The Best Tip For Improving Your Homemaking Skills


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It makes me cringe when I hear a woman say “oh I am just a homemaker” . A homemaker is so much more than “just”. A homemaker is “all” and “more”.

You are so much more than just a homemaker you are all, you are more.

A homemaker is a child specialist, a communications expert, a time management whiz, a first aid attendant, a squeezer of a dollar, and much much more.

Yet, the job is given with no need of a degree. The training is all on the job,  without anyone to supervise and train. Sure your mom probably taught you how to wash dishes and scrub a floor, but did she prepare you to figure out how to do it after you have been up all night with a crying baby and you have 30 other “to dos” tugging at your mind.

The best tip for improving your homemaking skills So simple and yet it makes such a huge difference

Which is why I think on of the best ways to improve as a homemaker is gain knowledge from those with experience by reading. Read books on time management. Read books on cooking. Read books on home finances. Read books on home business. Read books …and then read some more.

I think reading isn’t just important for new homemakers either but also for those of us who have been homemakers for years. You can always learn something new and that something new could change your day to day in such a positive way that you will wonder why it took you so long to learn about it.

How To Make Time To Read

If you want to find time to read first you have to make it a priority. I do that by setting a goal every year to read 52 books.

I make time to read those 52 books with the tricks you can find in this article…..15 Ways to Read More.

How To Squeeze Reading Into Your Budget

Thanks to your local library reading can be 100% free. However sometimes you find a book on homemaking to be something you want to refer to again and again, for those types of books I like to use Swagbucks to earn Amazon gift cards.  (if you are new to Swagbucks here is an article that explains with screen shots how it works).

Books I recommend for homemaking help

Are you thinking …ya right…I barely have time to slow down & breathe and you want me to make time to read? Well can you find just 15 minutes for 14 days to complete a course that will help you find time to read…or…pursue whatever dream you have shelved during this busy season? Yes? Well then Crystal Paine’s course Make Over Your Mornings can help. Watch a video each morning and do the short workbook activity for the day and watch your days start to transform from barely survivable to thriving as you apply what you learn.

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