How To Get Your Days Back On Track After The Crazy Lazy Days Of Summer


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Summer–if done right–has days full of fun that push into the late evening hours with backyard campfires and late night swims.

Though they’re fun, those cram packed crazy lazy days can really wreak havoc on daily routines. I don’t know about you, but by the time summer break is over I am falling asleep hours later than normal, getting up at least an hour later and getting a whole lot less work done all day long.

How to get your days back on track after the crazy lazy days of summer. Press the reset button on your productivity with these tips.


Now I wouldn’t want my summers any other way. I like the break in routine and summer is a great time for building memories with those we love. However, once schools in the area start heading back to class I can’t help but look around and realize that the fun has to end soon. The laundry is piling up, the clutter is growing, my blog is suffering from weeks of just doing the minimum and as for workouts and diet–well thank goodness I have some shorts with stretchy waistbands.

I have decide this week that enough is enough–I need to get back into a better routine.

I would love it if you would join me. I need all the support I can get. Leave a comment below telling me you are in and then next Monday ,August 15, come back and tell me how you did. I am going to post a “how I did” style post that day. You can also watch for updates during the week on Facebook and Instagram and if I get super organized I might just post an update or two right here on the blog.

For now let me tell you about how you and I can get back on track with our routines.

Getting Your Days Back On Track After The Crazy Lazy Days Of Summer

I am using the advice I learned in the Make Over Your Mornings Course as well as the Make Over Your Evenings course to help me get back into a good routine.

From Crystal’s video driven courses I picked 3 things to focus on that will help me get back into a good routine fast.

How to get your days back on track after the crazy lazy days of summer. Press the reset button on your productivity with these tips.

3 areas to focus on while creating new routines

1. Have a why

In her Make Over Your Evenings Course Crystal talks about needing a solid why if you are going to succeed at making changes. Why do you want to get up early? Why do you want to spend your evening prepping for the next day?

My Why: I want to get back to getting up early so I can feel less rushed. I want to organize my evenings for the same reason. I hate waking up feeling like I am already behind and that is how I am feeling lately.

2. Pick 3 to 5 things

Crystal is big on list making and in her courses she suggests having a list of 3 to 5 things you want to do each evening and morning. We are not talking about just tasks, but also things just for you that give you energy for the rest of your day or relax you so you can get a good night’s sleep.

Here are my 3 things for morning

  1. Have a un-rushed time of prayer and bible reading
  2. Enjoy a longer workout guilt free (lately I feel like I need to cut them short to make time to work around summer fun)
  3. Get to my computer at an earlier time than I have been all summer

Here are my 4 things for evening

  1. Lay out my workout clothes
  2. Lay out my outfit
  3. Take an after dinner walk (until it gets too dark after dinner)
  4. Read my book or watch TV for an hour

3. Create a Schedule

Crystal is very clear in both Make Over Your Mornings and Make Over Your Evenings that you should create a schedule for a perfect day, but also make a plan B and even a plan C for when days don’t go as planned.

Here is my Plan A schedule and you will notice that my mornings have two plans, due to when I can meet with my running partner and when Yoga class begins.


  1. Finish dinner 6:00 ish
  2. Take a 20 to 30 minute walk
  3. Lay out my workout gear, and my outfit for the next day
  4. Tidy house up while I brew my favorite night time herbal tea
  5. Be either reading a book or watching TV by 7:30 and get to bed by 9 at latest.
  6. Fast asleep by 10 at latest (It  takes me awhile to drift off to sleep)


Up at 4:45 weekdays. I know–early! But my running partner is a teacher and we need to meet shortly after 5 for us to get a run in before her workday begins. I decided I might as well make that my Monday through Friday rising time.

On Weekends I plan on not setting the alarm clock as much as possible to allow my body to get any additional rest it needs–but to be honest I am a natural early bird. If I wake up at seven I say, “Wow, I slept in!” (I am not kidding!)

Don’t worry though, Crystal does not tell you in Make Over Your Mornings what time you have to get up; she teaches how to make a plan for your morning that will have you starting your day well.

Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday

  • 4:45 to 5:30 Bible and prayer time.
  • 5:30 to 5:45 get ready for Yoga
  • 5:45 to 7:15 Yoga
  • 7:15 to 9:30 Grab a quick bite to eat and then grab my bike and take a long ride (until the weather turns and forces me to switch to a shorter stationary bike ride)
  • 9:30 to 10:30 Shower, dress, assign chores for the children and then get myself situated to work.
  • 10:30 Start work

I will probably only head out for a bike ride 2 out of 3 days but I have learned through the years to aim higher than the goal I want to hit. So I will aim for 3 bike rides even though I only want to get out twice. On the morning I don’t bike ride I will get to work much earlier and swim laps in the afternoon with my daughter.

(Confession: this week I won’t be able to fit in a single bike ride as I have to have my son at soccer practice by 8 a.m.–so my plan B is to do the schedule up until 7:15 each day then grab my work stuff so I can blog at the coffee shop while he is at practice)

Tuesday/ Thursday

  • 4:45 to 5:15 get ready to run
  • 5:15 to 6:15 run
  • 6:15 to 7 At home strength workout
  • 7 to 8 Shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, have bible and prayer time assign children their chores for the day.
  • 8 Start work

If you read this post I wrote a few months ago you might notice I changed and started assigning my children their chores in the morning rather than evening. This is because looking around my house to see what chores my children needed to do was waking me up in the evenings. I would see something needing to be done and want to just get it done right then and there, which would wake me up thus causing me to fall asleep later than I wanted–which in turn made for sleepy mornings.

So just like I don’t write my to do list at night I won’t be writing out my children’s chores either.

This goes against the guidelines  in Make Over Your Evenings, but I believe that one should always try what they learn, and then toss what doesn’t work for them. Just because one part of a course doesn’t work for you doesn’t mean you should toss the entire course.

There are so many other valuable points that do work for me in both Make Over Your Evenings and Make Over Your Mornings.

Update: Go here to find out how the first week of implementing my new routines went.

Are you ready to get back into routine after the crazy lazy days of summer?

Make Over Your Mornings and Make Over Your Evenings Sale are reasonably priced, easy to use, and simple to implement. Plus they are cram packed with information that will help you get more done in less time so that you can have some time each day to relax.

moym and moye

This post and  my update sharing how things went,  just scratch the surface on all the great things there are to learn in these courses–things that will transform your day from frantic to fabulous.

Would you benefit from a less rushed start to your day? Would you benefit from more time in your day for you? If so, go grab the Make Over Your Mornings Course (click here) and/or the Make Over Your Evenings Course (click here) today–trust me you won’t regret it. (psst–it even comes with a 30 day money back guarantee)












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