10 Free Spring Cleaning Printables

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I know a lot of people start their spring cleaning in March, but I prefer waiting until I can open up the windows and let the fresh air in as I clean, and around here you are not guaranteed those warm days until mid April or early May. Sure you might get a day here or there of warm weather before then but nothing with regularity, at least not usually.

10 free spring cleaning printables

I will admit I am not much of a spring cleaning zealot. I much prefer to work at removing the clutter and dust from my house one inch at a time. I also do a big clean of my home just before Christmas so that it looks great for the holidays.  However, there are certain areas of my house such as our front porch, back porch, basement and attic, that I like giving a good cleaning before the warm weather hits.

The porches I deep clean in spring because I want to have them ready to enjoy when the hot days of summer hit. The attic and  the basement I deep clean in spring because they don’t have heating or cooling systems in them so the temperature is finally right to be in them long enough to clean.

Even though I am not a huge spring cleaner, I do believe that each person should work with their own personal cleaning personality to obtain the best results, and so today’s article is to help you spring cleaners do just that.  I rounded up 10 different free resources for spring cleaning lovers to check out and print the one that works best with their cleaning personality.

Go for it! and when you done if you have energy left perhaps you can come over and help me lift the patio furniture out of the basement and onto the front and back porch 🙂 .

10 Free Spring Cleaning Printables

1. Cornerstone Confessions: Deep Cleaning Checklist

2. Make Lemonade: Spring Cleanings Calendar

3. Family Balance Sheet: 20 Spring Cleaning Tasks To Freshen Your Home

4. Pop Sugar: 30 Day Cleaning Challenge

5. Going Home To Roast: Spring Cleaning Printable

6. Freebie Finding Mom: All Inclusive Room By Room Spring Cleaning Checklist

7.  Frugal Living Mom: Spring Cleaning Check List

8. Ask Anna: Declutter Your Home Printable Checklist

9. Organize and Decorate Everything: 30 Day Spring Cleaning Schedule

10. Living Well Spending Less: The Big Clean

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Need Cleaners?

epantry 100 happinessIf you are like me cleaners are one of those things you forget to put on your grocery list. Nothing is more annoying than finally getting around to making time to spring clean only to discover you have to first hit the store for cleaners. With ePantry you can have those cleaners delivered directly to your doorstep.  I have mine set to deliver once every other month, and I can go in and switch the order around so that we get just what we need. ePantry sells more than cleaners too, they also sell personal products like shampoo and body wash. You can start your account with $10 off your first order. Check out their amazing soy candles scented with essential oils too, they will make your house smell AMAZING.

52 weeks to a simplified homefree printable plan (small)

Prefer an all year deluttering plan? Check out my 52 Weeks To An Organized Home.

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  1. I’m hoping to get some spring cleaning done this week while 3 of my kids are visiting their aunt. Thanks for all of the great printables! I’ll be using some them to help me stay organized. Stopping by from the IBN FB Group. 🙂

  2. Cheryl @Treasures from a Shoebox says:

    This is a very thorough list! We will be spring cleaning soon and I’m sure this will come in handy. Thanks for sharing. Stopping by from the IBN FB group.

  3. Wow! That’s a lot of great resources all gathered together! Thank you for this! I’m definitely following that pinterest board.

  4. Great post! You’re right, it hasn’t felt like spring until just this week!

  5. These are great! As a Virgo I love to have a tidy home but my boys don’t understand how to help me out. These lists will be great to show them things we are going to do.

  6. Jennifer says:

    These are great. We moved less than a year ago, but I’m already finding some areas that need a good cleaning. Now to just make the time….

  7. Thanks so much for including my printable. I’ll pin and share on fb.

  8. Now i just need someone to come do all these chores!! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Love this idea. I agree with Sam@PancakeWarriors – I just need someone to come and do the cleaning. I will even lay an organized plan for them to do it. 🙂

  10. I’m terrible at spring cleaning (or any cleaning) but thanks for a great round up of lists! Sharing on Facebook 🙂

  11. Great resources! I also do a bigger clean right before I put up the Christmas decorations. Then I have a smaller list of spring cleaning tasks to get done.

  12. Great post, Victoria! I found a lot from myself here. When I make a deep cleaning I do it for purpose – holidays or birthdays. The rest of the time I clean the visible places in my home.

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