10 Ways To Tame Clutter

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10 Ways To Tame ClutterI don’t  see myself ever being labeled a minimalist but I have learned a few things that help curb my clutter ways

1. Contain it

I set myself space guidelines such as I can’t own more purses than what can fit in one basket.

2. Give It A Place To Land

I love baskets for corralling like items. I have several through out our home that hold everything from keys to receipts to items I use while running. Just like point number one I make myself sort through these baskets when ever they start to over flow.

3. Practice The One In One Out Rule

This rule is particularly helpful in the closet area. Each time I bring home a new item of clothes I get rid of one. After I preformed my closest overhaul on the last day of 2013 this rule should help me keep my newly tamed closet in tip top shape.

4. Stop Bringing It home

I have a tag on my keys that reads “Lord, help me to be grateful for what I have, to remember that I don’t need most of what I want, and that joy is found in simplicity and generosity” it is a quote from the book Enough by Adam Hamilton. I  look at it whenever I am tempted to shop as a form of entertainment.

5. Deal With It Now

When the mail comes in I try to dispose of the junk mail in the recycling or garbage right away instead of dumping it on the coffee table.

I am also trying to tidy up small piles of clutter the minute I see them with the thought of “it takes a minute at this size and a whole lot more time if I let it grow”.

6.  Spend 15 minutes a day on hot spots

I have a 8 week cleaning schedule that has me working on clutter in a particular room for 15 minutes a day for one week  and this has help curb my clutter ways significantly

7. Have A Regular Time Slot To Sell It

When I can successfully clear clutter and fill my wallet at the same time it is so rewarding. My goal is to make this happen 1 hour a week but truthfully I usually manage  2 to 3 hours  once every other month or so.

8. Celebrate small successes

I find taking a moment to admire my clean coffee table, or a neat book shelf helps me want to declutter more.

9. Admit failures

Exposing my clutter ways to my readers has motivated me to get rid of it.

10. Set Goals

One  thing I loved about participating in “4 Weeks to a More Organized Home” was the daily 7 toss it made me focus on getting rid of items that were just lying around.

My current goal is to keep a box in our upstairs hallway at all times for collecting no longer needed items wherever and whenever I should find them. Having the box in an area of the home that I pass by several times a day reminds me to stay active in tossing no longer needed items.

Readers, do you have any more tips for taming my clutter ways?

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  1. For me, the 15 minutes/day sorting through really bad areas is a must. I put some music on and just go to it. Then when my 15 minutes are done, I leave the area knowing I’ve done something worthwhile. You can get a lot sorted in just 15 minutes. I sometimes break this up into 5 minute blocks, and tackle 3 smaller areas. It’s very quick, and painless.

  2. I’d like to add a practice that helps me curb clutter. As often as I can, I offer to help someone pack and/or move. Seeing someone else’s clutter and how many boxes it takes to contain it motivates me to open a cupboard and closet every so often and give away, throw away, and organize. Of course, I prefer helping people more IN, not away 🙂 Thanks for the reminders. visiting today from Hungry for God.

  3. Great list. The mantra I like to use is, if I haven’t used it in a year, throw it out. And if my husband hasn’t used it in a year, throw it out when he’s not looking. 🙂

  4. These are great suggestions. Of course, ironically, I am reading this when I should be taming the clutter in my kitchen and home-office. I guess I better get to work on some of your steps.

  5. Great advise – thanks for sharing! We found you via We are THAT family’s WFMW Linky Party.

  6. Great ideas! I struggle with having a place for everything to land in our small home. Will a bigger home fix that? LOL Let’s hope!


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