Jawbone Up Activity Tracker 50% off At Zulily

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jawbone UpThe Jawbone Up activity tracker is on sale today at one of my favorite daily deal sites Zulily for $59.99 (link takes you to home page enter jawbone into search box at top). That is the lowest I have ever seen the Up activity tracker priced at. Shipping is $5.95

The Jawbone Up activity tracker can be linked to the UP app on your smart phone so that you can track your activity, and sleep cycles. You can also keep track of your calories inside the app. It has up to 10 days of battery life. You can track your activity either in steps and calories burned. It can also keep track of distance covered and time spent idle verses time spent active.

It even has an alarm to wake you out of your slumber and when you use the smart alarm feature it picks the best time to wake you so that you feel refreshed.

You won’t be able to sit still too long with the idle alert in the UP reminding you to get up and move.

Now if it could just remind me to water the plants! LOL

It is available for a limited time on Zulily for just $59.99 in various colors and shipping is $5.95 ((link takes you to home page enter jawbone into search box at top and they will show up)

Thursdays are full of thrift at Snail Pace Transformations, make sure to check out my weekly thrifty  coupon round up and later my thrifty weekend reads.

Weekly Thrifty Coupon Round Up

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Remember the availability of these coupons could change at anytime.

A Weekly Listing Of The Best Printable Coupons Around The WebThe weekly thrifty coupon round up includes 12 printable coupons worth $1 or more plus one that I had to throw in to complete my spa theme. Don’t forget to check out my coupon area for a complete listing of what coupons are available from Redplum, Hopster, Savings.com, and Smartsource.

A Spa Day For You

I could really use a bit of a perk me up day, and I figured I am not the only one so here are some coupons you can use to give yourself a thrifty spa afternoon (and yes I cheated one coupon is worth only .50 cents but it is for a magazine full of saving money ideas and often coupons so I think it is worth it). So grab some tea, a magazine and give yourself a new fall shade of hair and nails.


$1.00 off any Oregon Chai Concentrate or Tea bag


$0.50 off All You Magazine


$3.00 off one L'Oreal Paris Excellence Hair Color


$2.00 off ONE Vidal Sassoon Hair Color


$1.50 off ONE Clairol Nice N Easy Hair Color


$1.50 off ONE Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color


SAVE $1.00 on ANY MAYBELLINE® Color Show® Nail Lacquer

For laundry day

$2.00 off ONE Dreft Detergent


$2.00 off ONE Tide PODS 31 ct or larger


$1.00 off ONE Tide Washing Machine Cleaner


$1.00 off Gain Laundry Detergent


$1.50 off ONE Tide Boost


$2.00 off TWO Tide Detergents and/or Boost



Wanting to decrease your grocery budget? I have been listening to Grocery University  recently and have been very impressed. This course contains over 2 hours of audio files and goes way beyond saving money on groceries with coupons. I am sure even the most frugal of shoppers could pick up a tip or two through this course that would more than pay for their $9.97 investment .

What Makes Me A To Do List Rebel

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What Makes Me A To Do List Rebel & Why It Works For MeI am a lover of a to do  list yet I am also a  to do list rebel.

I make a to do list almost daily, and most days I get a significant amount of what is on it done BUT I don’t make my to do list at the same time of day most  experts say to make it.

Time management experts will tell you to write out your to do  list  at night because it will clear your head and help you jump start your morning, knowing exactly what you need to do.

I tried making my list up at night, but as a woman who has a trouble winding down at night I found that making a to do list before bed only made me dwell on everything I had to get done the next day instead of putting it to rest. I found myself thinking, “well perhaps I should do …..before I go to bed so that I won’t have to face it tomorrow” or I think “I should do……first tomorrow”, and on and on it would go until I would look at the clock by my bed and realize I had lost an hour of sleep to thinking about tomorrow.

Eventually I gave up writing my to do  list at night, and switched to spending that time reading a devotional (Jesus is Calling is what I am using this year and love it) and writing in my homemade gratitude journal (don’t have time to make one, Crystal Paine has one available on Amazon) . These things help me switch my brain off and fall into slumber.

When I wake up I write my to do list first thing. It  takes discipline to write the list of what I have to get done first, since I am a early bird and wake up ready to go and to waste that energy on writing a list  instead of hitting the first thing on my mind to do,  seemed at first  like a waste of prime energy hours. However, when I make myself sit down and take about 2 to 5 minutes  to write a list of  all the things I want to accomplish in the day ahead it some how seems to make more time in my day to get those things done.

I believe it is because in writing the list I am forced to take a good look at my day and that helps me visualize where to do what more efficiently. For instance,  I might notice that my son has a soccer practice, and that means I will have 2 hours in a nearby town to kill, looking at my list of blogging things I need to get done I realize this is the perfect time to hide out at a restaurant with free wi-fi near the soccer fields and work on a post. I might also notice that it is going to be a busy day and if I want to workout I best do it first thing, or that I am going to be out of the house during dinner hours so I need to ask one of my teenagers  to cook dinner for us.

When I think all this sort of stuff out at night it stresses me out but when I do it first thing in the morning it makes me feel empowered to take on my day.

When do you write your to do list? And are you a paper list writer or an app user?

Curious about the Goals For Today grid seen in the picture above? It is available as a free printable over on this post about how I plan out my days. I have changed how I used it recently but still love it. Right now I use one square for appointments, one for chores, one for blog work and one for a verse that I found in my morning quiet time that I want to reflect on during the day.

Looking for tips on time management and goal setting? Follow The Goal Setting & Time Management Tips board on Pinterest.

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Where We Save & Splurge On Weekend Getaways

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Tuesdays I share a picture from our week that inspired me to write a post.

Where we save money on a weekend getaway and where we splurgeMy husband and I had been trying to get away for a few nights and a few days  for months. We had failed twice to get our getaway off the ground and were getting discouraged, but when we saw a 4 day weekend in my husband’s work schedule we decided to give it one more try.

One way we normally save money on getaways

Normally in good weather we like to hitch up our camping trailer to the truck and go camping just the 2 of us. We don’t rough it at all our Craiglist found trailer has air conditioning, a queen size bed, running water and a TV/DVD combo. We also camp just outside of a major center so we can go into town to enjoy a few meals out.

This saves us a considerable amount of money on accommodations and food.

I will share a few more ways to save money on a getaway for 2 in just a minute but I want to talk about where we splurge first.

Where we splurge on getaways

This time our getaway landed on a long weekend and campgrounds are just too crowded for these two introverts  on long weekends.

So we opted for our favorite winter getaway location. Now being that I said we camp to save money you are probably thinking a splurge for us is standard hotel room. Nope. What we love about the trailer is that we bring a screened in room with us so that my night owl husband has somewhere to read at night and get his introvert tank filled while my early bird self  sleeps, and I an early bird can have my introvert tank filled in the morning while my night owl husband sleeps.

An average hotel room doesn’t allow for that type of space unless you roll the office chair in the bathroom (yes we have tried, not fun). You could also send the awake person to the lobby while the other sleeps but then you have to make polite conversation with strangers, which doesn’t really create the right environment for filling the introvert tank so that you can spend the day with your spouse and not be cranky.

our favorite hotel room has a seperate bedroomOur solution; one bedroom suite hotel rooms.The last two times we have stayed at one at the  Staybridge Suites but there are others available.  These rooms do cost more than your standard hotel room but not as much as you might think. A standard room in a decent hotel in our area for instance costs around $79 a night where as these one bedroom suites usually run us $120 a night.


seperate living space in our hotel suiteThe extra $40 a night spent gets us a living room completely separate from the bedroom. When an early bird marries a night owl this living space is a huge marriage saver.

separate kitchen in our hotel roomThe living room might be a marriage saver but the kitchen off the living area is a money saver. It easily makes up for at least 1/2 of the extra money on the room due to the fact that we eat dinner in. We could save more money and eat lunch in but it is a getaway.

We also save money on entertainment because the room is so cozy that we don’t want to go out much, instead preferring to hang out and enjoy cable (we only have Netflix and antenna TV at home) read books, and take long afternoon naps.

The Staybridge we stayed at also had a great workout room and swimming pool for working out.

Breakfast was included and it consisted of a wide variety of foods, from fresh fruit and yogurt to make your own waffles and cold cereal.

To my husband and I these features make the $40 more we spend on the room well worth the splurge.

4 ways we do save on our weekend getaways

1. We pack our own entertainment

roller blades

On the first day of our trip my husband and I treated our renovating selves to a 1 hr walk through an historic part of town, critiquing the homes and explaining to each other what we would do to the homes if they were ours.

The second day we took a walk around a local park walking hand in hand and testing out the trail for what we wanted to try the next day.

The third day we broke out our long neglected rollerblades. For years they have sat in our attic untouched yet my husband could not bare to let me give them away. We decided we needed to take action and got them new wheels and took them on our trip. We had a blast rollerblading for 3 miles.

jack on roller blades during trip

The rest of the weekend we read side by side, watched TV together, and took a few long naps. Cost of our activities was zero, since we have needed those new rollerblade wheels for years and will now get a lot more use out of our yard sale found rollerblades.

2. We use daily deal or coupons for eating out

This trip we actually didn’t use either a single coupon or a daily deal but that is odd for us. Normally at least 1 meal is paid for by a daily deal or coupon.

food for getaway

3. We eat lunch out and dinner in

At most of the restaurants that we like to eat at as a couple lunch is several dollars cheaper per person than dinner so we go out for lunch and stay in for dinner. The foodl in the photo above we bought the first day and it lasted us 3 meals. (the picture was taken after the first one was eaten)

4. We book the hotel through a point program or a site where we can get cash back

The one bedroom suites are not always available for booking off a discounted hotel site, but if they are and Swagbucks or another point or cashback site is offering a deal for booking through that particular discount booking site, you can bet we book it through them so we can get either points towards a free gift card or cash back.

We also join the hotel point programs if they have one, although we rarely stay in hotels enough to be able to cash in the points.

These are just a few ways we saved money on our recent couples getaway and one way we splurged. Curious, in what areas  do you and your  partner splurge on your getaways and in what areas do you save money?

For more saving money tips follow my Saving Money Tips board on Pinterest.

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10-dates-thrifty-people-take (small)
Looking for ways to keep the romance alive without spending a fortune? Here are 10 ways to save money on your dates.

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A $50 Gift Card Giveaway from Swagbucks

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If you have read my blog for any amount of time then you know how much I love Swagbucks.  So it will be no surprise that when Swagbucks approached me about doing a giveaway where one reader will win enough Swag Bucks to purchase $50 in their choice of gift cards, I was super excited.

That is right you get to choose the gift card you want. Swagbucks will simply credit the winner with 5,000 Swag Bucks that the winner can use to pick out the gift cards they want.

To enter you must be a valid Swagbucks member and provide your Swag name for entry. If you are not a Swagbucks member, click through my referral link  and sign up today. When you do you can start your account with 70 SB by entering  SNAILPACE  in the “I have a signup code” box on the registration page. You also get an additional 30 points when you fill in your SB profile page. That is 100 Swagbucks just for signing up through my referral link. After signing up don’t forget to come back here and enter the contest through the rafflecopter widget at the bottom of this post.

The contest will be open until Monday September 15th at midnight. The winner will be contacted by email by me.

Not familiar with Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a point earning program that rewards you with points called Swag Bucks for things you are probably already doing on line, like searching the web, shopping and purchasing daily deals. The more Swagbucks activities you do the more you earn, however even if all you do is enter your searches into the Swagbucks toolbar you can still earn one to two $5 gift cards a month.

Here are a few of Swagbucks earning plans I have created to help my readers reach their maximum Swagbucks earning potential.

These plans will help you earn anywhere from $20 a month all the way up to $75 a month in gift cards using Swagbucks.

What could Swagbucks help you pay for? Well how about letting Swagbucks help with Christmas, knowing that it takes sometimes a few weeks for Swagbucks gift card codes to arrive you can safely earn and cash in Swagbucks for gift cards to use for Christmas for the next 3 months.

How many Swagbucks can you earn in 3 months? Well using my plans you can earn between $60 to $225  in 3 months time, that is either one really big  Christmas gift or several small ones.

Plus if you win this giveaway you can kick those Christmas Swagbucks earnings off with $50 in gift cards.

Don’t forget you need to be a Swagbucks member to enter, sign up here and enter the code SNAILPACE into the “I have a signup code” box on the registration page to receive 70 Swag Bucks to start your account off with and receive 30 more by fully filling out your profile page. Then come back here and enter to win $50 in gift cards from Swagbucks!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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How To Make Sure You Get The Best Cash Back Rate

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How to make sure you get the best cash back rate when shopping online

Cash back programs are one of my favorite ways to save money when shopping online. Today I want to share my tips for making sure you are getting the best cash back rate possible

1. Join All The Cash Back companies you can

The more cash back companies you are enrolled in the more opportunity you have to shop around and compare before you click through and buy your item.

Here is a list of those I know about

  • Mr Rebate: Minimum balance for cash out is $10 by either check or Paypal.
  • TopCashBack : No minimum balance required to do a cash out, and if you pick the option to receive your payment in the form of an Amazon gift card code you get an extra 2.5 percent back . TopCashBack also pays out by Paypal,  or direct deposit.
  • Ebates : Minimum balance for cash out is $5.01 and cash outs are sent 4  time a year by  check or Paypal.

2. Consider Shop & Earn Programs as well

Various point earning programs included points for dollars spent on purchases made through links on their websites.

Here are 3 such point earning programs that I know offer points for shopping online

  • My Points : Payouts are in gift cards which start at 1600 points for a $10 gift card to various stores and restaurants.
  • Swagbucks :Payouts are in gift cards which start at 450 points for an Amazon gift card or 500 points of various stores and restaurants.
  • Inbox Dollars : Payouts are in the form of a check or a Inbox dollars Visa cash card and you must reach $30 to receive a payout.

3. Compare rates before making a purchase each and every time

Cash back rates fluctuate from program to program and even within the program itself, since sites such as Ebates often run specials where you can receive larger than normal cash backs.

Here is an example of what I mean on the day  I wrote this, here is what the various cash back sites and shop and earn sections of point programs were offering if I was to make a purchase at Walmart.com  through their links

  • Swagbucks was offering 2 Swag Bucks per dollar spent (works out to 2% cash back) (math explained below)
  • Ebates was offering a 1% cash back
  • Mr Rebate was offering a 2% cash back
  • Top Cashback was offering a 4% cash back (but only 1% on video games, movies, books and photos), plus remember if you are willing to take an Amazon gift card code as payment you would get and extra 2.5% back making your total 6.5%
  • My Points was offering 5.4% (8 points per dollar)
  • Inbox dollars was offering a 2% cash back

I had to do a bit of math to convert Swag Bucks to percentage (My Points provides  it in both points and percentage). Basically 500 Swag Bucks equals a $5 gift card (yes I know Amazon cards are 450 but they are an exception), that means one Swag Buck is worth a penny.  If you purchased $100 at Walmart you would get 200 Swag Bucks back which is the equivalent of $2, or a cash back rate is 2% .

If you are willing to take a Amazon gift card code as payment and you are not buying video games, movies books and photos then your best deal would be Top Cashback with a total of 6.5 % cash back when you add in Amazon bonus. Your  second  highest cash back option the day, that could work out to be  the highest if you either were ordering the reduced rate cash back items or wanted payment in Paypal or direct deposit instead of an Amazon gift card code would be My Points.

Please note though that these figures change often day by day as the different companies run promotions with special rates at certain stores. So don’t just check once and decide that a certain company always has the best rates for a certain store, instead check before each purchase.

Using these figures, if I had  gone through Ebates and spent $100 at Walmart I would have earned just $1 back but since I spent one to two minutes checking all 6 programs I would have earned $6.50 back from Top Cashback , that is a $5.40 difference on just one online order. I know our family makes at least a few online orders a month of varying cost from various stores. By spending those extra moments before each order to check out the best cash back rates I estimate we are saving $100 to $200 over the course of a year.

4. Check All Stores On All Sites

I think most people know to shop through a cash back site or a shop and earn link found in point sites when they are shopping at well known stores like Walmart or Old Navy but it doesn’t hurt to try for a cash back on lesser known sites too. For instance I shop at Lucky Vitamin and was happy to see when I punched it in at Top Cashback that a 2% cash back came up. Top Cashback is the only site I have found so far to offer cash back for Lucky Vitamin.

Another cash back deal I use over and over is ThredUP found at Swagbucks as a shop and earn option now and again. Nothing like getting great deals on NWT clothes and earning Swag Bucks at the same time.

5. Don’t Forget Your Daily Deal Shopping

If you are like me you have daily deal programs like , Groupon  and my favorite for clothes for the family Zulily send you an email with the latest deals, however to maximize your savings, don’t shop through the links in the emails. Instead take an extra few extra minutes  to search the cash back sites and shop & earn programs and check and see who is offering the best return for money spent on daily deals. This is a great way to double dip on savings.

Apply these rules above and you should see great savings with cash back programs.

Looking for money saving tips? Follow My Saving Money Tips board on Pinterest.

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How To Use Checkout 51: A Simple Way To Save Money On Groceries

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How to use Checkout 51 A simple way to save money on groceries

Have you heard of the app Checkout 51? It is a grocery app that is very simple way to save money on groceries each week even if you don’t buy processed food.Each week you check the Checkout 51 app to see if you bought something off their list of current offerings and if you did upload your receipt and the team at Checkout 51 takes care of the rest.

Haven’t switched over to a smart phone yet? No problem,  all you need is a tablet with a rear facing camera to use Checkout 51, I used my 4th generation iPod with no problems and I have heard of others using iPad minis.

How To Start Using Checkout 51 To Save Money On Groceries

1. Go to checkout 51 and sign up for an account before downloading the app

checkout 51 current offers page the app for saving money of groceries

2. Download the app and open it up and check out the current offers listing

As you can see from this picture, Checkout 51 doesn’t just offer cash back on processed food but also on whole foods like milk, eggs, fruit and vegetables.  Each Thursday at 12 AM new offers for the week go live and and they end at Wednesday at midnight.  Offers can run out at anytime so make sure to check the app again before you start shopping and upload the receipt as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Make sure you pay attention to the full description of the product listed, so that you get your rebate. For instance if there is a rebate for Windex see if perhaps it is a certain type like original, and if so make sure to get that type in order to get your rebate.

Checkout 51 Upload your reciept the app that makes it simple to save money on groceries3. Upload your receipt (s)

Checkout 51 does a great job of explaining exactly what to do to upload your receipt correctly. You can upload receipts for all the different stores you shopped at during your grocery shopping outing but you only get to redeem one of each offer , so if you got eggs at 2 stores and Checkout is offering a rebate on eggs your account will only be credited one rebate for eggs.

4. Watch you rebates add up.

Press on the little person in the corner of the Checkout 51  main page of the app and you will see how much rebate money you have. Once your account hits $20 you can request a payment by check.

Looking for ways to save money? Follow my Saving Money Tips Board On Pinterest

Not a member of Checkout 51 yet?  Click Here and start saving money on your groceries

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Thrifty Weekend Reads

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Remember prices could change at any time so make sure that you look at the price before purchasing.

Thrifty Weekend Reads 6 kindle titles from .99 cents to $3.99

I am particularly excited about the first 3 titles on this list. I love Lisa Wingate and right now you can get the first 3 Shores Of Moses Lake books for a total of $5.97 , which means you could get lost in the shores of Moses lake all weekend long for less than price of one new paperback book.

Larkspur Cove (The Shores Of Mose Lake Book 1 :$3.99

Blue Moon Bay: The Shores Of Moses Lake Book 2: .99 cents

Fire Fly Island: The Shores Of Moses Lake Book 3: .99 cents

The Bare Naked Truth: Dating, Waiting, and God’s Purity Plan: .99 cents

A Young Woman’s Guide to Making Right Choices : Your Life God’s Way: $1.99

A Young Woman’s Walk with God: Growing More Like Jesus: $1.99

Love books? Check out my Books board on Pinterest.

thrifty bookworms and swagbucks the perfect romance (smallest)

Love books! Want to learn how to support your habit? Read my Thrifty Bookworms & Swagbucks The Perfect Romance to find out how to earn $25 in Amazon or Barnes & Nobles gift cards each and every month and how to make those gift cards go as far as possible so you can keep your bookworm habit fully supplied.

Weekly Thrifty Coupon Round Up

(post contains affiliate links see disclosure)

Remember the availability of these coupons could change at anytime.

A Weekly Listing Of The Best Printable Coupons Around The WebThis weeks dozen $1 off or more coupons consists of a mix of toys, personal products,  toilet paper, coffee and tea. The toys because it is never too early to start Christmas shopping, coffee & tea to help you make it through your day and the rest because we all use them.

Christmas will be here sooner than you think and coupons are a great way to save on gifts.

$5.00 off Roller Blocks Play Wall


$5.00 off any one MARVEL 2-PACK BATTLE MASTERS toy


$2.00 off any two (2) SPIDEY SHOT WEB FLUID Cans




$3.00 off Soothe & Glow Giraffe

Deodorant For Him & Her


$1.00 off ONE Gillette Antiperspirant or Deodorant


$1.00 off ONE Secret Clear Gel Deodorant

Those Monthly Items

$2.00 off Always Infinity Pad AND Always Liner

Toilet Paper

SAVE $1.00 on any ONE (1) Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong® 6 double roll or larger


Buy One White Cloud Bath Tissue, get free 4-Pack

Coffee & Tea

$1.50 off any 10 or 16 ct. Starbucks K-Cup Packs


$1.00 off any ONE (1) Lipton Black Tea Bag carton


Wanting to decrease your grocery budget? I have been listening to Grocery University this week and have been very impressed. This course contains over 2 hours of audio files and goes way beyond saving money on groceries with coupons. I am sure even the most frugal of shoppers could pick up a tip or two through this course that would more than pay for their $9.97 investment in very little time.

The 5B’s Of A Successful Home Business Venture

Do you know what the 5B's that will increase your chances of success in any home business venture are

5 Ways to increase your chances of success in any at home business venture

1. Be Learning

If you want to succeed at your at home business venture you cannot take a single course or read a single book and figure you know it all. You need to be continually learning so you can be continually improving. Being a life long learner will give you a boost up compared to those in your field who don’t, read books, listen to podcasts, take courses, go to conferences, get a mentor.

2. Be Consistent

Complete all tasks of your at home business venture consistently. Whether it be advertising, growing in your learning, increasing your social media presence, billing, creating or whatever you business needs you to do.

3. Be Networking

In all forms of business networking is important. Make sure you work into your schedule time each and every week to network in some form, whether it be online, in real life, or over the phone.

4. Be Brave

If you really want to get ahead in your business venture you will at some point have to step out of your comfort zone. It might be enforcing rules with a client who is breaking them, or actively pursuing a contract when up to now you had your first few fall in your lap, whatever it is remember don’t let fear of failure hold you back because from failure comes the wisdom that breeds success.

5. Be Improving

It might seem that this one goes with learning but all to often we take information in but never take action. When you learn something you know will improve your business sit down and map out a way to put what you learned into action.

The 5 B's That Make For A Successful At Home Business Venture

 Curious is there another BE….. you would add?

10 work at home jobs with little to no start up fees (small)Looking for work at home business ideas? Here are 10 that require little to no start up fees.

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