My Families Favorite Peppermint Recipes


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Christmas and peppermint to me and my family go together like bread and butter.  We love peppermints around our house, and their red and white color goes perfect with Christmas.

My families favorite peppermint recipesToday I wanted to re-share with you the peppermint recipes I have shared on the blog so far. They are very simple to make and not at all time consuming.

unwrapping peppermintsIn fact the most time consuming part about all the recipes is unwrapping all the peppermints. Luckily my daughter seems to not mind doing this chore for me.  I think it is because she likes sneaking a few while she is unwrapping them. If a few peppermints is the cost of having someone else do the unwrapping for me, well then I am fine with that.

 Our Families Favorite Peppermint Recipes

Homemade peppermint mocha (small)Peppermint Mocha is  the prefect pick me up on a cold winter’s day. Making it at home not only saves money but calories too. If you are not a coffee fan, try adding just a dash of peppermint extract to our families 3 ingredient hot chocolate.

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No machine needed peppermint candy ice cream takes under 5 minutes to prepareConfession, I own a ice cream maker and yet it has never been out of the box. Shortly after buying it I discovered there is a way to make great tasting ice cream without a machine, and I love experimenting with flavors. For Christmas my favorite it Peppermint Candy Ice Cream.

Chocolate peppermint fudge Just 3 ingredients and takes just 3 minutes to make (small)My chocolate peppermint fudge is a winner at Christmas gatherings. I never go home with a piece of it, no matter how small the gathering.

chocolate peppermint cookie bark (small)I often pair my chocolate peppermint fudge with a side of chocolate peppermint cookie bark. This recipe is so simple to make and enjoyed by all.

Double Chocolate Peppermint Crunch Cookies Oh so good! (small) Santa needs a new cookie this year and I think double chocolate peppermint crunch cookies will hit the spot.  These cookies are very chewy. Warning they stick together when stacked so make sure to put wax paper between layers.

While we are talking about Santa and cookies do you have a special plate for him? I bought a Santa plate years ago from the dollar store and was surprised at just how into this simple tradition my children got. Even now that they are older they still insist we should get the Santa plate out and put a cookie on it (although I am very sure they all know it is dad now, especially since they suggest we exchange the glass of milk for a can of coke 🙂 ).

Chocolate Peppermint Syrup So simple to make and would be a great gift (med)When you make up a batch of this chocolate peppermint syrup you can add a little bit of peppermint to any drink. Milk, hot cocoa, coffee.

While making and photographing all these peppermint delights this week, I came up with a few more ideas for new peppermint delights that I plan to share with you really soon. Pin this so you won’t miss out on the updates :).

What is your favorite peppermint treat?


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