Thankful: For A Change in Plans


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 On Tuesday, the kids and I had plans to go to with friends to a local water park but the plans fell apart due to thunderstorms in our area.

Sometimes however, plans can quickly be replaced with opportunities.

In this case I saw a chance to grab some one on time with my middle child Aiden.

Chick-Fil-A his favorite!

My youngest and my eldest children are…..well…loud. My middle child, is quiet.

When we go out as a family it is always him I am afraid to lose. Not because he wanders off, but because he doesn’t say much so therefore it could be a while till I notice he is gone.

It’s his quiet nature that makes me cherish the chances I get to go out just he and I.

I can finally hear his voice, hear his opinions, find out who he is really becoming.

This boy, besides the quiet nature (so not me) is much like me and therefore needs my guidance in how to wisely handle his talents and downfalls.

He  and I  love not just listening to music, but dissecting the lyrics, which, leads to conversations in how what we listen to can effect our thoughts and behaviors therefore we need to be cautious about what we listen to.

He and I  love food,which leads to conversations in the pitfalls of over indulgence and the need for nutritional balance.

He  and I have a sarcastic wit. Oh how I wish he did not inherit this trait, the heart ache I have caused myself and others with my sarcasm is immeasurable, yet I also know it can bring others laughter when I use it right. Hopefully, perhaps, I can teach him to learn safe sarcasm boundaries quicker than I did.

Thank you Lord for the gift of Aiden. Thank you for an opportunity to spend the afternoon with him. May I never forget that out of  failed plans often come opportunities.

A man’s heart plans his way: but the LORD directs his steps. (Proverbs 16:9)

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  1. Sweet! My girls are tiny young, but even still I am trying to pay attention to each of them individually. I look forward to says with each of them like yours here. *smiles*

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