Stop Soaking & Start Doing


A sponge can only soak up so much soapy water before it becomes unable to do the job it was intended to do. A water logged sponge cannot scrub anything.

Stop Soaking and Start Doing

The same applies to people who absorb knowledge but never use it.  Stop soaking and start doing.

This post is as much for me as it is for my readers. I admit I am often more of a soaker than a doer.

I am not saying one shouldn’t research a topic before jumping in, only that there is a point when you must put down the books and simply start.

So much more is learned in the doing than in the researching. We learn from our mistakes. It is in doing, that  we find out what specific areas we really do need to research more and what areas of our ventures seem to come natural to us and therefore we need not waste time researching.

A prime example of this in my life is in blogging. If you read my first post, (yes it is rough and very humbling to read now), you will see that it was my husband that gave me a push to stop soaking and start doing. He gave me a firm deadline, one week to learn all I could about blogging and then get it up and running and press enter.

Oh what I have learned from doing, instead of soaking. I still have a lot more to learn but I am amazed at what I have learned so far and I don’t regret my quick start at all.

I want to encourage you this week, to take some time to think, what areas of your life are you holding back in because you think you don’t know enough about them to jump in fully?

Don’t become the useless sponge, instead soak up just enough to become usable and then learn the rest in the doing.

Stop soaking and start doing.

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