How To Stay On Target Toward Reaching Your Goals


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It used to be that by mid February I would become uninspired with the list of goals I had set for myself or worse yet, I had already forgotten about a goal or two that I had set.

How to stay on target toward reaching your goals.

Chances are this has happened to you too. So how does one stay inspired and stop forgetting about yearly goals so early in the year and instead start making them happen?

I have discovered a simple practice that has me completing at least two-thirds of my yearly goals for the past few years now and the reasons I don’t complete the other third is usually because something in life got in the way (an injury, a job change, etc).

What is the practice that made me a goal achiever instead of just a goal setter? Keeping my goals continually before me at all times.

7 Ways To Keep Your Goals Visible At All Times

If you really want to achieve your goals you have to keep them on your mind 24/7. The best way to do this is to keep your goals visible in some way.

1. Read it

When you make your list of goals at the beginning of the year, start making one more list–a reading list. If one of your  goals is to run a marathon, spend sometime on Amazon looking at books on how to train for one and books by Olympic marathoners. Make a wish list of the titles that interest you and then either purchase them one by one or see if you can borrow them for free through your library.

Also look up magazines and podcasts that relate to your goals. Create a Pinterest board on the topic of your goals  and start reading and pinning articles that relate to it.

Set a goal to spend at least 30 minutes searching online each week for articles that support your goal, or to read a book a month, or listen to one podcast a week. The more informed you become about the topic of your goal, the greater the likelihood that you are going to see it achieved.

psst…Here are 6 places where you can earn Amazon gift card codes each month to create a research budget for your goal.  My favorite place to earn them is Swagbucks since so many of their ways to earn involve things I already do online.

2. Wear it

To do this pick one word, saying, or symbol that reminds you immediately about the goal you have set each and every time you look at it. Now think of all the products that you can have personalized with that word, saying, or symbol.

Perhaps a t-shirt, a bracelet, a necklace, a tote bag, a sweatshirt, anything and everything that you wear on your body or use as an accessory daily that you might be able to write a word or saying on is game.

I want to do this with my word of the year “one.” I keep meaning to get some alphabet beads and make myself a simple DIY bracelet with the word “one” on it but have yet to get around to it. The word “one” would remind me of many goals I set for myself this year such as “eat only one treat a day,” “try one new recipe a month,” “read one new business book a month,” or “go on at least one date day each month.”

psst…The daily deal sites GroopDealz and, often offer great deals on items that can be personalized.

3. Schedule it

This one practice right here makes all the difference in the world for me when it comes to reaching the goals I set for myself. The moment you dot the last ‘i’ and cross the last ‘t’ on your goal list, begin a brainstorming session on where you are going to fit time in your day, week, and month to work on your goals. Once you have a good plan of when and how long, get your calendar out and mark out the time you want to work on your goals.

Your planner doesn’t have to be fancy–a simple week at a glance planner that fits in your purse so you can take it everywhere as well as a simple wall or desk calendar placed somewhere you pass each day so that you look at the time you scheduled for your goal.

psst…I used clipboard planner for years to remind me of my goals each and every week, it was so simple and inexpensive to set up. You can read about it and grab the printables to get your own going here.

4. Frame it

Grab an 8 by 10 dollar store frame, or something more fancy if you desire, and then take the time to print out your goals in an attractive and readable manner and place them in a place you pass daily.

I know some people prefer to keep their goals private and if this is you, this idea still could work. There are many prominent and yet private areas in your home such as your closet, the inside of a cupboard door that you use often but visitors wouldn’t, or perhaps the laundry room.

If you are more artistic, you might enjoy going beyond just printing out your goals in a fancy font on your computer. You might want to try your hand at hand-lettering and then framing. Or you could go to pic monkey and create an image of your goals and then save it and have it printed using a Shutterfly free print deal.

psst…I am totally tempted by this book on hand-lettering and these pens that are supposed to be great for the art of hand-lettering. I am thinking of using them to help me create a pretty yet useful goal list.

5. Post it

This step is a combination of numbers 3 and 4. Instead of listing out your entire goal list and framing it, you simply post Post-it notes around your home with words and verses that remind you of your goal.

You could, of course, also make framed words, verses, or visuals that remind you of your goal as well.

psst…I have learned the hard way that cheap post it notes don’t work as well as the name brand ones. Reminders don’t work if they fall off your mirror and onto the floor. Buy name brand Post-it notes.

6. Share it

If you share your goals with others, they will do the reminding for you. Choose who you share your goals with wisely, especially if you are reaching for a huge, life-changing goal. You want to pick friends who will actually take the time to not just remind you of your goal, but to encourage you along your journey towards achieving it.

7. Tattoo it

I am not talking about a permanent tattoo, but the temporary kind. This can be a stick on tattoo or a henna tattoo or perhaps marker for a one day event like I did one year.

The morning of my first (and so far only) sprint triathlon I took the time to write a Bible verse that always gives me courage on my forearm. When I got morning-of race jitters about the swim (my biggest fear), I stared at that arm. I stared at it long enough that each and every swim stroke I took I was repeating that bible verse, which took my focus off my fears and on to completing what had been a life-long goal.

If you are going to take a year to reach your habit, I suggest doing the other 6 ideas before this one, but if you are in the final stretches of doing something big and you need a boost to get to the finish line, a temporary tattoo on your body where you see it visually at all times can really help boost your mindset–giving you that extra push you need to reach and make your goal.

Want to know how to track your goals daily to increase your chances of achieving them even greater? Check out this post I wrote on 6 ways to track your progress towards goals.

I would love to hear about what goals you are reaching for this year and how you are making sure you reach them! Share them with me in the comments below.

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  1. These are great ideas. I am a huge fan of post-it notes and completely agree with using name brand. It is not helpful at all if they don’t stick where you put them.

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