The Ultimate Summer Fun Guide


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When I think of summer I think of good food and great fun. Here are 100 links that share what I mean.the ultimate summer fun guide, recipes, crafts and travel tips

100 links to summer recipes, crafts, travel tips and more

Summer Fun Crafts

1. Chalk Dress Up Dolls

2. Spend a summer breeze afternoon making paper airplanes and seeing whose goes the farthest.

3. Take a walk through the flower garden and collect flowers for this craft.

4. Got some scrap lumber kicking around? The children might enjoy making these outdoor wooden blocks.

5.  When I was little I so desperately wanted to see if you really could fry an egg on the sidewalk. This mom doesn’t do that but she does allow her kids to melt crayon scraps in her car . (which looks more fun than the egg thing).

6. Go out and blow some bubbles while making art at the same time.

7. These swirling lady bugs would be fun to make and fun to watch.

8. How about some homemade tin can wind chimes

9.  Add a bit of fizz to your day with some fizzy sidewalk paint.

10.  Older kids might like the challenge of making this rainbow wind mobile.

11.  Live near the beach? Try this Sand Cast Bass.

12. How about some juice box boats for the wading pool.

13. Looking for a boat that takes a bit more skill to build try this popsicle boat.

14. Go for a nature walk in the cool of the morning and make these window decorations while safely tucked inside during the intense heat of the afternoon using the treasures you found on your walk.

15. If you have a tire swing you have got to try this craft!

16. Teach the kids about gardening and do a craft at the same time.

17.  Magic Ice Chalk would make a perfect activity for a hot summers day.

18. A craft and a way to cool off in one.

19.  Paint the sidewalk in rainbow colors using ingredients from the kitchen.

20. visit my growing  Summer Crafts For Kids board on Pinterest throughout the summer for more ideas.

Frozen Treats To Cool You Down On Hot Days

21. 10 summer popsicle recipes

22. Raspberry Lemonade Smoothie

23.  Orange Creamsicles

24. Watermelon Lime Frosty

25. Citrus slush

26. Nutella Fudgesicles

27. Iced Coffee Popsicle

28.Frozen Carmel Coffee

29. Stawberry Ice-cream (non-dairy, no added sugar)

30. Peach Raspberry Swirl (less than 100 calories)

31. Dole Pineapple Whips

32. Pina Colada Smoothie

33. Cherry Cheesecake “Magic” Ice-cream

34. Greek Yogurt Berry Smoothie Pops

35. Marshmallow Kit Kat Ice Cream

36. Strawberry Greek Yogurt Popsicles

37. A Super Hydrating Paleo Smoothie

38. Chocolate Covered Banana Pops

39. Healthy Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream

40. You can find more cool treats for warm day recipes on my Frozen Desserts and Slushy Drinks page as well as my No Machine Needed Ice Cream Recipes board.

Summer Fun In The Sun

41. DIY Corn Hole plans

42. Rainbow Paver Hopscotch (love that you can set this up anywhere)

43. I loved playing pick up sticks when I was little so I am loving this giant game of pick up sticks for outdoor use.

44. Make your own ladder golf

45. DIY ring toss game that could be set up anywhere.

46.  Giant outdoor scrabble game.

47. Fun kids croquet set made out of pool noodles.

48. Water gun target practice.

49. Go on a neighborhood scavenger hunt.

50.  Set up a water balloon target game.

51. Make a viewable planter and see how plants grow below the surface.

52. Set up a pool noodle obstacle course.

53. I think children would have a blast creating this water sprinkler.

54.  Rainbow bubble snakes.

55.  A simple recipe for homemade bubbles.

56. Create a pool noodle race track.

57. Let your little ones hammer away and keep cool at the same time with this smashing ice fun idea.

58. A list of 101 almost free things to do in summer.

59. Something we all don’t like to think about but something we all need to know to keep summer fun safe: What Drowning Really Looks Like.

60. You will find these ideas and more on my Summer Fun board on Pinterest.

Family Traveling Tips For Those Summer Road Trips

61. 5 Things I learned about traveling while on vacation.

62. DIY  travel chalk and magnet board.

63. Ideas for simplifying traveling with young kids.

64. 10 tips for traveling with your kids this summer.

65. Making memory jars of your family trips.

67. Frugal ways to occupy kids while traveling.

68. Tips for airplane travel with kids

69. I love that these 12 simple activities to keep children busy while traveling are electronic free.

70. You can find these tips and more on my Family Travel Tips board on Pinterest.

Family Camping Tips Tricks and Inspiration

71. 6 reasons why I love camping with kids.

72. 5 common camping injuries and treatment options.

73. What not to do when you are camping.

74. 7 rainy day camping games and activities.

75. Camp food ideas for pie irons

76. lasagna by the campfire.

78. 41 tips for camping.

79. How to plan and prep food for camping and camp friendly recipes.

80. You can find all these tips and more on my growing Family Camping board on Pinterest.

Summer Articles You Can Find Right Here On Snail Pace Transformations (or guest posts I wrote for others)

Yard Sale Tips For Sellers and Shoppers

81. How to teach children to be effective yard sale shoppers.

82. 4 ways to prepare for garage sale season

83. Tips for shopping yard sales

84. Tips for having your most successful yard sale yet.

Keeping Active

85.  Ways to ensure an enjoyable bike ride with your kids

86. Creating a summer fun backyard

87. 10 ways to get your children to be more active


88. Road trip packing to the max

89. Creating a summer fun to go kit

90. 10 tips for staycation  vacation success


91. Camping with children and sanity

92. What to bring when camping with children

Summer Time Recipes

93. Java chip frappe

94. Nutella banana smoothie

95. Chocolate brownie ice-cream (no machine needed)

Thrifty Summer Tips

96. 4 ways to make room in the budget for summer fun.

97. 10 ways thrifty people have fun in the sun.

By now you might be feeling a little overwhelmed by all the possibilities so I am ending  this post with 3 ways to plan for summer without losing your mind

98. 3 steps to clear the summer calender clutter

99. How to set up a successful summer routine

100. How to get the family on board this summer (6 do’s and don’ts)

Hope these links inspire you to enjoy your summer with your family to the fullest!

Looking for more summer fun ideas? Follow my Summer Fun and Summer Crafts For Kids boards on Pinterest.

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