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52 plus books read in 2015This the third year in a row now that I have tracked my books on a page on my blog. I find it really helps to motivate me to read more. If you find a title you like, click on the blue title and check it out in further detail.

1. Slaying The Debt Dragon: How one family conquered their money monster and found an inspired happily ever after.

An inspiring read that inspired my post Grocery Store 1o Commandments. If you want out of debt, are working your way out of debt, or want to stay out of debt this read is for you.

2. The Perfect Match: (Deep Haven Book 3)

I got hooked on Susan May Warren books through Tyndale Rewards, and now I am snatching them up from paperback swap.  Romantic suspenseful faith filled reads that always make me think.

3. The Shadow Of Your Smile: (Deep Haven Book 5)

I am currently kicking myself for reading this book out of order, I somehow mixed up. Don’t you hate that when you do that to a book series. Anyways that aside, this book was just like all the Susan May Warren books I have read so far, full of romance, suspense, and a faith filled message that made me stretch in my thinking.

4. My Foolish Heart: (Deep Haven Book 4)

I always say the sign of a good book is one that makes me cry or laugh and My Foolish Hear made me do both.

5. Priceless Christmas: Creating A Joyous Christmas For Next To Nothing

This was a e-book that I read on my kindle app on my phone. It had some good ideas in it.

6. Notes From A Blue Bike: The Art Of Living Intentionally In A Chaotic World

This book was like a personal chat with the author Tsh. You really got into her mind as she shared why her family lives the way they do.

7. $10 Great Dates: Connecting, Love, Marriage and Fun On A Budget

LOVED this book. So many great unique ideas for inexpensive dates for married couples. Read my review here (and no I did not have to review this book, I just liked it so much I had to share it with my readers)

8. The Antelope In The Living Room: The Real Story Of Two People Sharing One Life

I LAUGHED my way through this entire book. So funny! If you have been married more than a year you will relate to the stories told in this title.

9. The 15 Success Traits Of Pro-Bloggers: A Proven Road Map To Becoming A Full Time Blogger

This book was very well written. I ended up highlighting several areas of it for future reference and finished it feeling revitalized to push to the next level in my blogging.

10. Always On My Mind: Christiansen Family Book 4

I am hooked on Susan May Warren’s Christiansen family books. This book arrived on my doorstep Saturday and I dived into it that night and finished it the next day. It didn’t disappoint. Great life lessons, great believable characters, and an awesome message.

11. Balanced:Finding Center As A Work-At-Home Mom

I found this read by Tricia Goyer to be very encouraging. I didn’t really learn anything new in the time management area but I did come away being encouraged and reassured that I am doing the right thing both at home and in my business when it comes to balance.

12. The Abs Diet: Eat Right Every Time Guide

This book helped me take off 15 pounds a few years back and finally after trying various ways to lose the weight I have gained while blogging I am going back to it. This is really a reread for me but a needed one. This eating plan works for me as it doesn’t leave me hungry and I can still have a lot of the foods I love.

13. In The Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day: How To Survive & Thrive When Opportunity Roars

Wow! A great read. It will puff you up and give you the courage to step out and go for it.

14. Evergreen: A Christiansen Winter Novella (Christiansen Family)

I love Susan May Warren’s Christiansen family so much! I often think of how they might be doing today. Yes I know they are NOT REAL, but Warren makes them seem so real to me.

15: The Lamp: Just Believe

I was excited to snap this title up for free since I really loved another book by the same author called “The Gift”. Although “The Lamp” was good, and had an awesome ending I found some of the story line a bit “unbelievable”.

16. One Bite At A Time: 52 Projects For Making Life Simpler

I got this ebook in the Ultimate Homemakers bundle and couldn’t wait to read it. I have read both of Tsh’s other books and loved them. This ebook did have a lot of the same content as her site The Art Of Simple, but she makes that known to you in the introduction. I found the ebook to be a great personal checkup for how our family is doing in keeping things simple in a complicated world.

 17. 50 Frugal Dates

This ebook was also part of the Ultimate Homemakers bundle. It was well written with lots of ideas of memory building time to spend with your spouse either with or without children.

18. Steal Like An Artist

Very inspiring read. I think I highlighted half of the book.

19. Fred 2.0

How to serve others right!

20. I Know How She Does It

It was okay. The book I think would be more helpful to full time out of the home working mothers of children under 5 than for this part time work at home mom of teenagers.

21. You Don’t Know Me

I read it from start to finish in one day on the beaches of Jamaica. OH MY! I loved this series and was sad to see it end with this book.

22. Without A Trace

I am not  big  mystery book fan but I really like Colleen Coble’s mystery series and the first book of The Rock Harbor series had me glued to the edge of my seat at parts.

23. Beyond A Doubt

I am really falling for the characters of this series and can’t wait to read the next book.

24. Into The Deep

What is the real cost of unforgiveness? Is it really worth it?

25.  Run To Overcome: The inspiring story of an American champion’s long-distance quest to achieve a big dream

Marathoner Meb Keflezighi’s life story. A story full of hardship, success and failure.

26. Jesus Today: Experience Hope Through His Presence

This has been my nightly devotion book since the beginning of the year. Although I didn’t enjoy it as much as Jesus is Calling, I did still like it and was encouraged and comforted by its  words.

27. Cry In The Night (Rock Harbor Series Book 5)

Another great read by Colleen Coble.

28. Silent Night: A Rock Harbor Christmas Novella

What a perfect short read to end such a great series. Like icing on a cake it finished the Rock Harbor series well although I am of course left wonder ….what are the characters up to now?

 29. The Woman Of Mystery :Unveiling The Secret Of True Romance

There were parts of this book that I felt challenged by and other parts that I felt were just “okay “.

30. Flash: The Homeless Donkey Who Taught Me About Life, Faith, And Second Chances

I was so pleasantly shocked by Flash. I was expecting a light and funny story about a donkey and got a life wisdom packed tale that I am taking to heart and using it to make changes in my life.

31. Kisses From Katie: A Story Of Relentless Love and Redemption

I was deeply convicted by Kisses From Katie. Here is a young women 1/2 my age doing 300 times as much good in the world for Jesus as I am. I am using that conviction to put more action into my words.

32. Choosing To See: A Journey Of Struggle and Hope

Choosing To See had me laughing on one page, crying on the next and screaming “that is not fair” on the page after that. This story goes well beyond the Chapman’s lose of a child it is instead the life story of Mary Chapman.

33. Road Trip To Redemption: A Disconnected Family, a Cross Country Adventure, and an Amazing Journey Of Healing And Grace.

This book was okay in my eyes. It had parts where I felt lead into deeper thought by the author  but other parts where I thought the author just rambled.

34. The Real Skinny On Losing It : True Confessions and Divine Revelations of a Former Yo-Yo Dieter

This book was not at all what I expected it to be. The author listed every diet she had been on her entire life and what worked with it and what didn’t. She didn’t really get very deep into the makings of a  healthy weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight afterwards.

35. The Best Yes: Making Wise Decisions In The Midst Of Endless Demands

This book is going to be one that I don’t just give away but instead just let others borrow because I am going to want to re-read the pages of The Best Yes over and over again. If you are struggling to keep up with others demands on your time you need to read this book. If you feel like you should always say yes you need to read this book. If you say no all the time and wonder if you should say yes, you need to read this book.

36. Own Your Life: Living With Deep Intention, Bold Faith, And Generous Love

Are you influencing those that matter most to you? Are you owning the life God has given you and doing the most you can with it?

37. Nobody’s Cuter Than You

I love all of Melanie Shankle’s books including her new title Nobody’s Cuter Than You..a story about friendships and their importance in our lives.

38. Longing For Paris: One Women’s Search For Joy, Beauty and Adventure–Right Where She Is

Can I just admit that Paris is not one of those places I have really dreamed of seeing, now Greece and Italy–oh how I would love to go there. Still even though I don’t long for Paris, I was still able to relate to the words within Longing For Paris and I think almost any mom out there can. Sarah Mae— can help you see your life from a new perspective–one of adventure in the every day–and adventure you don’t want to miss.

39. Surprised By Motherhood: Everything I Never Expected About Being A Mom

Since I have wanted to be a mom as far back as I could remember I really didn’t know if I would be able to relate to Lisa Jo Baker’s story as a woman who at one time never wanted children and now has 3 she loves immensely. Boy was I wrong, I found myself traveling back in time right along with Lisa Jo. As she told her story about journeying into motherhood I was reliving mine in my head.

40. 31 Days Of Living Well & Spending Zero: Freeze Your Spending. Change Your Life

This book started out as a challenge that Ruth, the author of 31 Days of Living Well & Spending Zero wrote about over on her blog Living Well Spending Less. Yes you could just hop over to the blog and follow her series there, but the book makes it a whole lot easier to reference the daily challenges as well as it goes into more depth than the posts on the blog (at least from what I could tell).  I have always been one of those people who thought “I am thrifty enough I don’t need to do a spending freeze” but after reading 31 Days of Living Well & Spending Zero I have to say I am trying to convince the hubby to do one next year as I can see it has huge benefits beyond saving a few bucks.

41: Free To Be Me: Becoming The Young Woman God Created You To Be

I know the author Stasi Eldredge intended  Free To Be Me to be for younger woman as in those in the “college” years but I got a lot out of it even though I am in my 40’s (that is still younger than some right?).  I will never look at buttercups the same I am an amazing beauty who grew out of the mud.

42: Simply Tuesday

I heard others raving about Simply Tuesday so I was so happy to receive a copy from a friend to read. I have to say though although I did resonate with the book  and its message of living in the small moments–I found it a bit hard to read. Emily P Freeman’s writing style is very different than my own and so I found myself rereading sections again and again to get the full meaning of them. Still I would recommend this book to anyone who struggles with living a slow life while others are speeding around them.

43. Reader Magnets: Get Readers To Come To You

Although a very short read Reader Magnets is cram packed with information that I think all those who are trying to build an online presence through blogging or writing eBooks or both need to read. It helped me shape a new plan for reaching readers in the upcoming months.

44. 31 Days To A Clutter Free Life: One Month, To Clear Your Home, Mind & Schedule

If the thought of decluttering paralyzes  31 Days To A Clutter Free Life could be your answer to getting unstuck. The book goes step by step through each of the major hot clutter zones of our lives and helps you to declutter them and come up with a system to keep them uncluttered. However, remember what takes 31 days for some might take longer for others. I know for me personally it would take me months to do each area in as great of detail as the book suggests. Snail pace the book to your own speed.

45. Money Making Mom

If you are interested in becoming a mom with her own business whether it be home based or not you are going to want to grab a copy of Money Making Mom . In the pages you will find inspiration, courage and wisdom from Crystal Paine.

46. The Story Keeper

Lisa Wingate is currently one of my favorite fiction authors. The Story Keeper did take me longer than most to really get into the story but when I did I couldn’t put it down.

47. Almost Amish: One Woman’s Quest For A Slower, Simpler, More Sustainable Life

The book Almost Amish left me craving a simpler lifestyles and gave me the action points to do just that.

48. The ONE Thing: The Surprising Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results

The book The ONE Thing has me overhauling my goals for 2016 in a more focused way.

49. The Search Committee

The Search Committee was funny and yet very raw. It was a good look at how the attitudes and behaviors of people are often driven by past events that have deeply effected the.

50. Unglued: Making Wise Choices In The Midst Of Raw Emotions

If you were to ask my three children, and my husband how I am emotionally without a doubt in my mind I know you are going to get the answer “she is a human roller coaster”. Which is why I wanted to read Unglued so bad and the wisdom within its pages did help. It helps to know I am not alone. It helps to know that it is okay if my progress towards not pitching fits isn’t perfect. I also found words of advice that I can use down the road to come unglued less.

51. Better All The Time : A Darling Family Novel

I read the first Darling novel All Right Here and LOVED IT. I was so excited when Tyndale sent me Better All The Time as part of a prize pack I won. It did not disappoint. I spent Christmas Eve and most of Christmas day wrapped up in the lives of the Darling family and am anxiously awaiting for the 3rd book to come out.

52. Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit Of Less

I chose this book purely because Micheal Hyatt mentions it over and over in his podcast episodes. It didn’t disappoint Essentialism had me rethinking what I should be doing with my time and what I shouldn’t so that I live life with my main priority always in first place-my family.

53. The Greatest Gift: Unwrapping The Full Love Story Of Christmas

I love each Christmas to either read a book about the Christmas story or do a devotion starting December 1st to December 25th on the topic of Jesus’ birth.  The Greatest Gift was awesome. I loved its heartwarming words.


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