Simple To Knit Fingerless Gloves
  • One ball of thick weight yarn
  • size 8 or 9 needles
  • yarn darning needle
  1. cast on 18 stitches (leave 3 inch tail)
  2. when you are 4 or 6 rows in check and make sure it measures 8 inches in width if not adjust pattern to suit your tension (see notes in post)
  3. knit until you have 8 inches in length ( approx. 40 rows)
  4. cast off (leave 3 inch tail)
  5. fold square in half (width wise so rows are going across hand)
  6. sew up 4 inches from the bottom and then stop
  7. sew down 2 inches from top and stop
  8. weave in ends and trim
  9. (see pictures in post to help guide you along the way)
Recipe by Snail Pace Transformations at