Selling Saturdays:The Simplest Way I know to Sell Your Stuff

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the simplest way to make money selling items you no longer useI don’t know how many times in my life I have heard my friends say after I tell them what I sold at my yard sale, or on eBay “oh I wish I would have known you were going to sell that, I would have bought it”.

So one day when I was getting ready for an upcoming Craigslist clear out weekend, I decided to first take all the photos I had taken of the items and create virtual yard sale on Facebook.

How I created A Virtual Yard Sale On Facebook

1. I created an album labeled  Things Headed to Craigslist. My current album is labeled Virtual Yard Sale

2. I listed under each photo a description of the item, including condition, measurements, age, brand, size and price.

3. I gave my Facebook friends a one week first dibs time frame before I then listed the articles on Craigslist.

4. I shared the album just once a day, at various different times of the day, so as to catch the early risers, the afternoon baby is napping time for a break readers, and the night owls.

5. Each day I  showed  a different picture as its album cover each  time. Each time I posted it I talked about the item on the cover in the comment box above the shared post.

By the time the week was over around half of the items were sold.

The benefits of selling on your Facebook home page is that you know these people in real life so there are no worries about stranger danger. Also you probably tend to run into them in real life through out your week so arranging pick up is much easier.

The drawbacks of selling  on your Facebook home page is some people on Facebook do get irritated by selling posts. So do keep your selling photos to one album, and don’t share it more than once a day. Also, don’t create a different album every week, of the year. I would suggest listing on your Facebook just a few times throughout the year.

The last drawback is that haggling with friends can be awkward. So I tend to price my items a little lower on Facebook than I would on eBay or Craigslist, because they are saving me that hassle of listing, and shipping or arranging meet ups. Lower prices means fewer awkward haggling sessions.

I know now that several areas have started their own “buy and sell” Facebook pages, and I have heard that they work very well, for selling off your stuff fast. I however have not tried these pages yet, but when I do, you can count on me to blog about it (Update: I tried it and here are my tips)

How about you? Have you tried to list anything for sale on your personal Facebook page? Did it work?

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  1. do you have to pay taxes to sell at a yard sale on face biik,,because i sell once in awhile on ebay

    • If it is your own personal stuff then no, but if it is stuff you bought specifically for reselling for a profit then yes. However I am not an expert in this area so you would be best to check with someone who is first.


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