3 Things I am LOVING Lately: April 27


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An amazing book bundle deal starts today where you can grab over $1000 worth of eBooks, e-courses, printables and a great line up of $300 worth of bonuses for just $29.97.

3 Things I Am Loving Lately What about you

The book bundle is called the Ultimate Homemakers Bundle, which is available for just a few short days, I decided to make this week’s focus of 3 Things I am Loving Lately about 3 eBooks I recently read from the bundle.

easy. homemade

The first eBook I am LOVING from the Ultimate Homemakers bundle……

easy. homemade. : Homemade Pantry Staples For The Busy Modern Family.

I am looking forward to trying out several recipes that I took screenshots of in easy. homemade. (you can’t  earmark an eBook but you can screen shot it!) . I have plans to try out the Italian dressing mix, cheese crackers, fried apples, easy donuts and basic muffin recipe.

You can find easy. homade in the DIY & Homemade section of the Ultimate Homemakers bundle.
DIYHomemade (deal)

The books in this section total $43.88 and it is just one of 11 sections, plus bonuses included in the $29.97 bundle.

mindset for moms

The Second eBook I am LOVING from the Ultimate Homemakers bundle……

mindset for moms: From Mundane to Marvelous Thinking In Just 30 Days

Okay so as a snail pacer I have to say that the changes in this book will probably take most people way more than 30 days to make. However I have been reading  a day or two of Mindset for Moms, each night for the past week or so and my mama soul is being refreshed by what I have been reading.

Mindset for Moms is part of the Motherhood section of the Ultimate Homemakers Bundle.
Motherhood (sized)

The books in this section of the bundle come to a total of $55.92 that is $25.95 MORE than the entire bundle price of $29.97!

your retreat

The third eBook I am LOVING from the Ultimate Homemakers bundle……

Your Retreat: A Guide To Giving Yourself A Personal Planning Day

This eBook will help you set goals, organize your day, and live life with intention. It comes with a pack of Printables to help guide you every step of the way to creating manageable goals that will help you live the life you want to live.

Your Retreat is found in the Self Care section of the Ultimate Homemakers Bundle.

SelfCare (with words)

The books in the Self Care Section equal $221.84! Remember the entire bundle of 93 resources and bonuses cost just under $30! That is a lot of savings in just this one section and again the bundle has 11 sections and a  bonus section worth over $250.

3 Tips For Ultimate Bundles From An Experienced Buyer

1. You can send the pdf copies to a kindle app on your iPad or tablet for easier reading. Just google “how to send a PDF to my kindle” and all sorts of handy articles and YouTube videos will come up.

I moved some to my kindle but found them a bit small to read and on my kindle the font size function won’t work on PDF’s however when I sent them to my iPad the screen is so much bigger that I could read them with ease. It sure is easier to curl up and read from the iPad than my laptop.


Psst….Grab the bundle today or tomorrow and get a free $10 e-reader upgrade meaning you don’t have to even do this tip!

2. Make a list of what you want to read first and then download just your top 3 choices to your device at first. You can store the rest of the files on a flash drive. I am not at all computer savvy and I was able to figure out how to do this with again a simple google search.

3. Thrifty tip: Think of the gift possibilities in the bonus section: For instance in this bundle you could get 3 8 by 10 prints to give as gifts from Hope Ink Shop for just the cost of shipping. You could use the $15 gift certificate from Inkwell to buy another gift for just the cost of shipping. That is 4 gifts right there! Plus you could use the Craftsy class credit to take a class that could help you create homemade gifts.

BundlePreview (sized)


Surprised By Motherhood: Kindle Edition Just $2.99


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I read Surprised by Motherhood in the fall of 2015 and really enjoyed it!

The Kindle edition is $2.99 right now

This book had me laughing, crying and screaming “me too”.

I read it mostly while wrapped in a blanket and waiting for my son’s soccer games to start. Which seems like a pretty suitable place to read a book on motherhood.

Price could change at any time, so make sure to check it before you buy.

Grab your copy here!

PLUS these great titles are also still on sale!

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30X12 Challenge: April Update


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This month I had a little bit of help from my daughter. She gave her room a really good cleaning and ended up tossing a few things in my 30 item pile for April.

April's 30 pile

You are looking at my 30 things going either to the thrift store or the garbage this month. In the pile are stuffed animals, slips I never wear, bibles I have not used in quite a while (I have others I love more), plastic bottles gotten free at 5k’s, craft items and more.

What did you toss this month?

A Short Free Video Series That Will Encourage You

If you are like me sometimes all the household clutter can make you feel like a failure as a mom. After all, so and so down the street never seems to have a stray toy in her house and she has more children than you!

Or perhaps it isn’t clutter that has you feeling like a failure as a mom but something else related to homemaking, whatever it is take a few minutes today to watch this short video series and let it refill you mom tanks with encouragement.


30 times 12 challenge

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