Are You Thriving?


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Songs I hear, books I read, all preaching THRIVE.

Are you thriving in life or are you just living a mediocre life

Thrive a verb that means to grow or develop vigorously; flourish.

Are you Thriving?

Are you growing? Developing? Flourishing? Are you approaching life with a vigorous spirit saying, “Bring it on, I am ready to grow!”

living life roots exposedAm I?

As a child of God I am meant to thrive: to grow to be continually reaching towards something better; greater. Yet I am also meant to be content with what I have and who God made me to be. And therein lies my problem.

I often get stuck hanging out with easy when I should be in the same crowd as excellent and I use contentment as my excuse.

Yet if I listen to God through His word, letting it shape and mold me I know…I am mistaking contentment for FEAR.

I am using my unbiblical belief of what contentment means as an excuse to no longer grow. Contentment is more than being okay with what you have, it is being okay with whatever happens when you step out and grow.

I am in the wrong, and I must ask for forgiveness and correct my path.

thrive at all times.

When I saw this bracelet at mudLOVE I knew I needed it. I needed to daily be reminded that God has called me to Thrive. To live life developing with flourish. To never stop learning but more importantly  to never stop growing.

we were made to be rivers not pondsToo often I learn and learn and learn but never apply. I wasn’t made to be a water retention pond, I was made to be a river. God’s gifts were intended  to flow right through me. The minute I figure something out I should be passing the information on to those who need it. The minute I receive a blessing I should be sharing it.

I was made to get out there and push myself to learn beyond my comfortable limits, to develop all that I am vigorously. I was made to thrive and so are you.


The books that inspired this post

This post was inspired by the book Flash: The Homeless Donkey Who Taught Me About Life, Faith, And Second Chances as well as the book Kisses from Katie: A Story Of Relentless Love and Redemption . Books that have made me see that lately I have been grazing with the cows when I should be running with the horses (Flash) and that it matters to God more that I am available than if I am qualified (Kisses from Katie).

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If just getting out of bed in the morning seems to take all your energy and you don’t know where you would find a minute to even think of thriving in life–let alone actually do it–then may I suggest the Makeover Your Mornings Video driven course. It has nothing to do with mornings and everything to do with organizing your day in a way that makes time for you to live life with flourish.

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  1. Boy does this post speak to me right now. Sometimes it feels like I spend my day doing nothing but chasing a toddler and trying to catch up on missed sleep. I definitely feel ready to try to thrive where I am! That will be a good word for me to ponder as my bigger kids go back to school.

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