Homemade Nerds Ice Cream: No Machine Needed

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nerds ice cream

I know I have said over and over that no machine needed ice cream is so easy to make that even a child can do it. So I had my daughter make homemade Nerds ice cream all by herself to show you just how simple it is.

ingredientsThe basic ingredients are just whipping creme and sweetened condensed milk. What you add in is up to you. In this case we added a theater sized box of nerds and a splash of pure vanilla.

mixing ice creamYou begin by beating the whipping creme until it is firm.

condensed milk

Then you add in the sweetened condensed milk until it is well blended with the whipping creme.

nerds in ice cream

Lastly go ahead and add in your stir ins. This time we used a box of nerds and a dash of vanilla. Stir these in with a spoon so that they don’t get too crushed up and also it seems to help the mix ins from sinking from the bottom. If you really want to make sure you mix ins stay blended all the way through you can place the plain mixture in the freeze for an hour or so to firm up a bit and then add in your mix ins.

finished ice cream

And now it is time to place your container in the freezer for 10 to 12 hours before serving. It really is that simple!

Homemade Nerds Ice Cream: No Machine Needed
  • 1 can sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 pint heavy whipping creme
  • 1 splash of pure vanilla
  • 1 theater sized box of nerds candy
  1. whip up heavy whipping creme
  2. stir in sweetened condensed milk until well blended
  3. us a spoon to stir in vanilla and nerds
  4. place container in freezer 10 to 12 hours

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  1. me and my kids just finished making this and are looking forward to it being tonights dessert! thanks so much for sharing 🙂

    • Victoria says:

      Your welcome and I hope you enjoy it. This recipe can be made in as many different ways as their are candy lovers out there.

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