Goal Update For July 2015


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goals for 2015

10 Goals For 2015

My Mind


1. Read 52 books this year. 

Up to 33 books so far which means I am right ahead in my reading goal right now.  My favorite for the month would be Flash. I picked it up from Tyndale Rewards thinking it looked like a nice light,funny, read. I soon found out it was full of deep words of wisdom I needed to hear.

My Health

I had a few health problems pop up last year, that left me thinking I have reached that age where I should be paying more attention to it so I set two goals for my fitness and one goal  for eating habits.

Make A Fitness Goal For This YearHow to set and track a yearly milage goal (med)

2. 1200 Miles Ran in 2015

With a few more days left in July it looks like I will make my 100 miles for this month but not make up too many of the 30 I was short last month. I am thinking it is going to take me several months to make up for those uncompleted  miles in June.


This is the problem my son and I keep running into; flooded bike trails. Fun for short trips but not so much for long multi day bike rides. We need Indiana to dry out.

3. Take an overnight, multi-day bike ride trip with my son

My son and I did get out for one bike ride. We have plans to do a  full day ride later this week. I am really not sure when we will squeeze a multi day trip in. Weather just has not been working with us to get out there and build up our endurance on the bikes together. Soccer season will soon start for my son and that will eat into our time to take such a trip.

6 habits to form this year for healthier eating creating good eating habits one inch at a time (med)

4. Take six small steps over the year to build better eating habits

I did better on these goals then I did in June but I am not where I would like to be.

My Marriage

These goals are ones I set and achieved  in 2014 and I liked how they strengthened my marriage so much that I am doing them again.

5. 1 real date a month with my hubby each and every month:  I can’t recall a “real date” happening all of July although we did do a few quick lunch outs and we did take few walks just the 2 of us while camping.

6. 1 weekend getaway per season just the 2 of us. : We spent an entire week in Jamaica just the two of us in honor of our 20th wedding anniversary in June . It was amazing! If you follow me on instagram you probably saw all the pictures. We are considering this our spring and summer getaway so we won’t go away for the weekend again until fall.

My Home

52 Weeks To A Simplified Home Decluttering A Home One Inch At A Time (med)

7. Declutter one area of my home each and every week of the year.

Trudging though this goal and starting to get a better attitude about it. I am working on our master bedroom right now and even though I am not 1/2 way through my husband walked into the room the other day and said “it is really starting to look nice in here” which made me grin to ear to ear and makes me want to declutter deeper.

My Business

8. Write a 30,000 word ebook.

I put this goal aside for now to work on  a free eBook for email subscribers. I am about 2/3rds of the way through writing it. Stay posted for more details.

My Spirit

9. Do a word study in the bible  of the words, discipline, diligence and self control.

DONE all three words. I am now spending time reading the bible starting from the beginning each and every day.

My Wow Goal

10. I like keeping my wow goal very private as it is so dear to my heart. It is just as big as last year if not bigger.

My husband and I decided to take a big step towards making this goal happen. It is going to take a lot of work to see if our investment will pay off but I think it will.

Did you set any goals for yourself this year? If so tell me about them in the comments.

Do You Want To Set And Reach For Goals But You Are Not Even Sure How To Start?

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This course is not about waking up early, it is about starting your day with intention that carries through until bedtime. The course will teach you how to make realistic goals and see them happen.

I watched all the videos  and even though I have followed a lot of the principles shared in the videos for years, I found the course inspired me to improve and live life with even more intention.  It has challenged me to rethink my evenings (yes evenings) and tweak my morning routine.

$17 is a steal in my books for what the course offers. There are 14 days of videos and work book instruction and several printables included to help you take action, improve your life, reach and obtain your goals. For more info or to grab your copy click here


Receipt Hog: A Simple App For Earning Gift Cards


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I first started using Receipt Hog a few months back when I realized I could use it to save money at Aldi . I had read about it over and over and don’t know why it took me so long to start an account. Receipt Hog has got to be the simplest point earning app I have used yet.

How to use Receipt Hog to earn gift cards

How To Use Receipt Hog

1. Sign up for an account here

If you decide to skip this step and head straight to downloading the app to sign up there make sure to enter the code YECT1667 to start your account with 5 spins (more on what spins are later)

2. Download the app and sign in

3. Check out the list of stores that Receipt Hog works with

Earn gift cards with Receipt Hog at these stores and more

If you go to the setting section of the Receipt Hog app you will see that it works at retailers that sell groceries, health items, and beauty products including Walmart, Meijer, Kroger, and many more.

Earn gift cards with Reciept Hog from these store and more. So simpleReceipt Hog doesn’t work with just stores that sell groceries though–they also accepts receipts from non-grocery stores like The Home Depot, KOHL’S, JCPenney’s, and more.

4. The next time you go shopping  upload a receipt when you are done

Uploading a receipt is easy. You simply press the “camera” tab and line up the receipt along the guide, taking several pictures if need be to get the whole receipt from top to bottom and then press submit. You will receive payment normally within a few hours, though the time can vary.

Hog slots a fun way to earn coins at Receipt Hog

5. Enjoy watching the coins add up

Grocery store receipts primarily pay in points (called coins).

Other receipts pay in spins that you can use in the slots area.

redeem your coins for gift cards at Receipt Hog

5. Cash out your coins

If you click on the “Rewards” symbol at the bottom of the app you can slide over to “Redeem Prizes” (in green at top of prize area). Pick whether you want Amazon gift cards or a Paypal deposit as payment (both are equal in coin value).

Cash out for the prizes begins at 1000 coins for $5 and goes up to $30 for 4500 coins making the higher cash out a better value.

how redeeming in receipt hog works

Once you pick your choice of payment it will take up to 7 days to receive it. PayPal will be directly deposited to your account whereas with Amazon you will receive a code to redeem.

6. Tell your friends  and you both win

When you share your referral code, mine is YECT1667, and they enter it in the process of signing up, you get 10 spins and they start their account with 5 spins.

Don’t wait like I did–sign up for Receipt Hog today and start earning coins towards your first payout.

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52 Weeks To A Simplified Home: Project 29


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This week your not going to see my mess. Why? Because this week I am cleaning out my dresser, and people there are somethings that I just don’t want to expose to the world; except on accident, like that time years ago when I got my skirt stuck in them during a trip to the bathroom at church and didn’t know it until a kind lady in the back row jumped up and pulled my skirt out.

dresser before and afterIt really didn’t take me long to do this weeks project as I am delighted to say my dresser drawers stay pretty uncluttered most of the time. I got in the habit a few years ago of evaluating items  each and every time I put my clothes away. What I mean is just before I put my clean clothes away I take a few seconds to tidy up what clothes are still in my dresser drawers and if I say to myself “it has been ages since I wore that” into the giveaway box it goes.

clothes pile after dresser clear outBecause I am so on top of tossing clothes I don’t wear I only found two items for the giveaway pile even though this time I emptied out each drawer completely in the process, and really thought about why I want to keep each item before I placed it back in the drawer.

What area of your home did you declutter this week?

52 weeks to a simplified homefree printable plan (small)










Grab the plan and join along as we declutter our homes one inch at a time.

You can also join The Snail Pacing Goal Achievers Facebook group where you will find  the support you need to keep decluttering one inch at time.

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