it.

Perhaps you moved and the Christmas decor from your last house just doesn’t look right in the new house?

Solution–invite your friends over for a Christmas decor swap party.

5. Craft Supply Swap

There is a rare person out there who doesn’t have a craft supply stash that hasn’t seen the light of day in a long while. The rest of us need to go into that dark place and bring those supplies out into the light.

Those supplies that are still in like new shape can be used in a craft supply swap party so that your friends can make Christmas gifts out of the craft supplies that no longer bring you inspiration and you can make Christmas gifts out of theirs.

A variation of this party is to simply have all your friends bring the craft supplies they are willing to share to your home and then that night you all make crafts out of your pooled supplies. Make sure to tell your friends to bring crafting basics like scissors, glue gun, etc if you decided to do this variation of the crafting supply swap party.

6. DIY Gift Swap

If those craft supplies still do inspire you to craft then go ahead and use them. Perhaps you have enough supplies to make half  a dozen or more of one type of craft. If so, you are in good shape to hold a DIY gift swap with your friends.

Have six friends bring half a dozen homemade craft items to swap. Each of you will go home with six unique Christmas gifts to give.

7. Christmas Mug Swap

Bored with your current selection of Christmas mugs? Turn your desire for new ones into a fun night with friends. Tell each friend to bring along a Christmas mug they are willing to part with plus a cocoa mix, a cocoa topping or stir-in like marshmallows or peppermint extract, and cookies or another snack to share. Swap mugs and then enjoy an evening of sweet fellowship over hot cocoa and cookies.

  • For a simple and inexpensive cocoa recipe check out my 3 ingredient Hot Chocolate. The recipe is for one cup, but it can be easily enlarged to make a batch large enough for a crowd.

How to Plan a Christmas to Remember on a Super Tight Budget

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3 Things I am LOVING This Week: December 7


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3 Things I Am Loving Lately What about you

This last week seems like a blur of book editing, trip preparations and a whole lot of Christmas thrown in. Yep, I am still working on that eBook. I might be the slowest eBook writer ever. The book is around 44,000 words and I want each one to help you and your family financially –that takes time.


First Thing I am LOVING Lately…

My Christmas tree ornaments are done.

Last year around this time I took out a few balls of green yarn, a ball of red and a bunch of buttons. I set out to knit as many Christmas trees as I could with the yarn I had, using my pattern.

But then the Christmas season got busy and I never got around to finishing them. Finally on Sunday I finished all 10 DIY Christmas tree decorations.

Ten minutes later I moved on to making fingerless gloves using my pattern for them.


Second Thing I am LOVING Lately…

Another Christmas tradition enjoyed for this season.

For a few years now the redhead runner and I have ran the local light display during the Christmas season.

I am a big fan of Christmas traditions as you might have guessed by my list of 25 Christmas Traditions For Families On A Tight Budget.


Third Thing I am LOVING Lately

Our RV is finally home!

We took our RV in to the shop for some trim repair way back in September. The RV repair shop finally completed the work on it in late November. My husband didn’t have a day off to pick it up until this past Friday.

Now that it is back in the driveway we are making small changes to it such as adding shelving so that we can maximize its storage.

I also ordered a few things off Hollar.com to help us with our storage needs, including a package of 12 black binder clips for a very special project I am hoping to share with you soon. The item I am look forward to the most in this new Hollar order though is the queen size duvet cover for just $10!

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5 Gifts For College Students Under $15


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Do you have a college student on your gift list, but you’re not sure what to get them? Well I can help you out.

I asked a college student to give me a few ideas for great gifts for under $15. I then took her ideas and used them as a guideline to create this list of gifts for both college guys and college gals.

Find that perfect gift for the college student on your Christmas list.

5 Gifts For College Students Under $15

1. Gift Cards

Help your college student keep his or her Netflix account going with a Netflix gift card. Or if a Redbox is available in his or her area pick them up a Redbox gift card.

Of course, really a gift card for any place you know he or she likes to eat or shop is always appreciated.

psst… Did you know you can earn Netflix gift cards through InstaGC and that Swagbucks offers Redbox gift cards.

2. Computer Accessories

Pretty much every college student has a laptop nowadays and laptop sleeves help protect it as it is carried around campus. They are available in plain colors or bold patterns.

Laptop decals are a fun way for college students to personalize their  laptops and they come in dozens of variations from Darth Vader to colorful city scenes.

3. Dorm Room Accessories

Fairy lights are a big hit in dorm rooms across the nation. Another fun mood lighting gift is this miniature disco ball with remote control.

4. Water Bottles And Travel Mugs

Coffee helps with those late night study sessions and an insulated travel mug helps keep it hot until all the terms for the test are memorized. This one is suppose to be just as good as YETI for much less money.

Water is so much more fun to drink when you have a water bottle with a built in fruit infuser.

5. Cell Phone Accessories

These PopSockets are easy to put on and take off your phone as needed. They act as cell phone stands, tangle free ear bud storage and more. They come in a variety of different colors and designs.

Another great cell phone accessories for the college age crowd is a portable charger so they can charge their cell phone no matter where they are. My family owns several of this brand and they often come on sale for under $15.

Please note all items listed were under $15 when this post was published, but prices could change at anytime.


Use my referral link for Hollar | Snail Pace TransformationsPsst…A lot of items similar to these can be found at Hollar, an online variety store with prices starting at just $1 per item. Free shipping starts at just $10 with your first order.