The One Reason Why I Think Survey Companies Are Worth It


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Survey taking is time consuming, and it seems like you earn just pennies for your effort. True most survey companies seem to create very long surveys however here is the one reason why I think Survey taking isn’t a complete waste of time.How to find survey companies that are worth your time and why filling out surveys is worth it.

Filling out Surveys is a Flexible At Home Job

The flexibility of survey taking is what makes the whole time consuming thing worth while. You can choose if you have time today to fill out a survey, or this week or this month.

I do recommend setting up a separate email just for the survey companies you join because some do send quite a bit of email and if you don’t have time seeing them mixed in with your other emails can get aggravating.

Sure you are not going to earn $1000’s of dollars each month, in fact many don’t make $100’s  of dollars, but I have read reports of people making $50 to $100 from combining Survey filling with point programs (more on those below), and  that can make wiggle room in a tight budget. Best part, you make it in downtime that was earning you nothing before.

Two Prefect Daily Down Times For Survey Filling

TV Watching time in the evening. I know a woman who fills out surveys every night while cuddling up beside her hubby who like to watch sports.

Afternoon nap time for the kids when you want to just relax but feel like you should at least do something (this is when I use to do a lot of surveys).

Brainstorm about your daily life, when during the day are you just kind of sitting there but you could do something  that would add to your families income.

A Great Resource For Scouting Out The Best Survey Companies

When cashing out at my current favorite survey site Paid Viewpoint I noticed a note saying “please leave a review at Survey Police”. I went over and checked out the site. I was very impressed. Survey Police has reviews on 100’s of different survey sites. You just type in the name of the survey company you are interested in joining and it will give you a review that contains general information such as what you can cash out for and where the company is based. Below the description you can read reviews from actually users both positive and negative.

If you can’t find an official review from Survey Police chances are you can find out something about the company by entering their forum .

A Survey Company I Currently Use

Paid Viewpoint is the only survey company I currently use. I like them because their surveys are fast and you get paid for each one, which means your time is never wasted. You won’t earn a lot month per month when you first get started but once you reach a trait score of 1000 Paid Viewpoint will start sending you higher earning surveys. These are first come first serve and you are notified by email about them.

A Survey Company I Used For Years And Really Liked

I used MySurvey for years when the children were little and I had only smaller windows of time here and there to do a work at home gig in. I was usually able to earn 1 to 2 $10 gift cards each month through MySurvey.

A Few Survey Companies Worth Checking Out

I spent sometime reading on Survey Police as well as a few other sites that often talk about surveys and found a few sites mentioned over and over again as being worth peoples time. Of course as with many things in life there were people who didn’t like these companies but with these companies there seemed to be more who liked them then didn’t like them.

Opinion Post: Offers both online and mobile surveys. Amazon gift cards and payment via Paypal are both listed as cash out options as well as a few other options.

Survey Spot: You have the option of cashing out for Amazon gift cards or Paypal as well as a few other choices. It was reported on Survey Police that on average the surveys from Survey Spot take 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

Toluna: Toluna offers gift cards for cash out and currently has 35 different ones available, including Amazon and Paypal. Not only can you fill out surveys but Toluna also offers chances to test out free products for purpose of filling out a survey about how you felt about the product.

Sites That Offer Both Surveys & Other Point Earning Options

Want a bit more bang for your survey buck? Consider doing surveys that are offered as part of point programs. These programs often have several different ways to earn (with Swagbucks offering more than 20 ways to earn). By doing surveys within point programs you can get to cash out minimum higher by doing a few other activities besides surveys . Sometimes these activities are things you are already doing online anyways.

Here are a list of point rewards program I have reviewed and like.

1. Swagbucks: Read how simple it is to earn though Swagbucks here.

2. InstaGC: Read some of my favorite ways to earn with InstGC here.

3. MyPoints: Read all the different ways you can earn Mypoints here.

4. Superpoints: Read my review here.

5. Inbox Dollars: Read my review here.

Have you tried and like a survey company not on my list?

18+ point programs to help you earn $50 or more in gift cards each month (small)Make sure to check out even more point programs that can help you earn money from home.

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  1. What a great post. I keep seeing stuff about surveys and I am always hesitant to get involved. Now I feel more educated about it. Pinning!

  2. It is time consuming, but I agree with you – it’s still worth it!

  3. Tellwut is good for points and surveys. None of the sites are great, but if you have some time, it it a time filler and you might get an online diary or research that pays $20 or more. Usually not, but it depends on your demographics. As for Survey Police, it is a great site, and you need to check back often because those ratings change on a dime.

  4. I am trying surveys out next month. Need some pocket money urgently :). Hope it works out!

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