How To Make A Fantastic Root Beer Float


I know some of you might be looking at the title of the post and going really “How to Make A Root Beer Float” who on earth can’t? Well you left out one word the title reads “How to Make a Fantastic Root Beer Float”.

How to make a fantastic root beer floatBy fantastic, I mean a root bear float that is icy cold, and has root beer ice cream crystals in it. If you don’t know what I mean then you probably haven’t experiences a fantastic root beer float.

Step By Step Instructions On How To Make A Fantastic Root Beer Float

1. It begins with good ingredients

Here is where this thrifty person is going to jump out of her usual “name brand” verse “store brand” makes no difference skin. When it comes to creating a fantastic root beer float brands matter.

I always use Breyer’s Vanilla Bean Ice- cream and A&W root beer,bought on sale of course and with coupons if I can find them.

2. You have to have the right glass

For a dollar you can get the big glass mugs in the above picture at Dollar Tree. We have a set of 8 for our family of five, because we tend to serve root beer floats when our children have friends over.

3. Everything must be chilled

I put the glass mugs in the freezer a few hours before I plan on serving the root beer floats. I think it is a given that the ice cream is stored in the freezer but you might not think of putting the root beer in the freezer and that is an important step.

I put our root beer in the freezer 1 to 2 hours before I serve the floats.

4.  Fill the mug in the right order

Ice cream first and root beer second this will help give the ice cream those yummy root beer ice crystals. To avoid to much foam when pouring the root beer, tilt the glass on an angle and pour it slow.

5. Don’t forget a straw and a long spoon

I always keep a Dollar store pack of bendy straws on hand for root beer floats and our 4 other favorite icy cold summer drinks. We use our spoons from our tableware set as they are just long enough to reach the bottom.

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  1. I could drink one right now! My mother in law is on her way over with doughnut holes, so that will have to satisfy my sugar cravings! And I think that will be enough for now!

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