15 Books That Will Plant Seeds Of Contentment And Gratitude Within Your Heart

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I don’t know about you, but I know sometimes I really struggle with discontentment. Most times it lingers in the background and thankfulness is stronger. And then there are those days that I feel more like a green envy monster that wants everything I don’t have. Like my neighbor’s car, my friend’s house, the bigger blogger’s earnings, the hair of the lady in front of me and for goodness sake, why can’t I have the body I had at 20 again–this time I would appreciate it more!

On those raging with discontentment days, it is often something I read that will help me calm down and realize I have enough already. Sometimes it isn’t even a book I read that day, but one I read years ago that planted a seed of contentment and gratitude in my heart.


Boost your contentment and gratitude with these books!

15 Books That Will Plant Seeds Of Contentment And Gratitude Within Your Heart

15 Books That Will Plant Seeds Of Contentment And Gratitude Within Your Heart

Financial & Consumer Contentment

1. More or Less: Choosing a Lifestyle of Excessive Generosity

Do you really need more? Or could you get by with less? Could you share what you have already and still have enough? The book More or Less will challenge you to think through all these questions and more. Most of us all have some type of excess in our lives and we can help change the world by sharing it.

2. Enough: Finding More by Living with Less

When is enough, enough? What is your financial enough? Are you striving for the right financial things? If you lived on less could you do more? These are the questions Enough: Finding More by Living with Less will help you work through.

3. Enough, Revised and Updated: Discovering Joy through Simplicity and Generosity

Enough is a tiny book, but its pages are packed with wisdom that will help you become more financially content, overcome financial fears and discover joy through simplicity and generosity.

4. Satisfied: Discovering Contentment in a World of Consumption

Seeking a happy, contented life means swimming against the current of our consumerism society. Satisfied will help open your eyes to which way you have been floating in the consumerism pond and how to start paddling towards the shore of a contented, satisfied life.

15 Books That Will Plant Seeds Of Contentment And Gratitude Within Your Heart

Self Contentment

5. Why Your Weirdness Is Wonderful: Embrace Your Quirks and Live Your Strengths

I LOVED this book! If you have a quirky personality like me, chances are you need the message of Why Your Weirdness is Wonderful. Guess what? Your unique personality is exactly what this world needs.

6. Free to Be Me: Becoming the Young Woman God Created You to Be

So this book was written for young adults, but even though I am above 40 years old now I got a self-contentment boost when I read Free to Be Me.

7. Wild and Free: A Hope-Filled Anthem for the Woman Who Feels She is Both Too Much and Never Enough

If you have ever been told that you need to turn your personality down a little or that you need to be more, then Wild and Free might be just the book you need to be content in all you are.

8. A Million Little Ways: Uncover the Art You Were Made to Live

You are an artist–yes, you. Stop listening to your inner critic that says you are not an artist just because you can’t draw, sing, or write and start seeing the art you create in your everyday life. That is what you will find when you read A Million Little Ways.

15 Books That Will Plant Seeds Of Contentment And Gratitude Within Your Heart

Mom Life Contentment

9. Longing for Paris: One Woman’s Search for Joy, Beauty, and Adventure—Right Where She Is

If in the middle of sweeping up Cheerios for the millionth time this week you have found yourself thinking, “Is this really all there is to my life?” Then Longing for Paris is the book for you. Learn how to find beauty and adventure in the often mundane mom life.

15 Books That Will Plant Seeds Of Contentment And Gratitude Within Your Heart

Home Sweet Home Contentment

10. The Nesting Place: It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect to Be Beautiful

Learn how to let your personality shine in your home so that you love every inch of it, imperfections and all. That is what The Nesting Place will help you do–and in a way that doesn’t cost you money you don’t have.

11. The More of Less: Finding the Life You Want Under Everything You Own

Is all that stuff making you happy or is it making you more discontent? Within the pages of The More of Less, learn how to say no to more stuff so you can say yes to more life.

15 Books That Will Plant Seeds Of Contentment And Gratitude Within Your Heart

Life Stories That Will Inspire You To Grow In Contentment And Generosity

12. Rhinestone Jesus: Saying Yes to God When Sparkly, Safe Faith Is No Longer Enough

Is the pursuit of a safe life keeping you from living a contented life? The author of Rhinestone Jesus admits it was for her and when she pushed it aside to follow a crazy plan God placed in her heart, the results were simply amazing. Many lives have been dramatically changed for the better because of the work Kristen Welch said yes to.

13. Kisses from Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption

The heart of the author of Kisses from Katie is WOW! I can’t think of a better word to describe Katie–a teenager whose heart for orphans is so HUGE! (well, she isn’t a teenager now, but she was when she started her work).

15 Books That Will Plant Seeds Of Contentment And Gratitude Within Your Heart

Growing A Heart Of Gratitude

14. One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are

Learn how to see the gifts in even the littlest of things around you is key if you want to live a contented life. One Thousand Gifts will help you do just that.

15. Purchase And Use A Gratitude Journal

The daily practice of writing down a few things I am thankful for each day before I go to bed has dramatically affected my contentment and gratitude. I started with a simple dollar store, week-at-a-glance calendar that I created a cute cover for. But a few years back I received a five years at a glance journal and have been using it instead–(it is similar to this five year one). I enjoy being able to see what I was thankful for a year ago and the year before that.

There are, of course, journals made specifically for gratitude entries. Pick what suits your pocketbook and personality best.

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19 Ways To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Money Making Machine

(Links in this post are affiliate links. I will be compensated when you make a purchase by clicking those links. See my disclosure page for more information.)

(Links in this post are affiliate links. I will be compensated when you make a purchase by clicking those links. See my disclosure page for more information)

Are you looking for ways to generate a part-time to full-time income while working a flexible schedule? What if I told you your smartphone could help you do just that?

I spent some time researching ways to make money using smartphone apps. I was happily surprised by what I found. I had no idea there were so many ways to use your smartphone to earn anywhere from a few dollars a month to thousands of dollars a month.


19 Ways To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Money Making Machine: Earn a part-time to full-time income through apps on your smartphone.

How much you can earn depends largely on your skill set and your location. Anyone can use a coupon app to earn a gift card, but not everyone is going to be able to use a tutor app to help someone study for college level psychology. The more populated areas have more opportunities so if you live in a small town you won’t have as many app earning opportunities as those who live in the major cities–but that doesn’t mean you can’t earn something.

19 Ways To Turn YourSmartphone Into A Money Making Machine

Please note that this is one of those rare times where I have listed apps that I have not tried out myself. I wanted to make sure that all ways to earn money with your smartphone were covered so you know all your options and that means I ran into ways I haven’t tried. I did, however, take the time to check the app’s ratings and read a few reviews.

Use caution when signing up to work for all apps. Spend time researching them, read reviews, ask your Facebook friends if they have tried them. If you can, try them out as a buyer first to give you a feel of how they work.

1. Earn Money By Taking Photos


Snap a picture and upload it to Foap. If someone buys it, Foap gets half the proceeds and you get to keep the other half--this video says the current selling price is $10–meaning you would get $5 per photo. Brands are also willing to pay people to perform photo missions. If your photo gets picked for a photo mission, you could earn some serious cash; some are reported to pay well over $1,000. (info all came from video)


Snapwire also offers a 50/50 share with photographers. I clicked around and discovered photos ranging from $5 to $500. They have what they call a leveling system–basically you earn points for good work, and those points can boost your exposure on the site. They also have a request area where you can submit a photo for a specific meme that a company is requesting. Should yours be chosen you get 70% of the selling price.

2. Earn Money By Reselling Your Stuff


Poshmark is an app for selling clothing. You can sell women’s, boys’, girls’ and even baby clothing. You can also sell accessories, bags, and shoes. Press the “sell tab” in the app to upload pictures of items from you closest you don’t want, follow the directions and within minutes have it for sale (get $5 off your first purchase when you use my referral code SNAILPACER when you download and sign up in the app).

Poshmark takes a $2.95 fee for all items that sell and are under $15. For those over $15 you get 80% and Poshmark gets 20%.


Simply sign up for an account here (this is my referral link and when you use it you get $10 off your first order) then download the app. Whenever you clean out your closet or your children’s closet, request a Clean Out Kit and send your clothes into ThredUp free of charge. Make sure everything you send is defect free, on trend and brand name (there is a full list of accepted brands on their site–might be in the app too, I am not sure). You can either take store credit, a PayPal deposit (fee applied) or a ThredUP prepaid visa card.


I sold items on eBay on a relatively regular basis for a few years when my children were all little. Back then I listed things using my desktop computer, but now it is possible to list items using just the eBay app on your smartphone.

Here is my list of eBay tips that will help you sell your items. It was written for people using a personal computer or laptop to list, but the tips mostly apply to selling in the app as well.


Letgo is a 100% free to use app for reselling your no longer wanted items. From cars to electronics, to the kitchen sink, you can sell it all on Letgo.  Although free, I did notice that it says there are some in-app purchases you can make if you want to gain your item better exposure.


19 Ways To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Money Making Machine

3. Earn Money By Giving Others A Ride

Turn your vehicle into a taxi. The app that gets you the most work might depend on your area.

Lyft Driver

Uber Driver

4. Earn Money Watching Videos


When you sign up for Swagbucks, you gain a way to earn gift cards for things you already do online like search the web and shopping. But Swagbucks also allows you to earn points by watching videos through seven different apps.

  • Swagbucks TV App: 36 daily SB points
  • EntertainNow App: 18 daily SB points
  • Sportly.TV App: 18 daily SB points
  • Lifestylz App: 18 daily SB points
  • MovieCli.ps: 18 daily SB points
  • Amped 360: 18 daily SB points
  • IndyMusic.tv: 18 daily SB points

Use my referral link for Swagbucks | Snail Pace Transformations


5. Earn Money By Helping Others Move Big Things

Do you own a truck and have a pretty good set of muscles? Well, you might want to look into apps where you can hire yourself out to do moving jobs big and small.


Sign up under the “Become a Lugger” tab on their website and then use the app to book jobs and get paid.


As with Lugg, you need to sign up on their website first using the “Become A Tasker” tab.


19 Ways To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Money Making Machine

6. Earn Money Delivering Restaurant Food

Sign up to work at one of the companies below, get their app and then get paid to deliver food from a restaurant to a hungry person. Some of these apps don’t even require you to have a car, a bike or a scooter might be OK too.



Uber Eats

7. Earn Money Answering Surveys

SB Answer

This is another way to earn Swagbucks through your smartphone. You can also find surveys that will earn you SB points that add up to gift card cash outs using the general Swagbucks app.

Go here and open up a Swagbucks account and then download the apps and start earning gift cards in those “waiting” moments; waiting on kids, waiting for food, waiting in line, etc.

Psst…Swagbucks is one of many points earning companies that allow you to cash out for Paypal gift cards. That is real money in your bank account! Here is my list of other programs that I know of that offer the Paypal option.

8. Earn Money Buying And Delivering Groceries


So I couldn’t tell if you could technically work through the Instacart app. But I do know that if you go to the website, you can sign up to be either a shopper or a cashier if you don’t have a car and if you do have a car, you could try for either a shopper/deliverer or just a delivery position. I assume once you are hired you would get work through the Instacart app somehow.

19 Ways To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Money Making Machine

9. Earn Money Renting Out A Room Or A Home


Got an extra room in your home? List it on Airbnb for others to rent and then communicate with guests and potential guests through the Airbnb app.

10. Earn Money By Being A Mystery Shopper

Download a Mystery Shopping app, sign up for an account and then see if there are any missions in your area. Complete a mission and you get paid. How you get paid and how much depends on the task and the app.

Easy Shift


I decided I wanted to try out this Mystery Shopping gig for myself so I signed up for mobee. Enter my referral code PN1F during sign-up (I get 300 points when you do and I think you get something too. If you use it, come back and tell me if you did get something and what it was).

11. Earn Money While Getting And Staying Fit

When I looked at apps that pay you to get and stay fit, I stayed away from ones that cost money. All the apps listed below are 100% free, but they do require that you own a device that tracks your activity or use an app that does so you may need to purchase one to use the app. Now I have another reason to add a Fitbit to my Christmas list.


Walgreens Balance Rewards (looks like it is done within the Walgreens app)


19 Ways To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Money Making Machine

12. Earn Money Babysitting

Love children? Sign up to be a babysitter. You, of course, have to go through a series of background checks first through the app you want to use.


100% free to join. Urbansitter does not take a percentage of your earnings or charge fees for jobs.


I found the hiring fees a bit difficult to understand when I researched Care.com, but from what I understand there are fees involved. I would assume that when you sign up those fees would be explained.

13. Earn Money Dogsitting

If you love pets and love walking them, then working through a pet sitting app might be a good source of income for you.


Through Rover you can get the following doggy oriented jobs: dog boarding, house sitting, drop-in sitting, dog daycare or dog walking.  You get to set your fees.

14. Earn Money Housecleaning

Like to clean? Sign up and find a housekeeping job through these apps.



19 Ways To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Money Making Machine

15. Earn Money Tutoring

Apply and find tutoring jobs that are either in person ones or through video or text with these apps. Please note: as with other apps on this list you may have to sign up online to be a tutor, then you will use the app to find jobs and interact with students.

Wyzant for Tutors

Chegg Tutor


16. Earn Money As A Handyman


Sign up online and offer your handyman services to others. Anything from assembling a desk, to raking leaves, to minor home repairs. Handle jobs and payments through the app.

17. Earn Money Freelancing


Are you good at making image quotes? Can you proofread? Edit video? If so you might want to look into the Fiverr app if your income could use a boost.

19 Ways To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Money Making Machine

18. Earn Money Back On Your Grocery Shopping Or Almost Any Other Purchase

19. Earn Money Sharing Your Knowledge Of Your Hometown With Others


I knew you could post a room or a home for overnight guests at Airbnb, but I didn’t know until researching for this article that you can also create an experience for tourists and charge for it. Perhaps you have vast knowledge about the plants found on local trails. If so, create a guided nature hike experience. Or are you an instructor of some sort–yoga, surfing, etc.? Can you use your expertise to create a tourist specific class? Like a yoga class while watching the sunrise at the local park.

My suggestion: go over to Airbnb and check out the “Experiences” area for ideas of what you might be able to offer tourists for a fee.

Am I missing any great apps? Or perhaps a different way to make money through an app? If so, list them in the comment area below. I am looking forward to learning new ways to earn money with a smartphone.

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10 Simple Decluttering Habits You Need To Develop To Become Clutter Free

(Links in this post are affiliate links. I will be compensated when you make a purchase by clicking those links. See my disclosure page for more information.)

(Links in this post are affiliate links. I will be compensated when you make a purchase by clicking those links. See my disclosure page for more information)

What if your house could shift from constantly cluttered to clutter free without complicated routines to get it and keep it that way? Well, it can–if you are willing to develop decluttering habits to replace your current clutter habits.

Develop these decluttering habits and blast clutter out of your home for good!

A Bit Of Background On The Power Of Habits

Habits are powerful tools allowing you to do routine tasks with little thought–tasks like tossing clutter on a continual basis.

In this article, which reviews the book The Power Of Habits: Why We Do What We Do In Life And Business, the “habit loop” is explained. Basically to form a habit you need a cue, a routine, and a reward. For instance, let’s say you want to start taking vitamins regularly. To set a cue, you leave them out on the kitchen counter where you can see them (physical cue) you then start taking them each morning after breakfast (routine), soon you start feeling more energetic throughout the day (reward). The reward of more energy then strengthens your desire to keep your routine until it becomes a habit so ingrained you don’t even need to keep the vitamins on the kitchen counter anymore, you now just automatically think of taking them the moment you finish breakfast.

So how long does it take to create a habit loop?  In The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results the author shares a study by the University College of London that states that it takes on average 66 days to form a new habit. Since that is an “average” my snail pacing self-says, “Give yourself 90 days to form a new habit.” Why 90? First, it seems like an easier number to remember than 66. Secondly, 90 days is essentially three calendar months, give or take a day or two, so you can set goals to form a new habit every three months–allowing you to aim for four new habits a year.

Want less clutter in your home? Read the list of 10 decluttering habits below and pick one to develop over the next three months. When you are done with that one choose and create a habit loop for another. Repeat until you have developed enough clutter tossing habits to keep your home organized.

10 Decluttering Habits You Need To Develop To Become Clutter Free

1. One In One Out

Buy a new shirt, give one away–right away. Buy new jeans, donate a pair–before you even get a chance to wear the new ones.  This goes for replacing broken items too; throw the broken ones away before you even purchase the new ones. Admit it: how many times have you bought a new item to replace a broken one and then never gotten around to tossing the unusable item away?

I know our family has. One example that comes to mind is when our washing machine broke down. We bought and hauled a new one down to our basement, but were too tired that evening to haul the old broken one out. That broken machine sat in our basement for six months before we finally made it a priority to get rid of it.

2. Attack Clutter 15 Minutes A Day, 6 Days A Week

Clutter grows because we don’t prioritize attacking it on a regular basis. An excellent way to keep your clutter away for good is to schedule 15 minutes a day to attack it. Perhaps right after your morning coffee or the first 15 minutes you get home after work.

For most homes, this will keep clutter from growing and it might even shrink a pile or two over time–depending on how much clutter you have and how large your home is.

10 Simple Decluttering Habits You Need To Develop To Become Clutter Free

3. Toss A Certain Number Of Items A Day, 6 Days A Week

This is a very simple habit to create and can be used to either rid your home of clutter or keep it clutter free. All you need to do is pick a number. Now toss that number of items each day, six days a week (you get a day off for good behavior 🙂 ).

The more clutter you have the higher number you should pick.  Make sure to have a box ready to collect items that are in donation worthy condition.

4. Every Weekend Attack One Clutter Pile Until it is Gone

I made a huge dent in my grief clutter when I sat down and wrote out a plan to attack one area of our home each week for 52 weeks–you can too! Just grab a pen and some paper and walk around your home writing down cluttered areas you think you could attack in one afternoon. For me that was a bookshelf or a bathroom cupboard.

Keep the areas small so you can get that feeling of reward every time. If you have more time and you feel like it, then by all means keep tossing that clutter. However, if you don’t feel like tossing clutter that weekend, do your agreed upon area anyway–no excuses. Trust me, developing grit will pay off.

10 Simple Decluttering Habits You Need To Develop To Become Clutter Free

5. Every Weekend Attack The Clutter In One Room For 90 Minutes

Perhaps you brain just doesn’t work in areas like mine does–all you can see is a huge room of clutter. If that is you, then try the timer method for weekend decluttering sessions. Make yourself stick to decluttering for 90 minutes at the same time every weekend. Pick a room to begin in and then go at it weekend after weekend, 90 minutes at a time until it is done.

And again if your timer goes off after 90 minutes and you feel like you want to work longer, then go for it! But always do at least 90 minutes.

Housekeeping tip: There is just something about watching an old fashioned kitchen timer, instead of the one on your phone, count down to motivate you to work faster; you might want to consider investing in one.

6. After Dinner Tidy Up For 15 Minutes Before Hitting The Couch

A lot of clutter is essentially paper and items that never got put away correctly. To keep these two types of clutter from growing out of control, a daily tidy up is essential.

A perfect time for this is right after dinner. If you can get all the members of the household involved in the tidy session. Assign each person an area, and then set the timer for 15 minutes and put as many items as possible back in their proper homes and stack the miscellaneous  papers up in a basket to deal with later (more on paper handling in a minute).

10 Simple Decluttering Habits You Need To Develop To Become Clutter Free

7. Never Leave A Room Empty Handed

This habit right here is a HUGE game changer for those who are not great at putting things away the moment they are done with them–please tell me this isn’t just me. When I follow this rule, messy, every day clutter is kept to a minimum. Dirty socks are picked up on the way from the TV room to the bathroom and put in the laundry bin found there. School books found on the dining room table are transferred to backpacks found in the kids’ rooms on the way to my bedroom. Random garbage is regularly taken out of my car and placed in the kitchen trash because this habit applies to vehicles too.

8. Put Stuff Back The Moment You Are Finished Using It

For me, putting stuff back the moment you are finished using it is a habit I still need to form. I am better with rule seven, which makes me put stuff back as I move from room to room. However, after observing my tidy friends I noticed that this rule is a major game changer in the clutter department. Following this rule right here appears to be how they keep their homes tidy 24/7 with minimal effort.

There is some ground work to do before you can create this habit; you have to assign everything a place. To assign everything a place you first have to decide if you need it in your home in the first place. So this habit is for maintaining areas you have already decluttered.

Housekeeping tip: Tired of hearing the excuse “I didn’t put it away because I didn’t know where it went”? Buy a label maker (our family has one made by this brand) and label homes for everything–it will kill this excuse.

Oh, and if you are like me and you like having all you need for a current project at hand, here is my adaptation of this rule for projects. I create an ongoing project box, basket, or bin depending what the supplies for my current project fit best in. The container holds all I need to complete my project and sits in the room where I am working on it until I am done.

When I have time to work, I can grab my project bin and get to work. When I am done with work for the day, I make myself put all the tools and supplies back in the project bin. The bin is my project pile tamer. Best part: when we are cleaning up for guests, I just have to pick up the container and move it to my room temporarily. Easy-peasy.

10 Simple Decluttering Habits You Need To Develop To Become Clutter Free

9. Set A Regular Donation Goal And Pickup Or Drop Off Date

Sometimes we have the best of intentions. We box up stuff to give away and then those boxes themselves become hallway clutter as they sit there month after month waiting for us to finally put them in our vehicles and drive to the donation site.

You can avoid this clutter by setting a regular day each month that you drop off at least one box to your local thrift store. Here is the bonus of creating this habit: you now have a goal of tossing at least one box a month of items you no longer need.

If you live in a larger area, you may be able to automate this goal by calling thrift stores in your area and seeing if one offers free pick up of donations, some even allow you to set a recurring pick up day.

10. Handle All Physical Mail, School Papers, And Other Paperwork ASAP

When you gather the mail walk right to the recycling bin and toss junk mail in it. Place a paper shredder (our family has this one and have been happy with it) near your recycle bin so you can shred unnecessary paper with personal information at the same time. Finish off you mail sorting by putting papers you need to keep in a basket. Don’t let that basket grow too high! Once a week at least deal with those papers–file, mail, pay, etc.

Make a habit of also doing this with the papers you kids bring home from school.

This should reduce the amount of paper found around your home during your after dinner tidy (number six), however, paper does seem to reproduce all on its own. Don’t allow that basket to hit the brim. When it is getting close, use the next daily 15 minute decluttering session to tame it.

Got another simple decluttering habit people can develop? Share it in the comments below.

Need decluttering support? Join the Snail Pace Clutter Removers Facebook Group where women cheer each other on in their decluttering journey.

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