3 1/2 Books To Help You Have A Thrifty Christmas


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I know what some of you are thinking, “It is not even Halloween yet, why are you talking about Christmas?”

3 1/2 books to help you have a thrifty Christmas

Here is why–I want you to be financially prepared for Christmas this year and to do that you have to start early.

If you have read my blog for any length of time you know that my favorite way to grow in knowledge is through reading books.

Books can help you grow in any area of your life–including curbing your Christmas spending so that you stay within your means, yet still are able to give something to those you love.

3 1/2 Books To Help You Have A Thrifty Christmas

1.  31 Days Of Living Well and Spending Zero: Freeze Your Spending. Change Your Life.

31 Days Of Living Well and Spending Zero started out as a series of blog posts on the blog Living Well Spending Less. Ruth sent me the book version not that long ago and all the way through the book I kept thinking, “People who are searching for Christmas cash need to do this.” Not only will 31 Days Of Living Well and Spending Zero help you find the cash you need for Christmas, it will also help you prepare your home–there is a whole week on cleaning and decluttering–and find your inner creativity to create gifts from craft supplies you already have on hand (there is a whole week devoted to this topic).

You could just hop on over to Living Well, Spending Less and do the entire challenge there for free, and if money is super tight, I suggest doing just that. However, what is nice about having the book in hand is the convenience of being able to refer to it whenever you wish.

Ruth is currently going through the challenge again with her readers. They started October 1st. Don’t worry though–you can start your own 31 Day spending freeze any day you want; especially if you have the book to guide you.


2. Keep The Happy In Your Holidays: 21 Ways To Save Time, Money, And Your Sanity This Christmas Season

Keep The Happy In Your Holidays is only available in Kindle format, so you won’t find a copy at your local library; but it is totally worth the current price of $1.99.

I don’t think I can say what I like about this book any better than I did in my original Amazon review…

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 4.36.52 PM


3.Debt-Proof Your Christmas: Celebrating The Holidays Without Breaking the Bank

I read the original edition of Debt-Proof Your Christmas years ago and found if full of great, practical advice that will help you stay on track financially during the Christmas season.

psst…my favorite way to pay for books is by using Amazon gift cards earned through Swagbucks.

The Half a Book

You probably read the title and went, “How can you have half a book?” Well, the answer is I wrote a mini eBook of just under 6,000 words and a set of 8 printables that will help you find the cash and items you need to complete your Christmas list when money is tight. I call it my Christmas On A Zero Budget: Printable Plan. It was inspired by my most popular post on my blog, Christmas On A Zero Budget, but takes the topic even further. I added 4 more ways to create cash for your Christmas budget when you have zero and gave you 8 printables to help you plan and achieve each of the steps.

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  1. I loved the half a book in the title! How neat that you’ve turned that post into a book (or half of one…) – I remember reading it last year!

  2. Corey Lesko says:

    I loved your “half book” in my minds it is a true book! We have a big goal of purchasing our first home when our rental is up. We need just a little more to get to the down payment we want so we are choosing to use Christmas money to help us get towards our goal this year. Your book inspired me for ways to still make this a meaningful simple Christmas. Thank you!

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