More Christmas Duplo Creations (& a Lego One Too)


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more duplo Christmas creations and lego tooAfter making an entire window display of Duplo Christmas creations my 11 year old daughter went on to make a few more to add to her Christmas display.

So many of you loved her first display that I thought I would share her new ones with you. Make sure to show them to your children so they too can be inspired to make you some Christmas decor out of their Duplo and Lego.

duplo giftI helped her tie the bow on her present. She made a few more after this one to place under the little Christmas tree she has in her room.

duplo reindeerShe  really wanted to make a reindeer for Santa but was hung up for a while on the fact that we did not have enough brown Duplo, and reindeer should be brown.

She finally decided yellow would have to do because Santa really needed a Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer by his side.

lego snowmanShe used Lego instead of Duplo to make her snowman. Mostly because we don’t have a lot of white Duplo either.

Which brings me to my biggest parent wish, I wish I could buy buckets of Duplo that were made up entirely of one color to feed my daughter’s current Duplo creation habit.

I also wonder is there such a thing as pink Duplo? Christmas season does not last forever and I know the only way I am going to get Courtney to destroy her Christmas creations is if I plant and idea in her head to make me new creations for the next holiday which would be Valentines.  We need, pink, white and red for that. They should just really make big holiday themed color boxes of the stuff  for crafty kids.

Hope you have fun creating with your Duplo and Lego no matter if your 1 or 100!

Duplo building sets make great gifts for Toddler’s and Preschoolers and Duplo art creation fans like my 11 year old Daughter (although she really wants just brown and white blocks! ideas?)

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  1. Corey Lesko says:

    There is the pink Lego duplo brick box that has pink in it but not sure if it would have enough. It also come with bunnies
    Which may inspire Easter. There is also one that makes
    A pink house which is made up mostly of pink ones. Maybe some good deals with Christmas time? Also your probably not interested in getting sets but some people got my boys the jake and the never land pirate set and it had some good brown ones in it! Love all her creations and my boys (well mostly the 2 year old the younger one likes whatever his brother does!) have loved looking at her creations!

  2. Thanks for linking this up at Anything Goes! Legos are so fun! I know they have lego stores where you can buy whatever pieces you need but I’m not sure about the duplo.

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