10 Last Minute Gift Basket Ideas For Under $10

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Christmas is less than a week away. It is now too late to shop online unless you are willing to shell out for speedy delivery. There is still time to repurpose items into gifts if you can find the time between all the other Christmas events that are packed into the week before the big day, if not don’t fear  I made a trip to my local dollar store to help you out.

10 last minute Christmas gift basket ideas for under $10. Great ideas for all ages!

In our hometown Dollar Tree is our local dollar store but I am assuming you can find similar items at whatever store is in your area.

With items being just $1 a piece plus tax, you can easily make up a basket of items that can suit any gift recipient for under $10 . I wandered around my local Dollar Tree snapping pictures of items and writing down ideas of what type of baskets you can make.

(please note, these pictures are all taken on my older model Tracfone LG  smartphone, since I thought taking picture with  my cannon rebel while I shopped  might draw too much attention to me, so they are not as clean and crisp as my normal photos)

10 Last Minute Gift Basket Ideas Under $10

popcorn gift basket Under $101. Movie night in a basket

I got really brave and  put together this gift basket while in Dollar Tree then made room to photograph it, because I really wanted you to see what one complete gift basket would look like.  Yes people did stare. I mean really how many people do you see while shopping assembling a basket and then make room for it on  a shelf and start shooting photos of it? But you are worth it.

This basket is has a total of 8 items. You can make it a complete gift card by putting enough for one Redbox movie in an envelope.

gift basket idea mugs and cocoa

2. Personalized mugs for the whole family

Another great family gift would be these white mugs. Of course you are not going to leave them white. Head over to the office supply area and grab a sharpie and follow one of the many sharpie mug tutorials on Pinterest and make up personalized mugs for the whole family. Place them in a colorful tote and add in hot chocolate and peppermint sticks that they can use to stir.  (psst….I think nail polish would also work to decorate mugs)

Gift giving ideas for the dollar store

3. Car Fanatic gift basket

Grab one of the cleaning buckets seen above and fill it with a sponge, car interior cleaner, car tire cleaner, towels, and perhaps a few towels.

tool kit idea for a gift basket

4. New home basic tool kit

Grab one of the cleaning buckets, or a tool kit or belt if your dollar store has them and fill it with, basic tools like a hammer, screw drivers, measuring tape, crazy glue, duct tape, all the things that come in handy for a quick fix repairs.

kitchen supplies for gift baskets5. New home kitchen basket

For this one use a either a wire basket or a wicker one and fill it with all the things a new home owner needs in their kitchen. Pot holders, slotted spoons, can openers. Perhaps even a few glasses and dishes depending on how much you want to spend.

little artist gift basket

6. Craft basket for the little artist

fill a colorful plastic, with coloring books, crayons, craft kits, glitter glue, stickers and journals. You could also fill a cleaning caddy as this makes an excellent container for little artists to keep their supplies organized and portable.

fashionista gift basket

7. Dress up gift bag

Grab one of the giant gift bags and fill it with fairy wings and a wand. Or perhaps a dinosaur hat. A knights armor and shield. There were lots of different items for  young dress up fanatics at my dollar store.

hair accessories for gift basket

8.  Hair accessory basket

Whether you want a gift for a teenage girl who loves trying out different hairstyles or for a little girl with a love of hair bows, the dollar store has a tonne of great items you can make a basket out of.  Fill a colorful wire basket with a selection or brushes, and hair accessories that suit your recipient. You can also add shampoo, conditioner and hair styling products if you wish.

notebook and pens gift basket

9. Journal basket

Know someone who is always jotting things down in a notebook. The dollar store is a great place to grab them a gift. Mine had several blank journals to choose from as well as one that had a blank cover so you could add in colorful pens and stickers for them to personalize it with. There are also pens and highlighters.  Place these things in small reusable book bag, to complete the gift.

dog and cat treats gift basket

10. Don’t forget the family pet

The dollar store I went to had dog bowls that you could fill with dog treats and dog toys that you could give to your four legged friend to keep him or her busy while the family opens up their presents Christmas morning.

Hopefully this post assures you that even if you are out there this week shopping last minute you can still get some great gifts on a small budget.

 If Your Reading This At Least 2 Weeks Before Christmas …


If you do have time to shop online and let your purchases come to you instead of going out in those Christmas shopping crowds you are going to want to check out Hollar. Hollar in an online variety store with items starting at just $1! There are plenty of great items to fill a Christmas gift basket with over at Hollar. Go check it out. Shipping is free on your first order of $10 or more.

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  1. Oh, my goodness, you are a life saver with this post! There are some gifts I forgot to get and the money left in my budget is very low. This is perfect to save me! Thank you, thank you!

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