How To Use The Yaarlo App To Save Money On Groceries And More

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The Yaarlo app is a simple to use cashback app that can be used at most grocery stores–I have used it at both ALDI and Meijer in my area. The app can also be used at certain retail stores, restaurants (local, chain and fast food), gas stations, wholesale clubs and more.

How to use the Yaarlo App to save money on your groceries, restaurant purchases and more.

Although I signed up for the Yaarlo app quite some time ago it wasn’t until recently that I started using it and I am kicking myself for not starting to use it earlier.

How To Use The Yaarlo App To Save Money On Groceries And More

1. Sign up

Click here to sign up and enter my referral code VICTORIA424 to earn more than if you sign up without a referral code (I can’t find out exactly how much more–if you discover it, let me know in the comments).

2. Go shopping, keep your receipt and upload it to Yaarlo

Open up your Yaarlo app and click on the Scan a Receipt area. When you get there, give the app permission to access your camera and then shoot a picture of your receipt.

The receipt must clearly show the store name, date and total amount spent. If your receipt is long, you can fold it when you take the picture–you just have to make sure it shows these items.

Currently Yaarlo can be used at over 100 different locations. There appears to be no full list of stores, but it only takes a few seconds to load up a receipt and see if it happens to be one of the accepted stores.

In the FAQ area of the app it says that it can take Yaarlo up to 30 days to credit your cashback. When I have done it I have had it take anywhere from mere minutes to 2-3 days.

You can enter receipts that are up to 14 days old–so if you forget to do it the day of your shopping trip don’t panic: you still have time.

If you shop online you can still use Yaarlo.

You can use the Shop ‘n Earn area of the either the app or Yaarlo’s website to shop at your favorite online stores and earn a cashback.

How to earn gift cards using Yaarlo--it is so simple!

3. Cash out and enjoy your gift card

When you hit the $10 threshold you can cash out your earnings for gift cards.

Yaarlo has $10, $20 and $50 cash outs.

At the $10 level there are currently 31 different options including Amazon, iTunes, Walmart, and Old Navy.

At the $20 level there are again currently 31 different options, but there are some new ones–including Panera Bread.

At the $50 level there are over 35 different gift cards with new additions such as Paypal, Hyatt (Hello, getaway!) and Build-A-Bear.

Gift cards can take up to 48 hours to be delivered to your account. They are e-gift cards and are delivered to the My Gift Card section found when you press the 3 bar menu sign at the top of the app. I was able to print mine off by going to the Yaarlo website and entering my account there (we don’t have a wireless printer yet).

I believe you could also use the gift cards in store simply by showing the cashier the gift card within the Yaarlo app, but I have yet to try that out yet.

Now–you certainly are not going to get rich using the Yaarlo apps, but little streams of income like this really do add up.

Don’t forget to use my code VICTORIA424 when you sign up for Yaarlo so that you can earn a bonus.

Have you tried Yaarlo?

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Receipt Hog: A Simple App For Earning Gift Cards

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I first started using Receipt Hog a few months back when I realized I could use it to save money at Aldi . I had read about it over and over and don’t know why it took me so long to start an account. Receipt Hog has got to be the simplest point earning app I have used yet.

How to use Receipt Hog to earn gift cards

How To Use Receipt Hog

1. Sign up for an account here

If you decide to skip this step and head straight to downloading the app to sign up there make sure to enter the code YECT1667 to start your account with 5 spins (more on what spins are later)

2. Download the app and sign in

3. Check out the list of stores that Receipt Hog works with

Earn gift cards with Receipt Hog at these stores and more

If you go to the setting section of the Receipt Hog app you will see that it works at retailers that sell groceries, health items, and beauty products including Walmart, Meijer, Kroger, and many more.

Earn gift cards with Reciept Hog from these store and more. So simpleReceipt Hog doesn’t work with just stores that sell groceries though–they also accepts receipts from non-grocery stores like The Home Depot, KOHL’S, JCPenney’s, and more.

4. The next time you go shopping  upload a receipt when you are done

Uploading a receipt is easy. You simply press the “camera” tab and line up the receipt along the guide, taking several pictures if need be to get the whole receipt from top to bottom and then press submit. You will receive payment normally within a few hours, though the time can vary.

Hog slots a fun way to earn coins at Receipt Hog

5. Enjoy watching the coins add up

Grocery store receipts primarily pay in points (called coins).

Other receipts pay in spins that you can use in the slots area.

redeem your coins for gift cards at Receipt Hog

5. Cash out your coins

If you click on the “Rewards” symbol at the bottom of the app you can slide over to “Redeem Prizes” (in green at top of prize area). Pick whether you want Amazon gift cards or a Paypal deposit as payment (both are equal in coin value).

Cash out for the prizes begins at 1000 coins for $5 and goes up to $30 for 4500 coins making the higher cash out a better value.

how redeeming in receipt hog works

Once you pick your choice of payment it will take up to 7 days to receive it. PayPal will be directly deposited to your account whereas with Amazon you will receive a code to redeem.

6. Tell your friends  and you both win

When you share your referral code, mine is YECT1667, and they enter it in the process of signing up, you get 10 spins and they start their account with 5 spins.

Don’t wait like I did–sign up for Receipt Hog today and start earning coins towards your first payout.

Available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon–get your copy here!


Best Deals & Top Post Of The Week

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I know I don’t normally post on Saturdays but some really great deals came into my inbox the last few days and I wanted to share them with you.

1. Schoola is offering free shipping right now and if you have signed up with them yet you can start your account with a $15 credit through my referral link (those words in blue). I finally used my sign up credit this morning and grabbed 2 t-shirts and a tank top in women’s size medium for my daughter (how did she get that big!). The credit should show up at check out. I don’t know how much longer the free shipping lasts so be sure to check at check out.

2. Amazon has a selection of children’s outdoor toys on for 40% off including this swing by Little Tikes. I happen to know from my daycare years that this swing works great and holds up to a lot of use. The swing is just $14.99, a great way to use up your Swagbucks earned Amazon gift cards.

Screen Shot cute baby shoes3. When my 3 kids were babies these are the only types of shoes they ever had on there feet. Today you can grab them at for $10.99 a pair plus $3.00 shipping for the first pair and $1.50 for every pair after that. These would make great baby shower gifts. (best part that I like these are from an Etsy seller so you are supporting small business)

4. Click the image to get all the details but right now you can get a $5 gift card when you buy 2 Tide at Target.

5. Upload a Selfie and create a trip to be entered in the Selfie-ish Hobo Contest. Three couples win Flight Tickets to destination of choice.

$3.00 off (1) Spin Master HEDBANZ game

$3.00 off (1) Spin Master MOUSTACHE SMASH game

$3.00 off (1) Spin Master FIBBER game
6. My daughter LOVES the Headbanz game and these other two games Fibber and Moustache Smash look just as fun. Use the $3 off to save and stash them away for future birthdays.

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