Welcome To Our $10,000 Home


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This week Snapshot Thursdays is going to look a little different. I have joined the Keepin’ It Real Home Tour & Blog Hop. When I read that Sarah of My Joy Filled life was going to be doing a homemaking challenge that showed what our homes really looks like I knew I wanted in.

When I tell people that we purchased our home for just under $10,000 they immediately want to see it. So today I am letting you have a peek at what the living areas of our home look like; keeping it real style.

Welcome to Our $10,000 Home(this is a keeping it real post so hence the reason I didn’t move the upside down Christmas reindeer lawn ornament)

  My Keeping it Real House Tour

I never want to be that blogger who makes it looks like she has is all together; because I  don’t. So today I am sharing what my home really looks like on a good day. I say a good day because my husband, the cleaning ninja of our family,  without knowing I was going to take these photos after I got home from a run surprised me by cleaning our home up while I was running with a friend.  So today’s tour will be a little neater than a normal day.

I want to mention 2 other things (besides an awesome husband)  that are helping my home stay a lot neater lately . One my 52 weeks to a simplified home, is making our  home easier and easier to pick up and make presentable. Two I am way past the toddler stage of life where everyone makes a mess and even if they do help clean it up they still make the mess again two minutes later, my kids are 12,14 and 19 and they help keep our home clean and keep it that way. Mom’s training your kids to help clean when they are little does pay off eventually trust me.

our front porch 2015 (near front door)This is the view you would receive as you stepped onto to our front porch and headed to our front door. That wicker couch, yard sale, the cushion, clearance. The lounge chair, thrift store, the cushion clearance sale. The table, left behind by a previous owner of our last house. The welcome sign; something I won in my MOPS days.

Yes we believe in thrift around here. Even our home was a thrifty find costing just under ten thousand dollars. We spent forty thousand and two years  fixing it up from top to bottom to be just how we wanted it. I had so much fun doing the renovations, it truly drew my husband and I closer together.

Our libraryThis is the first room you will see as you walk in the front door. We call it our library. It can get cluttered really quick as we don’t have a coat closet nor a real defined area to put shoes and such. I make do with a big plastic tub for our coats (see the corner of it near the lamp) and  laundry baskets for shoes. Oh and that banana box you see, it is full of stuff for the thrift store but I just haven’t put it in my car yet; which breaks my own decluttering rules.

our dining roomOff the library is the dining room. Yeah I really need to stain those china cabinets. I only bought them oh 7 years ago at an unfinished furniture store. That project has been on my to do list a long time. :)our kitchenOff one end of our dining room is our galley kitchen. I loved being able to plan my kitchen from scratch. We bought stock cabinets and painted them white. I however am not happy with how the white paint has held up. If you look closely it has worn off near the handles on the cabinets, yet another thing to add to my to do list

Oh and my hubby in the picture is making me a breakfast of fried eggs and hash browns. YUM. I am very blessed to have him.

our family room 2015To the other end of the dinning room is our family room. Yes that is a safe on the ground it is a long story, but nothing is in it currently. The bean bag over in the corner is the dogs bed. Oh and those two baskets stacked up on top of each other is actually where we store all our socks. Yep, all 5 of us share socks. We all have the same sock size. Years ago I got tired of sorting socks, so I went out and bought 2 dozen black socks and 2 dozen white socks and now I just stuff them in those boxes for people to grab them as they need them. It works for us.

That makes up the living areas of our home. It isn’t large but it is big enough for our family of five; plus we own it 100% debt free and that makes it awesome. As a homemaker I work hard at making it a home. It took every thrifty trick I had to decorate it and stay within our budget. It takes all 5 of us working together to keep it clean.  front porch swing 2015 I wanted to share with you just one more spot on the front porch. My favorite spot. If you lived near me and asked me to spill my homemaking secrets I would take you out front to sit on the swing porch a while and discuss what has worked form me and what hasn’t.  I would also want to hear what works for you too!

In this busy world though there isn’t enough time to sit on front porches, sip sweet tea and share wisdom with one another, so instead before you leave let me share some of my favorite books that have helped me with my homemaking skills over the years.

For cooking help nothing is better than the classic Better Homes and Garden 3 ring binder style Cook Book. It has all the instructions you need to cook great meals from scratch.

For time management I really like Don Aslett’s book How To Handle 1000 Things at Once. It was written in the 90’s but the wisdom in it is timeless.

If you feel like you are lost in the trenches of motherhood Say Goodbye To Survival Mode can help you find your way back to living a passion filled life.

Thanks for visiting our home and hope you come back soon! Stay in touch by joining me on Facebook.

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What To Do When You Don’t Feel Talented At Homemaking


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I can honestly say my husband is a better house cleaner than I am. For years that really bugged me, until I realized just because cleaning didn’t come natural to me, I wasn’t a bad homemaker. In fact if you list all the elements of keeping a home, housecleaning is just a small point on a list as long as my 5 foot 9 inch self, and I am pretty darn good at some of the other points on that homemaking list.

What To Do When You Don't Feel Talented At HomemakingYet, I still end up with piles of unfolded laundry like the one in the picture above. Yep, that isn’t a stock photo that is my actual couch and a real life pile of clean yet unfolded laundry. Thankfully my kids are old enough to fold it all for me so I can go on to other areas of homemaking. Years ago a pile this big of unfolded laundry would have made me feel like a failure but not anymore; I have learned ways to be content in my homemaking skills.

What To Do When You Don’t Feel Talented At Homemaking

1.List what elements of your homemaking you are good at

I know some of you are  saying “but I am not good at anything related to homemaking”. That simply isn’t true. It is probably true that your not perfect in any area of homemaking but being perfect is impossible being good at something isn’t.

From day one I have been good at budgeting and stretching our families dollar further. When I had down days  those first few years of homemaking, when it felt like the dishes were going to eat me alive and if not then the laundry would certainly drown me, I tried to focus on how good I was at stretching a dollar as well as a few other homemaking talents I have for just a few moments to drown out the voices in my head that were telling me about every area of homemaking I needed to improve in.

2. Look at each mistake as a chance to learn

You are going to fail, but that is okay because failure makes you human. Instead of dwelling on your failures as a homemaker look at them as a challenge to come up with a plan to learn so you can do it better next time you are faced with that same challenge and believe me a lot of work us homemakers do is repetitive so you are going to have plenty of chances to learn from mistakes and try again.

3. See correction for what it truly is

Sometimes the person who points out all our wrongs is doing it for the wrong reasons, other times they are truly correcting with the right spirit and we need to listen. The hard part is growing in discernment and wisdom enough to know the difference.

There is this one person in my life who always points out the one thing that isn’t done and never once praises me for what is done well. They then go on and on about how I could do that one thing I messed up better next time. At first it really upset me, now that I am older I can see that this person is looking for one area where they feel superior to me so they can teach me something.

Are they in the right? Nope, not at all, but this is simply this person’s way of starting a conversation with me, odd, but they is loved dearly by one who loves me so I try to just let the “here is how you do it right” lectures roll off my shoulders.

Other people have corrected my wrong homemaking behaviors simple because it was wrong, and I usually end up thanking those people once I get past hurt. I don’t take criticism well, but I am learning to keep my tongue when I receive some and then figure out if it was constructive or unwarranted before taking action.

4. Seek encouragement

Homemaking is the toughest job I have ever taken on . There is always something to do, always something I am behind in, always too many things that tugging for my attention than I can possible give energy to at one time.

For tough times I love a small group of close friends that I have in one Facebook group. They are there to pray when I need them to. They quietly read my rants and then tell me every so kindly that I need to change my attitude. They provide me with their wisdom and encouragement.

 If you haven’t already make it a point this week to create a  private group of a few close friends on Facebook this week who you know will help encourage you in your homemaking walk.

 5. Never stop learning

The best way to improve as a homemaker is to have a life long learner attitude. Pick one area of your homemaking most want to improve in and then read up on how others do it. Never stop gathering new knowledge.

A great book to start with especially if you currently fell like you are drowning is Say Goodbye To Survival Mode by Crystal Paine.

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52 Weeks To A Simplified Home: Project 16


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This weeks decluttering area is super small; just one cupboard. Originally I wanted to do all the upstairs bathroom cupboards, and I was upset with myself that I had left it to last minute to do and was running out of time.

Then I remembered I set out to declutter my home in 52 weeks because I can take small steps that way. Last week was a hard week on me emotionally and it meant that a lot didn’t get done and now this week I feel super stressed. Stress is a choice however and I choose instead to just do what I can, there is always next week to tackle more.

top cupboard upstairs bathroomSo I emptied out just the top bathroom cupboard of its contents and I gave it a good wipe down.

miracle goThe oddest think I found in the bathroom cupboard was this box of Miracle Gro, neither my hubby nor I  even remember buying it.

upstairs bathroom cupboard done.When I was done this was all that was left. The top shelf is completely empty. Oh and that heater back there, I have a great reason for it being there I promise.  Our home’s heating system can’t keep up during the really cold Indiana winter days, so I help it along with space heaters placed in rooms we use most, including the bathroom.

What area of your home did you declutter this week?


The Best Tip For Improving Your Homemaking Skills


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It makes me cringe when I hear a woman say “oh I am just a homemaker” . A homemaker is so much more than “just”. A homemaker is “all” and “more”.

You are so much more than just a homemaker you are all, you are more.

A homemaker is a child specialist, a communications expert, a time management whiz, a first aid attendant, a squeezer of a dollar, and much much more.

Yet, the job is given with no need of a degree. The training is all on the job,  without anyone to supervise and train. Sure your mom probably taught you how to wash dishes and scrub a floor, but did she prepare you to figure out how to do it after you have been up all night with a crying baby and you have 30 other “to dos” tugging at your mind.

The best tip for improving your homemaking skills So simple and yet it makes such a huge difference

Which is why I think on of the best ways to improve as a homemaker is gain knowledge from those with experience by reading. Read books on time management. Read books on cooking. Read books on home finances. Read books on home business. Read books …and then read some more.

I think reading isn’t just important for new homemakers either but also for those of us who have been homemakers for years. You can always learn something new and that something new could change your day to day in such a positive way that you will wonder why it took you so long to learn about it.

How To Make Time To Read

If you want to find time to read first you have to make it a priority. I do that by setting a goal every year to read 52 books.

I make time to read those 52 books with the tricks you can find in this article…..15 Ways to Read More.

How To Squeeze Reading Into Your Budget

Thanks to your local library reading can be 100% free. However sometimes you find a book on homemaking to be something you want to refer to again and again, for those types of books I like to use Swagbucks to earn Amazon gift cards.  (if you are new to Swagbucks here is an article that explains with screen shots how it works).

Books I recommend for homemaking help

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10 Ways To Save A Dollar A Week


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A dollar might not seem like much all on its own but when you start stacking one on top of the other, they can have a huge impact on your budget and your savings.

10 ways to save a dollar this weekFor instance, lets say you find 10 ways to save $1 each  week, that is $10 a week saved. Ten dollars might not seem like much, but if you save $10 each week for a month you will have $40 and that is enough to start impacting your finances. Keep saving $1 ten times a week and in a year you will have $520 to pay off debt, take the family on a few memory building day trips, or invest for your future.

Finding a few ways to save just $1 on your every day purchases or expenses ten times isn’t hard. To get your brain storming going I am going to help you by list 10 ways our family often saves a $1 each week.

10 Ways To Save A Dollar This Week

1. Use a coupon app to get cash back on your groceries

Grocery apps are getting easier and easier to use and some are no longer store dependent meaning you can use them to get cash back on your grocery items no matter where you get your groceries.

  • ibotta: store dependent but offers cash backs for more than groceries, including movies, clothing and more.
  • Snap: not store dependent and offers cash backs for bread, milk, eggs as well as national brands.
  • Checkout51: not store dependent and offers cash backs for bread, milk eggs as well as national brands.
  • Saving Star: store dependent and savings can be done by linking it to your store card or submitting receipt.
  • Berrycart: store dependent. Excellent app for gluten free, organic and non GMO food savings.

2. Order water when eating out

Sure not eating out all together would save you a lot more money than just getting water instead of pop, but we are looking for small tweaks to your spending habits with this article. Some of us (myself included) are not ready to give up our eating out entirely to save money.

Best part about this tip, this is a per person savings so the more of you in the family that do this the more you save.

3. Remove one item from your grocery cart

I learned this tip from Queen of Free in her book Slaying The Debt Dragon. Even when you have stuck to a grocery list chances are you can find at least one item you put on your list and in your cart that you can really live without; remove that item before heading up to the checkout .

4. Combine your errands and lump them with appointments

To save gas, I grocery shop  and do other errands only on days I have to leave my house anyways. For instance if I know I have to take my daughter to gymnastics I might swing by the post office and mail bills (the few that can’t be paid online) on the way there and then swing by the grocery store on our way home.

I figure this saves me at least a half a gallon of gas a week which is more than $1 .

5. Sign up for free Redbox codes or go to the library for movies

You might not host an at home movie night each and every week, but you can substitute your own way to save a buck on those weeks you don’t. On the weeks you do make those $1 Redbox rentals cost zero by using a free code that you can get by signing up for their emails, and texts as well as joining their Redbox Playbook Pass. The site Money Saving Mom also lists free redbox codes frequently.

Another great free movie source our family loves is our local library that lets us take out up to 7 DVDs at once for a full week. Which brings me to my next point…

6. Set a reminder on your cell phone for library due dates

When you have a family that loves the library like ours does overdue fines can add up in a hurry. By taking just a few seconds to add the date into my cell phone for a reminder to appear when the books are due I save the cost of library fines.

7. Switch from name brand to store brand on one to two products

Whenever I see a new store brand product on the market that is similar to a name brand we love I always give it a try. I think it is safe to say 80% of the time I end up switching to the store brand since it works or tastes just as good and is less expensive.

Word of thrifty wisdom: Always test out new store brand products in the smallest amount available. You don’t save money if you try out a 32 oz bottle of shampoo because it was cheaper per ounce than the 16 oz bottle, only to discover 3 hair washes in that it leaves your hair greasy and you can’t bear to go on and finish the bottle.

8. Start a price book and find cheaper sources for products each week

Just recently I found a cheaper source of natural peanut butter that will save my family a few dollars each month (my kids eat a lot of peanut butter sandwiches as snacks). I wouldn’t have noticed the price difference if I didn’t keep track of what I pay for peanut butter and an easy way to keep track of prices like peanut butter is by keeping a price book.

9. Sign up for samples of your favorite brands

Freebies4Mom and Money Saving Mom both list free samples that you can sign up for. The samples themselves save you money but what will save you $1 a week is the high value coupons worth $1 or more that generally come with these samples.

10.  Use your bread machine

I uses our bread machines every week to make hamburger buns, bread rolls, pizza dough or cinnamon rolls. These freshly baked items not only taste better than their store counterparts they are also cheaper. And yes those of you that prefer to make dough with your own two hands can save even more as you are not using electricity to run a bread machine.

Bonus Tip: Make A Dollar Or More Each Week With Swagbucks

If you spend any time at all online during the day chances are you could earn $1 week with Swagbucks without doing one extra thing except for signing up for Swagbucks and downloading their toolbar or making the Swagbucks homepage your page.

I read recently that the average Swagbucks earner earns 300 points a month just from internet searching done through using Swagbucks as your search engine. That is $3 a month right there. The other 100 points could easily be earned through shop and earn programs or more. Check out my post that explains how to use Swagbucks  as well as the post where I go over all the ways to earn.

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Snapshot Thursdays: A Run In The Park


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Snapshot Thursdays 3 pictures from my week to give you a peek into my daily lifeWelcome to Snapshot Thursdays. Please join me on  Instagram  to see more pictures I share all week long.

I have been taking part in Crystal Stine’s course Creative Basics: 30 Days To Awesome Social Media art (the link goes to the ebook that will be out soon). One of the assignments was to take pictures with our cell phone that we could use as background for quotes.

On that particular day I had a 5 mile run planned and figured it would be a great time to look for things I could photograph as backgrounds for quotes. I ran without music so that I would be fully aware of my surroundings. I had so much fun taking pictures I not only grabbed quote photos but just great shots of things I see along one of my run routes.

I thought today I would share 3 of those photos with me. These are sights  you and I would see if we were to take a run together in my town.

seat by riverThis park bench is one of my favorites on my run. It screams to me to sit down and enjoy the view. I don’t give into its screams but it is very tempting.

bridge by pondYou and I would have to run single file over this wooden bridge near the duck pond. I should also warn you that it shakes a bit when you run across it. I do love this bridge though for its beauty. In fall the tree near it turns so many lovely shades of yellow, orange and brown, and in summer there is a sea of green grass and foliage around it.

under bridgeJust as we were finishing the last mile we would go under one final bridge. This bridge is often missing a plank or two. City crews always seem to be replacing planks but as they replace one another one soon goes missing. I am not sure what is taking them? Perhaps they float away when the river gets high and floods the bridge.

Do you have a favorite running or walking path? What would I see if I went on a run or walk with you on it?

3 Deals So Good I had To Share

High Value Coupons For Great Products

I didn’t see any deals I felt worthy of sharing with you but I did see some great coupons and I couldn’t keep it just 3. You can find more links to coupons under my Coupons tab in the menu bar.

$1.50 off ONE Pampers Splashers Swim Pant
Coupons for swim diapers mean SUMMER IT ON ITS WAY! (yeah I might be a bit excited about that)
$1.00 off one (1) Seventh Generation Dish Soap
This is our families favorite dish soap, it doesn’t bother my teenagers sensitive skin meaning he can do the dishes :) .
$5.00 off two (2) Schick Disposable Razor Pack
Razors because with warmer weather those legs are coming out of hiding and it is time to harvest the leg timber.
$1.50 off TWO Always Pads
Not talking about this one….ugh….

$3.00 off (1) Spin Master HEDBANZ game

My daughter and her friends LOVE this game. It is fun for the whole family.



10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For $15 or Less


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Mother’s day is fast approaching and just as the early bird gets the worm, those who shop early get the best deals.

10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas For $15 Or LessToday’s gifts are all $15 or less but if your budget is so tight that even pulling off that much is too much don’t worry, check out my 10 Thrifty Ways To Honor Mom which has extremely low cost and some free ideas.

10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For $15 Or Less

flower1. Fresh Cut Flowers

Groceries stores such as Aldi and Trader Joe’s have bunches of flowers as low as $3.99 a bunch. If you want to put it in a vase for her dollar stores often have great ones for just $1.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 12.09.28 PM

2. A new mug

My kids often get me a new mug for Mother’s day and I cherish each one. Some of my favorite mugs are those found at DaySpring . They have a great selection of mugs in the $15 and under range including travel mugs.

maple & cinnamon spice candle from epantry3. A scented candle

I have recently fallen in love with  ePantry scented candles. The Maple & Cinnamon Spice one makes your home smell like you are baking cookies. These are pure soy candles, scented with essential oils. I love them because they don’t trigger my migraines like many scented candles do.  If your not an ePantry member you can find more information about the company in my post about why I love ePantry.( If you should sign up you get $10 off your first order when you sign up through my referral link).

Another great brand of  scented candles is Mrs Meyer’s which you can find on Amazon and use your Swagbucks earned gift cards to purchase. (psst….instGC is another great place to earn Amazon gift cards)

 Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 1.21.16 PM4. A New Journal

Most moms love to write in a journal, whether it is just notes they need to remember or their deepest thoughts. Dayspring has a great collection with many under $15 including this Hope Shines Through journal .


5. Books

Is your mom a bookworm? If she is she would probably love a gift card to Amazon that she could use to either fill her kindle with new reads or order real touch and feel paperback and hardback books, depending on what she prefers.

Amazon makes it easy to personalize and deliver your gift card purchases. You can either send her one directly to her email inbox or create your own card and print it out to give it to her. You can even make it with your own picture on it.

 6. A Tervis Tumbler

  • Keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold
  • Co-polyester BPA and Melamine free construction
  • Microwave, freezer & dishwasher safe
  • Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee
  • Made in the USA

It seems like everywhere I turn I see a mom with a Tervis tumbler in hand. There are so many different wraps to choose from too you are sure to find a cup that your mom will love.

Web-4-Cents-of-Style_ba990bb5-8fb0-4518-b593-2bdeb4e75b33_large7. Jewelery

Cents of style has a great selection of costume jewelery with many pieces $15 or less. The stone necklace pictured is just $9.95 and comes with earrings to match.

8. Chocolate

There is a rare mom out there that doesn’t like chocolate but I think it is safe to say that the other 95% of moms LOVE chocolate. Ghirardelli squares is one of my favorite chocolates to receive as gifts because it isn’t something I would splurge on for myself.

If your town has a local chocolate shop you might want to check out their selection as usually freshly made chocolate is the best treat around.

9.  Luxurious Bubble Bath

The key word in the title is “luxurious” don’t get mom a $1.99 bottle of generic brand bubble bath, get her one that smells amazing as she is.  I haven’t personally tried this deep steep brand but the reviews on Amazon make me want too! There are other scents too like,  Tangerine Melon and Grapefruit and Bergamot.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 4.03.00 PM10. Wall Art

Beautiful words and bible verses posted throughout my home often lift my spirits on a down day. Do the same for your mom with one of the many wall plaques found at DaySpring. Many including the one shown in the photo above are just $9.99.

 10 quotes and 3 bible verses to use in your mother's day cards (med)Need a quote for the card to go with the gift?

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52 Weeks To A Simplified Home: Project 15


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The last clutter spot in the hallway turned out to be the easiest and it made such a difference to the look of our hallway.

the hallway bookshelfThis bookshelf use to hold the kids school books down in the old school room area off the kitchen. We renovated that area last summer into a 4th bedroom for our oldest son. I then moved it up here thinking that is would hold my daughter’s school books since she doesn’t have room in her room for them, however what it ended up holding was junk.

In fact one of the reasons it took me so little time to clean this area is that most of it just went straight to the recycling area or to the garbage.

school booksSince no one fits well in the study nook I cleaned out last week I decided to put it to work. I bought two laundry baskets one holds my daughters school books  and is stored on the bench and one is slipped under the bench and is holding the stuff to go to the thrift store.

When the thrift store bin is full I will empty it out into a cardboard box and take it to the thrift store. By giving the give away box a home I am hoping the kids can be trained to put their no longer wanted items in it instead of just stuffing them in the area.

hallway doneDoesn’t it look so much better? Now to keep it this way! For now the book case is in my son’s room but I don’t think we will keep it. I am thinking of posting a photo of it on my personal Facebook page and seeing if anyone needs one. It will be free to the first person who hauls it away.

 What area did you declutter this week?

52 weeks to a simplified homefree printable plan (small)Join along with me, grab the plan and declutter your home one inch at a time.

3 Deals So Good I Had To Share

Right now you can enjoy a free Mini Video-eCourse full of great tips on how to take the stress out of homemaking.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 12.09.28 PM










DaySpring has a  Best Friends Sale going on right now. Basically you buy one item and you get the next item free. There are a few of their mugs in the sale, which would be under $5 each with the buy one get one deal. These mugs would make great gifts. There are also journals and jewelery in the sale. Shipping is free with orders of $25 or more.

Do you enjoy Outback, Carrabba’s, Bonefish Grill or Fleming’s Restaurant? If you do you are going to want to check out DINE rewards. (certain locations only).


10 Free Spring Cleaning Printables


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I know a lot of people start their spring cleaning in March, but I prefer waiting until I can open up the windows and let the fresh air in as I clean, and around here you are not guaranteed those warm days until mid April or early May. Sure you might get a day here or there of warm weather before then but nothing with regularity, at least not usually.

10 free spring cleaning printables

I will admit I am not much of a spring cleaning zealot. I much prefer to work at removing the clutter and dust from my house one inch at a time. I also do a big clean of my home just before Christmas so that it looks great for the holidays.  However, there are certain areas of my house such as our front porch, back porch, basement and attic, that I like giving a good cleaning before the warm weather hits.

The porches I deep clean in spring because I want to have them ready to enjoy when the hot days of summer hit. The attic and  the basement I deep clean in spring because they don’t have heating or cooling systems in them so the temperature is finally right to be in them long enough to clean.

Even though I am not a huge spring cleaner, I do believe that each person should work with their own personal cleaning personality to obtain the best results, and so today’s article is to help you spring cleaners do just that.  I rounded up 10 different free resources for spring cleaning lovers to check out and print the one that works best with their cleaning personality.

Go for it! and when you done if you have energy left perhaps you can come over and help me lift the patio furniture out of the basement and onto the front and back porch :) .

10 Free Spring Cleaning Printables

1. Cornerstone Confessions: Deep Cleaning Checklist

2. Make Lemonade: Spring Cleanings Calendar

3. Family Balance Sheet: 20 Spring Cleaning Tasks To Freshen Your Home

4. Pop Sugar: 30 Day Cleaning Challenge

5. Going Home To Roast: Spring Cleaning Printable

6. Freebie Finding Mom: All Inclusive Room By Room Spring Cleaning Checklist

7.  Frugal Living Mom: Spring Cleaning Check List

8. Ask Anna: Declutter Your Home Printable Checklist

9. Organize and Decorate Everything: 30 Day Spring Cleaning Schedule

10. Living Well Spending Less: The Big Clean

All of these pins are pinned to my Spring Cleaning Printables Board on Pinterest

Follow Victoria @Snail Pace Transformations’s board Spring Cleaning Printables on Pinterest.

Need Cleaners?

epantry 100 happinessIf you are like me cleaners are one of those things you forget to put on your grocery list. Nothing is more annoying than finally getting around to making time to spring clean only to discover you have to first hit the store for cleaners. With ePantry you can have those cleaners delivered directly to your doorstep.  I have mine set to deliver once every other month, and I can go in and switch the order around so that we get just what we need. ePantry sells more than cleaners too, they also sell personal products like shampoo and body wash. You can start your account with $10 off your first order. Check out their amazing soy candles scented with essential oils too, they will make your house smell AMAZING.

52 weeks to a simplified homefree printable plan (small)

Prefer an all year deluttering plan? Check out my 52 Weeks To An Organized Home.

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The One Reason Why I Think Survey Companies Are Worth It


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Survey taking is time consuming, and it seems like you earn just pennies for your effort. True most survey companies seem to create very long surveys however here is the one reason why I think Survey taking isn’t a complete waste of time.How to find survey companies that are worth your time and why filling out surveys is worth it.

Filling out Surveys is a Flexible At Home Job

The flexibility of survey taking is what makes the whole time consuming thing worth while. You can choose if you have time today to fill out a survey, or this week or this month.

I do recommend setting up a separate email just for the survey companies you join because some do send quite a bit of email and if you don’t have time seeing them mixed in with your other emails can get aggravating.

Sure you are not going to earn $1000’s of dollars each month, in fact many don’t make $100’s  of dollars, but I have read reports of people making $50 to $100 from combining Survey filling with point programs (more on those below), and  that can make wiggle room in a tight budget. Best part, you make it in downtime that was earning you nothing before.

Two Prefect Daily Down Times For Survey Filling

TV Watching time in the evening. I know a woman who fills out surveys every night while cuddling up beside her hubby who like to watch sports.

Afternoon nap time for the kids when you want to just relax but feel like you should at least do something (this is when I use to do a lot of surveys).

Brainstorm about your daily life, when during the day are you just kind of sitting there but you could do something  that would add to your families income.

A Great Resource For Scouting Out The Best Survey Companies

When cashing out at my current favorite survey site Paid Viewpoint I noticed a note saying “please leave a review at Survey Police”. I went over and checked out the site. I was very impressed. Survey Police has reviews on 100’s of different survey sites. You just type in the name of the survey company you are interested in joining and it will give you a review that contains general information such as what you can cash out for and where the company is based. Below the description you can read reviews from actually users both positive and negative.

If you can’t find an official review from Survey Police chances are you can find out something about the company by entering their forum .

A Survey Company I Currently Use

Paid Viewpoint is the only survey company I currently use. I like them because their surveys are fast and you get paid for each one, which means your time is never wasted. You won’t earn a lot month per month when you first get started but once you reach a trait score of 1000 Paid Viewpoint will start sending you higher earning surveys. These are first come first serve and you are notified by email about them.

A Survey Company I Used For Years And Really Liked

I used MySurvey for years when the children were little and I had only smaller windows of time here and there to do a work at home gig in. I was usually able to earn 1 to 2 $10 gift cards each month through MySurvey.

A Few Survey Companies Worth Checking Out

I spent sometime reading on Survey Police as well as a few other sites that often talk about surveys and found a few sites mentioned over and over again as being worth peoples time. Of course as with many things in life there were people who didn’t like these companies but with these companies there seemed to be more who liked them then didn’t like them.

Opinion Post: Offers both online and mobile surveys. Amazon gift cards and payment via Paypal are both listed as cash out options as well as a few other options.

Survey Spot: You have the option of cashing out for Amazon gift cards or Paypal as well as a few other choices. It was reported on Survey Police that on average the surveys from Survey Spot take 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

Toluna: Toluna offers gift cards for cash out and currently has 35 different ones available, including Amazon and Paypal. Not only can you fill out surveys but Toluna also offers chances to test out free products for purpose of filling out a survey about how you felt about the product.

Sites That Offer Both Surveys & Other Point Earning Options

Want a bit more bang for your survey buck? Consider doing surveys that are offered as part of point programs. These programs often have several different ways to earn (with Swagbucks offering more than 20 ways to earn). By doing surveys within point programs you can get to cash out minimum higher by doing a few other activities besides surveys . Sometimes these activities are things you are already doing online anyways.

Here are a list of point rewards program I have reviewed and like.

1. Swagbucks: Read how simple it is to earn though Swagbucks here.

2. InstaGC: Read some of my favorite ways to earn with InstGC here.

3. MyPoints: Read all the different ways you can earn Mypoints here.

4. Superpoints: Read my review here.

5. Inbox Dollars: Read my review here.

Have you tried and like a survey company not on my list?

18+ point programs to help you earn $50 or more in gift cards each month (small)Make sure to check out even more point programs that can help you earn money from home.

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