3 Things That Helped Calm My Plantar Fasciitis The Most


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First off, I want to make it 100% clear before you read this post that I am not a medical professional of any kind. Today I am simply sharing what has worked to calm my plantar fasciitis down from pain so bad that even walking through the grocery store took effort to being able to run 3 miles again (almost) completely pain free.

3 things that helped calm my plantar fasciitis the most


What I share might work for you and it might not. I found out about all the things that I tried from searching “plantar fasciitis help” through google. I tried a lot of different things until I found a combination of things that seemed to work the best for me.

Regular readers, I know plantar Fasciitis doesn’t fit with my normal writing subjects, but people in real life and through the virtual world of blogging have been asking me how I managed to get my plantar fasciitis to heal enough for me to run again. I was sharing links to products that helped me all over the place when I finally decided to write a post with all the links in it so I can share the link to it over and over. Much easier! And I am all about keeping it simple.

3 Plantar Fasciitis Products I Found The Most Helpful

Night Splint/Boot

Purchasing this particular night splint/boot in my opinion did more to help calm my plantar fasciitis than anything else. I am saying calm in this article instead of heal because I am still experiencing pain, but it is very mild.

At first I was wearing a night sock (like this one) and it was helping. However, for some reason within a month of wearing it my big toe became infected beside the toe nail.  Now I have spoken to many people who have had great luck with the sock and it certainly is less cumbersome to wear than the boot. I am the only one I know of who ended up with an infected toe. Who knows why! My body is weird.

Once I replaced the sock with a boot I did something that I think made all the difference in the world. Since the boot is so simple to get off and on I started wearing it not only when I was sleeping, but also during the day whenever I was sitting.

This is not a walking boot. You cannot walk in it, but since it is so easy to snap on and off I just leave it where I sit and work during the day and snap it on and off as needed. The extra time in the boot seemed to make all the difference for me. Once I started doing this my pain significantly decreased within just a few days.

Compression foot sleeves

From the moment I get up in the morning until the time I go to bed, my affected foot is in a compression sleeve. I have tried two brands and so far I like this one best. However, I think it really depends on the shape and length of your foot. I have a narrow foot and wear a size 10 women’s shoe.

Foot compression sleeves simply provide added support, they do not heal, but for me they make a huge difference in my pain level if I have to walk or stand for any amount of time during the day–especially in the beginning stages of healing. Even with my foot giving me minimal pain now I still wear my compression sleeve most days and I wear it every time I run.

Shoe Insert

Shoe inserts for me dropped my pain level by at least 2 points on the pain scale the first time I put them in my shoes and went walking around the grocery store in them.

I have had great luck with the airplus plantar fascia orthotic (the link lets you see what they look like. Mine are pink for women and I get mine at Walmart for around $9). I chose this brand because I was told by someone that the main thing to look for in a plantar fascia insert is a solid arch support. In other words, if the arch part of the foot insert is flexible it isn’t going to work well for providing relief.

3 Things I Had To Do Physically To Help My Plantar Fasciitis Heal

Stop going barefoot

This one was hard for me. I am a huge barefoot lover. But the more I researched the more I saw over and over “stop going barefoot if you want to heal your plantar fasciitis.” I don’t like wearing outdoor shoes indoors so in the end I started wearing a pair of clogs similar to these that I can easily slip on and off whenever I  need to walk around the house. I put the inserts I told you about inside them. They work well.

Give up flip flops and unsupportive shoes

Again–hard! Lets face it, most shoes that are fashionable and cute are not supportive. And no flip flops! Torture in the summer time. I am still looking for a good supportive summer sandal. I have tried out a few brands and no luck yet. Some do seem to keep me fairly pain free but only if I am not walking much in them. If I want to walk a lot I have to switch to runners or my plantar fasciitis will flare up further.

Stop running and rest

I read a few articles that said you can run with plantar fasciitis, but the more I ran the more my foot would hurt post-run. It got to the point where I was hobbling all the time and I had to face facts and put my running shoes up for a while. I first took an entire 3 weeks off from exercise of any kind. Then added in yoga, followed by swimming, followed by stationary biking where I really watched my foot position on the pedal.

Once my pain was down to a 1 or 2 on the pain scale I started walking a mile. Once I realized it wasn’t hurting my foot further to walk a mile I slowly added in running. Currently I can make it to about 3 miles with only a slight increase in pain at the 3rd mile, but the pain subsides once I get home and put it in the boot for 30 minutes or so.

2 Other Things I Tried That Helped Give Relief

Foot roller

My yoga instructor was kind enough to give me this foot roller. I use it fairly faithfully every morning while eating breakfast and lunch. It feels really good, but I don’t feel like it heals much of anything; it seems simply to provide temporary relief.

Toe Separators

Yep, toe separators–as in what you put between your toes before you give yourself a pedicure. When I was in the worst pain at the beginning of the healing process I would stick these between my toes and almost immediately my pain would go down 2 points on the pain scale. It sounds odd, but it really did work for me.

Once again, I am not a medical professional. I offer this list of what helped me simply as just that a list of items that helped me. Everyone is unique. What helped me may not help another.

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Changing Financial Goals: One Family’s Story Of Swapping Practical For Crazy


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One of my closest friends from grade school through high school use to say over and over, “Life is what happens when you are planning something else.”

Changing Financial Goals. One family's story of swapping practical for crazy.

Sometimes when you are planning on reaching for a safe and practical financial goal, an opportunity to make a crazy, out of this world dream become a reality arises instead.

Our family’s safe and practical financial goal

Our big financial goal for this year was to finish renovating our second rental unit, get it rented, and then work hard to add enough money to what is left of the inheritance from my dad to purchase and renovate and rent a third rental home.

It was a stretching goal for us, one that would have us working hard and saving hard.

Our hope was the result would be more month to month income to help us help the kids with college now and help us with retirement later. It is was a very practical, safe financial goal.

But then we entirely changed our goal.

How practical became crazy

I remember the exact moment our practical goal started to crumble. It was March 12th, my birthday, and we decided to spend it together as a family of five. Our first stop on our family day was the gas station for gas needed for the trip.

While my husband filled the gas tank. I started a conversation with the children that completely changed our goal from practical to, “Oh, my word! What are we thinking?”

Me: “Hey kids look at the super tiny RV!” (one of those super compact ones)

Kids: “Wow that is small”

Me: ” That is the size of the one dad and I plan on taking on our cross country trip after you all leave home.”

Kids: “Buy something bigger, go a few years sooner, and we will all go with you.”

Me: ” Really, I always thought you guys didn’t want to leave your friends and normal daily life for that long?”

Kids: “But think of all the places we would see?”

And so began the crumbling of our safe, practical, and normal financial goal.

My birthday celebration was hijacked with a day long conversation of where to go on the trip, what to take with us, when to leave on the trip and how to pay for the trip.

The exact moment the normal financial goal was traded for crazy

We eventually got to the big word: BUDGET. Honestly, I thought that this is where our crazy dream idea would have to stay a dream. After all, we were not planning on doing this RV trip until the children were all grown and gone. With our youngest currently 13, we still had at least 6 years to figure out how to fund it.

But now with this new dream we had less than one year to make it happen, because in just over two years it is very likely that we won’t be a family of five living under one roof–our little birds are growing up and are getting ready to leave the nest very soon.

That short timeline presented a BIG problem. Unlike many RV traveling families, our main provider for our family, my husband, does not work at a “take it anywhere” type of job. My husband is an RN. He physically has to be at his job to work it. That leaves us with rental income and my blog income as the only sources of income coming in each month we are on the road. Currently, after taxes and expenses these two income sources average $1600 a month. Obviously we are going to need more than that per month to live on the road.

And in that second practical was replaced with crazy

As soon as the words “where would we get that kind of money in that short amount of time?” were uttered, the solution became obvious. We could swap our practical goal of investing our savings in a 3rd rental unit for a RV trip of a life time.

And then we started to panic

When we got home that night from Indy, I purposely set out to figure out how we couldn’t afford this trip. You see, the battle of the “what if’s” was setting in. I am the head numbers person for the family and I kept thinking, “What if I didn’t get the numbers right? What if something goes wrong with the rentals? What if the blog stops bringing in an income?”

But no matter how many times I came up with a valid excuse not to take the trip, a just as valid solution came up to take care of my excuse.

A few days later my husband started to panic. Being the provider, his main “what if” was–and still is–what if he can’t get the RN position he loves back after the trip? He was also struggling with “what if we don’t have enough put aside for when we get home to last us until he gets back to full time work again?”

We both had a horrible case of fear-filled “what if’s.”

After several days of fear induced flip-flopping, my husband and I decided the best way for us to give up on the practical goal for good was to become fully committed to the new crazy goal and the best way to do that was to buy the RV and start telling people  that we were going on a cross-country RV trip.

Changing Financial Goals. One family's story of swapping practical for crazy.

Here is the picture of our home for 6 months on the road–all 26 1/2 feet of it. It has a slide- out on the other side.

And yet we are still doubting

I would be lying if I said I am now 100% sure that this decision is the right one.

However, I do know that we are doing our best to be smart about our rather crazy decision.

We are paying cash for it. We are keeping back an emergency fund so that if we get home and my husband doesn’t get a job right away, we have funds to live on. We are researching ways to keep the trip as affordable as possible. We are over budgeting in all areas to make sure we have enough.

However, we are both in our 40s and retirement is getting closer than we want to think about and 2 rentals isn’t going to provide livable income for us and that is concerning. Plus, before that we have 3 children whom we would love to help with college expenses in any way we can.

But here is something else I know. This is our last window of opportunity to do such a trip as a family of five. It is now as five or later as two.

As I stated above, we were planning on doing this trip later with just the two of us. Essentially, we are just swapping timelines. We are going to travel now (well, within 6 to 8 months) instead of working, which means we will work later instead of traveling.

My husband and I have passions and talents that make us great at turning rundown, low-priced homes in good neighborhoods into livable rentals. The moment we get home from this crazy trip you can bet we will be itching to start saving up for another property.

We are not giving up our goal of retiring off of rental income. Instead we are simply putting it on pause so that we can enjoy the here and now with our children while they are still living with us.

(plus it also helps that we living in a town with extremely low real estate prices – the home we currently live in cost us $10,000)

We will get back to practical–but for now we choose crazy!

How about you? What dreams are you pushing to one side because they simply are not financially practical according to the widely accepted norms of society?  Is the risk of going for them worth the possible payoff? Are you willing to face the “what if’s” head on?

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3 Things I Am Loving Lately: May 11


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3 Things I Am Loving Lately What about you

I hope everyone had a relaxing Mother’s day weekend. I know I did. I purposely planned to have a relaxing weekend, and that is exactly what I had.

I am finding that as I apply the principles I learn in life management courses like Make Over Your Evenings, the more I am living my days at a more relaxing speed. I am not doing less, I am just doing it all in a more routine way. Forming habits really does simplify life.


First thing I am LOVING lately……

Finally accepting that my body figure has changed

It has taken me a while to really figure out that my body shape has changed these last few years and what clothing suited me in my 30’s don’t in my 40’s.  Gravity is unkind! Well that and a slowing metabolism mixed with my love for sweets. Anyways my point is I am loving my orders from ThredUp more and more now that I have figured out what styles suit my figure and what  colors look best  on me.

In fact there is barely a day that goes by that I am not wearing some article of clothing that I got from ThredUP.

It does take me a while to pick out my items. So I like to shop with a cup of tea and some good tunes borrowed from Hoopla.

Psst…. You can enjoy $10 in credit to ThredUp when you use my referral link. They sell clothes for kids, as well as maternity clothing and women’s clothing.


Second thing I am LOVING lately…

Mom and daughter time

A Mother’s day tradition every year with my daughter is slipping out in the afternoon for 1/2 prices Starbucks Frappes. For years now the sale has always been over Mother’s day. If they change that we are so set in our tradition now that I might actually pay full price—gasp, did I just write that.

I am also loving the new My Starbucks Rewards changes. At first I wasn’t sure if I would like them or not but I seem to be earning rewards faster than I once was.

You can sign up here (you need a gift card to register )and when you do you get a free drink just for registering and another one on your birthday (got to fill out your account info so they know when to send it) . They send out emails filled with extra ways to earn more points, or special member only deals– so make sure to opt in for email.


Third thing I am LOVING lately…..

A good novel and a goal met

If you read my Mother’s day post you know that one of my desires for Mother’s day weekend was to read a novel from start to finish. I am proud to say I made my goal.

I chose to read Wildflowers from Winter a book that I got through Paperbackswap. I LOVED IT so much that I went into my Paperbackswap account and put all of Katie Ganshert’s other books on my wishlist.

psst…. you can save $3 on off Paperbackswaps standard membership when you use my referral link and list 10 books you are willing to swap with others. Paperbackswap is a great resource for homeschoolers and bookworms.

What is something you are loving lately? Tell me about in the comments below.

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